I’ve wanted a YETI Cooler since 2009, the moment I first learned the product’s existence. Hook, line and sinker, I had my next big gear purchase zeroed in. The price was the thing holding me back. Was it certainly worthwhile? At $379.99 USD, you can view why I was somewhat hesitant to jump in to the frigid ice water. Many of these models even range up to painful $1399, just like the Tundra 420 (when our buddies from Huckberry found Austin, we visited the YETI headquarters and were actually in a position to lay within this massive model). Spending over one thousand bucks on a cooler may appear nuts, but do understand these are being used for professionals for serious use.

The majority of us mortal folks are being used to Igloo cooler prices at Walmart, to arrive between $30-$60. I was no different, but I love to think I’ve an eye for quality. And I possibly could see these coolers were in a league of their own. Or at least I had hoped these were. Through a lttle bit of serendipity, my girlfriend and I received a YETI as a surprise from a family group member…without them even knowing we were considering these coolers, or understanding that they gifted us the actual model we were considering (even down to the colour). What an incredible gift idea and great luck. Well, we’ve been using this YETI Tundra 50 Cooler (11.8 gallons / 44.7 liters) for over 2 yrs now. Allow Road Test begin.

Let’s give attention to the Tundra group of YETI coolers. Never to be confused with their Roadie collection (virtually identical, smaller, less volume, more transportable, etc). YETI’s Tundra coolers are made of a single little bit of rotationally-molded food grade plastic that’s practically bulletproof. Fortunately the plastic is highly UV-resistant, which is incredibly important. Within Texas, the sun may be the enemy. I’ve seen standard-issue Igloo coolers completely cracked, shattered and broken apart after only 1 year due to contact with the sun’s harmful rays. Not likely to happen here with the YETI. Some facts on roto-molding…it is ways to seamlessly construct a complex 3D form within an extremely durable manner, ensuring a straight wall thickness throughout. You can find out about roto-molding here.

The super thick FatWall walls and lid are filled up with YETI’s PermaFrost insulation foam (up to 2 inches thick vs most coolers that use 1/2 inch), which is the key reason this cooler will keep heat out and the cold in. Yes, these walls are thick. You’ll see YETI would go to extremes in terms of the build and performance of the coolers throughout this review. The YETI folks wished to provide enough insulation for even the most demanding professional deep-sea fishermen, who need their catch to remain frosty while from the ocean for multiple days at a time and without usage of ice at the corner store. All of this extra thickness does make it considerably heavier than almost every other coolers though, to arrive at 25 lbs…empty.

Fortunately, even full, one individual can carry this cooler around as a result of its user-friendly and comfortable DoubleHall handles, created from squishy textured foam and marine-grade rope. Additionally, there are two handles molded in to the sides as well, which means you have two carry options. YETI does claim the Tundra 50 can take up to 32 cans. THEREFORE I will admit, when stocked full with ice and cans, it’s rather a bear to lift. More on that bear comment here shortly.

The Vortex drain system is a gasketed screw-in drain plug that does its job well. It keeps the water in (that you must do, since that water is cold) without leaking and lets it out when you’re finished with it. Though I really do fear I might completely unscrew it and misplace it. Hasn’t happened yet, nonetheless it could. It will be pretty nice if indeed they added a strap to avoid loss, similar to a Nalgene cap.

The BearFoot non-marking feet grip to surfaces snugly, keeping the cooler where you stick it. Those with pickups will appreciate that. In addition, it helps maintain the cooler up and from the hot ground. Talking about trucks, additionally, there are built-in BullDog strap guides that let you strap down the cooler without concern with it getting knocked off. Dry ice compatible? Yep. They are able to handle the -109°F temperatures, where other coolers can be brittle and crack. Simply grab some dry ice at the neighborhood grocer, wrap it in a few paper towels, toss it in, and cover with regular ice. Due to this fact, on a blisteringly hot 108+ degree Fahrenheit summer day, the inner temperature of the cooler was almost too cold to touch. Ice was refreezing to itself around the contents…no kidding!

The trunk NeverFail hinge is manufactured out of a one-piece thick stainless rod running right through molded-in beefy plastic hinges, unlike other coolers who use injection molded flimsy plastic bits or live hinges which are attached on. Leading two T-Rex rubber lid latches are also molded in to the design so they can’t be ripped out or knocked off.

This closure method is pretty trick, almost fun. Very simple to grab with two fingers, stretch down and release from the channel. Just as simple to close. Plus they really keep that lid down tight. Airtight actually, because of the ColdLock gasket rimming the lid, also aiding in keeping any rogue temperature escapes completely away.

I must mention the made-from-steel dry goods basket; though simple, it works. Most of us hate soggy dripping wet ham sandwiches. This solves that issue, maintaining your items up and from the ice. The basket comes incorporated with the cooler at purchase which means you won’t have to hand out any supplemental income. However, there are always a selection of accessories from YETI, which are fairly affordable and seem to be to be quite functional.

Add all of the features alongside the two integrated padlock ports and Tundra is officially certified Bear Proof by the IGBC (the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee…for those who don’t immediately recognize this clear acronym), “in both manipulated simulations and with wild grizzly bears“.

For people who have already been camping in areas where bears can be found (and I’ve), that is one comforting feature. All of your 3 days’ worth of sustenance being liberated by a bear who was simply rude enough to only leave you equipment of your once-cooler as leftovers is no happy scenario.

It can also undertake a 500 lb man.

A pal keeps asking to operate a vehicle his massive 6,000+lbs Ford 3500HD truck along with it. I’m tempted to let him, as I believe it would likely endure. But I probably won’t.


Yes, this cooler easily keeps ice for days. While outdoor camping in July in the Texas inferno, the YETI would still have its original ice intact after 3+ days of friends opening and closing it regularly (both to seize beverages and marvel at its awesome performance). There’s been multiple occasion when the YETI still had its original ice after 6-8 days after filling it and ignoring it. Mind-boggling in comparison with your average $20 bargain cooler that I’ve been used to my expereince of living. Since there is no specific international test to determine “how well a cooler will keep ice”, you could be sure, nothing beats a YETI.


Does this powerful make it a worthy purchase? Maybe. Maybe not. $359 is no impulse buy. However your purchase shouldn’t be produced based from the numbers alone. As the numbers certainly are a great starting place, also consider the premium quality and set of functional features upon this tank. Another attractive feature may be the YETI ‘Don’t Worry’ 5-year warrantee which covers everything that could possibly fail with the cooler. If something breaks, they’ll correct it, no question. Alternatively, Igloo offers a 1-year warrantee against manufacturing defects (quite simply, if something breaks…tough luck). With that sort of warranty, you can view YETI believes in the product, and once and for all reason. The YETI Tundra is an outstanding exemplory case of a no-compromise product, evidently produced by a team of talented designers and engineers who are watching the details in addition to the big picture. This cooler is without doubt much better than other coolers atlanta divorce attorneys aspect…except for maybe weight (that is a trade-off because of its performance) and cost (also a trade-off because of its quality). Sure, you will possibly not require it. It is somewhat of an extreme, which is just what makes the merchandise so fantastic.

Personally, that is on my shortlist of all-time favorite products that I own. If you prefer a bulletproof (and certified Grizzly bear-proof) cooler which will last for a whole lifetime while maintaining your contents colder when compared to a naked Jötunheimr in a snowstorm at Vostok Station, then your YETI is completely worth the investment.