Extremely durable construction.
Great ice retention capacity (4+ days)
Certified bear resistant cooler.
Dry goods basket included.
5-years warranty.
Expensive for the size.
Not 100% leak-proof.
No bottle opener or cup holder included.
YETI coolers are widely popular as a result of their built quality and longer ice retention capacity. The Tundra 35 may be the smallest lightweight cooler in YETI’s tundra series. It really is specifically made for the persons who are trying to find a little lightweight cooler for his or her regular outdoor trips.

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In this YETI Tundra 35 cooler review, we will attempt to check out the features, benefits, and problems of the small cooler. We may also demonstrate whether this small premium cooler worth the amount of money or not.

YETI Tundra 35 Cooler Review
The Tundra 35 is a great small size cooler for just about any individuals or couples who would like to take foods and drinks within their outdoor trips. With a concise design and comfortable carrying handles, this cooler becomes among the finest solutions for just about any outdoor trips.

The YETI Tundra 35 may be the smallest version of cooler in YETI’s Tundra series. It really is small and lightweight enough for just one or two person to haul. Nonetheless it still have an extraordinary capacity of carrying up to 20 cans with a recommended 2:1 ice to contents ratio and substantial amount of foods.

This is an individual cooler or for just one or two persons according to what you’re likely to do. It’s created to stand against heavy pressure, preserve your foods and drinks for longer time, keep your foods from bear and finally cause you to happy throughout your trip.

YETI Tundra 35 video overview:

Ice Retention Capacity
The YETI Tundra coolers have a fat wall design that provides you extra thick walls that endure to two inches of insulation. The PermaFrost insulation is injected with pressure which means that the inside temperature won’t influenced by beyond your temperature.

The cooler includes cold gasket lock. It can help keep carefully the heat out and it creates your ice stay lot longer. In addition, it comes with an inner light lid system. There’s a lip that could protrude from your body section and it fits directly into the lid as being a glove assisting to create that seal and for that reason keep your ice considerably longer. The quantity of time that ice stays in this cooler is 2-3 days which is ideal for short camping.

Check YETI Tundra 35 Cooler Ice Retention test:

YETI advise that you pre-cool your items before you put them in to the cooler and use dry ice and you’ll get the longest use out of your ice realistically. It’s really essential to pack your cooler properly to get maximum ice retention. YETI Coolers are appropriate for dry ice. So, you need to use dry ice onto it since it provides great cooling power. Another important things is, the ice won’t stay longer if you open the cooler frequently. So, you have to be careful on using this throughout your trip.

Design and Construction Materials
All YETI Cooler includes roto-molded polyethylene construction which ensures long-lasting toughness and excellent impact resistance. The Extra-thick walls are designed with PermaFrost insulation which is injected with pressure. It offers the cooler a fantastic resistance to the exterior temperatures. It’s very rugged. When you understand this in the hands you can feel it. There are 6 different color possibilities to choose from.

The cooler is strong enough that you may stand upon this and get yourself a bit more height to see what you would like to see. It can even be used as a seat. So if you’re likely to bring something cold to drink with you, you don’t need to worry about bringing a chair with you. Because you should use that. The Yeti tundra 35 was created to be carried a few various ways.

Highlighted Features
In this yeti tundra 35 review, we’ve found some features. Let’s check the features that Yeti equips within their tundra coolers:

Color Variations: The YETI Tundra 35 includes 6 different colors – ice blue, desert tan, le coral, white and pink.
T-Rex Latch Handles: The t-rex latch handles are being used to secure the lid down onto your body. They’re manufactured from rubber. They’re very durable and long-lasting.
Dry-Goods Basket: All tundra models come standard one dry-goods basket. If you wish to have something that’s you don’t want to buy to get wet or you don’t want submerged in ice or water, this dry-goods basket can help you keep them dry. It is extremely useful and fits directly into another molded design. There’s a molded lip in the cooler in order that that sits right. This is heavy gauge metal in fact it is not pliable, won’t Bend. This is sturdy.
Tie-down Spots: Only either side of the cooler you have a location where one can fit a tie-down with a strap and still manage to close the lid rather than worry about inside your seal at all.
Bear Resistant: That is bear resistant, so it’s nice. It is possible to put a lock externally of the cooler which way there’s nothing to worry about bears getting inside if you’re going somewhere where there are actually bears in the region.
Never-fail Hinge System: There are two hinge pins and an interlocking design which will make this cooler very tough and incredibly durable. This is an extremely tough lid and hinge system will not feel cheaply manufactured in law.
Vortex Drain System: The drain plug is perfect for simple and fast cleaning of the cooler. It includes a nice rubber gasket. That is an extremely rugged design and the hole is big enough that you may drain your cooler quickly.
Replaceable: Another plus side to YETI cooler is that, a whole lot of parts here on the Yeti are replaceable.
Lip Grip Handles: It has what Yeti calls these lip grip handles that are molded in to the body and you will pick it up easily and make it comfortably.
Double Hull Handles: It has double hull handles which is manufactured with military-grade nylon and you and another person can carry this cooler easily.
Non-slip Feet: That is an extremely stable cooler as non-slip feet on the website. So that it doesn’t slide around easily very strong you can stand onto it without the issues at all very tough very adorable.
Warranty: This Tundra 35 cooler includes 5 years warranty. The warrantee is available only in america.
To get more info on this cooler feel absolve to check real customers reviews here.

Downsides of YETI Tundra 35 Cooler
Expensive: The most possible downside of YETI Tundra 35 may be the high price. This small size cooler costs little greater than other. Since YETI is reduced brand, you’ll get the best of the purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Where YETI Coolers are created?

YETI Tundra coolers are created in america.

Q. Where you can Buy YETI Tundra 35?

You can buy this Tundra 35 directly from YETI website, or purchase it at the very best price from Amazon. YETI has several dealers in USA and worldwide, also you can purchase from them.

Q. How long does it try proceed an order?

Normally, it requires 1-5 business days to proceed an order and can take 1-7 days to complete the shipment.

Q. WILL THERE BE any Refund Policy?

Yes, YETI Offers thirty day refund policy on the products. If you’re returning something after the thirty days period but within 60 days, you may well be able to exchange that for another YETI item which is add up to the merchandise or have greater value.

The Bottom Line
Investing in a cooler from YETI is similar to investing on something. YETI coolers are ideal for folks who would like quality and performance as well.

The Tundra 35 is suitable for personal use or two persons camping. It features enough storage convenience of storing foods and drinks for just two people.

Since YETI is reduced brand, you need to spend good sum of money to obtain a cooler from their website. But if you are interested in quality and performance this is a good investment.

We hope, this YETI tundra 35 review can help you take your decision. Should you have any experience using the Tundra 35 cooler, feel absolve to share with us. We should appreciate your words.