The YETI Tundra 45 may be the perfect size cooler for camping with family or small group. It is made of top quality and super durable materials to make sure better ice retention and longtime service.

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Last updated on May 18, 2022 4:49 pm

For anyone who is in market for heavy-duty roto-molded cooler, you certainly have heard the name of YETI. That is probably the most used make of cooler and other outdoor gears.

YETI is mostly referred to as a manufacturer of heavy-duty, super durable coolers for avid campers. They introduce a complete selection of coolers on the Tundra series.

We previously reviewed all the YETI coolers inside our cooler review section and today here we develop the YETI Tundra 45 review. This time around we will represent you the features, benefits, and downsides of the cooler.

YETI manufacture different sizes of coolers within their Tundra series to meet up all customer’s needs. Tundra 45 may be the most popular cooler within their Tundra product lineup cooler.

THE NICE: Tundra 45 may be the top performing cooler available in the market. It is designed with rotomolded plastic making the cooler last forever. It offers great ice retention convenience of a lot more than 5 days. YETI offers 5-years guarantee which can be ideal for a cooler.

The Bad: Sturdy construction makes this cooler heavy. Therefore, the Tundra 45 is expensive than similarly sized coolers on market.

Verdict: If you want to have reduced and long-lasting cooler for your regular camping trip, this is unquestionably a good option for you personally.

Let’s have an instant look at YETI Tundra 45:

YETI has virtually all sizes of coolers within their Tundra series. The Tundra 45 is a tiny and lightweight cooler that can come with strong construction, great ice retention and lots of features. That is small enough to transport by yourself even though it really is fully loaded. Concurrently, the inside is spacious enough to pack your entire necessary food items for a number of day trips.

Actually, the Tundra 45 isn’t a 45-quart cooler. This is merely a model number. This Tundra 45 can take 38 quarts of items. It gets the capacity of holding 26 cans at 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio. Therefore, it could hold 35 pounds of ice when the cooler is totally filled up with dry ice.

The dimensions of Tundra 45 are 25 1/2 in long x 16 in wide x 15 ½ in high. And the cooler includes 23 pounds when it’s completely empty. The Tundra 45 may be the greatest cooler which can be handled by an individual.

Ice Retention Capacity
Longer ice retention capacity is the main feature to search for when deciding on a cooler. The main reason for investing in a cooler is to keep things cold throughout a camping trip.

While YETI coolers are made from extremely durable materials, the ice retention capacity of the coolers can be impressive. Tundra 45 features 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation which ensures longer ice retention.

To make sure better ice retention, the cooler has two inches of pressure-injected insulation polyurethane insulation through the entire body and three inches in the lid which may be the most needed for heavy insulation. This sort of pressure-injected insulation get this to cooler superior to other brands and great ice retention capacity.

The interlock lid system creates barriers against outside temperature and the freezer quality gasket circles the space of the lid to filter the heat and secure the cold.

It’s difficult to gauge the actual ice retention time of a cooler. Because, the ice retention time is determined by a number of things like – how you pack your cooler, what’s the exterior temperature and how often you open your cooler through the trip?

If you are in a position to pack the Tundra 45 correctly with drinks, foods and proper ice, you will probably have significantly more than 5 days of ice retention. This is very ideal for a several days camping trip

YETI Tundra 45 ice test:

Like the majority of other high-end coolers, the Tundra 45 includes heavy-duty rotomolded construction. That is just a construction system that really helps to make the cooler with just two components. They are – the cooler bottom and the lid.

Tundra 45 also features extra thick FatWall design making this a bear-resistant cooler. Yes, like all the YETI coolers, the Tundra 45 is a qualified bear-resistant cooler. There are non-slip feet beneath the cooler which is quite useful to keep carefully the cooler safely and make it on the trunk of your pick-up.

Finally, The Tundra 45 is very a heavy-duty cooler that builds to last forever. It really is constructed using the same process that is employed in whitewater kayaks. The strong construction makes this cooler almost indestructible. Wherever you choose to go, this cooler will endure make your trip successful.

The easiness of carrying a cooler is essential when camping. Because the Tundra 45 is designed with all heavy-duty materials, this is a tiny bit heavy in weight.

But, YETI includes easy and comfortable carrying handles. There are two carrying handles – Lip Grip handle and DoubleHaul Handle. The Lip Grip handle is molded in to the body and the DoubleHaul Handle is made from military-grade polyester rope. Both handles are incredibly useful for easy and comfortable carrying.

Additionally, The YETI Tundra 45 cooler gets the following features:

Different Color Option: The Tundra 45 includes six different colors – white, desert tan, ice blue, charcoal, LE coral, and seafoam.
Custom Design: You may also order your own custom-made design with your personal logo. YETI offers this service on all their Tundra series cooler.
Tie-Down Slots: A molded tie down slot is roofed which is effective for easy mounting of the cooler to your boat, trailer, or cargo area.
Certified Bear proof Cooler: YETI Tundra 45 is a qualified bear-proof cooler. So, you can plan your camping trip in a bear area.
Vortex Drain Plug: The drain system is 100% leakproof in fact it is created for simple and fast cleaning of the cooler.
5-year Warranty: YETI offers a 5-year warrantee on all their Tundra series cooler.
Before concluding YETI Tundra 45 review, you want to discuss some downsides of the cooler.

The Downsides
Having a whole lot of features and positive sides, there are several downsides of YETI Tundra 45. Check out the downside of the cooler:

Expensive: You should everything on YETI Tundra except the purchase price. As everybody knows that, YETI is reduced brand. They manufacture premium quality products. So, their products come at a price tag. This Tundra 45 cooler is expensive comparing the similar size cooler on other brands. But, in the event that you consider the product quality over price, this cooler definitely worth the purchase price.
Heavyweight: The Tundra 45 is constructed of heavy-duty materials. So, this is a tiny bit heavy comparing other conventional coolers. But, the business included comfortable carrying handles. So, the weight isn’t a large deal because of this cooler.