Soft coolers have exploded in popularity lately. A distinctive innovation of the more standard hard or styrofoam cooler, soft coolers tend to be far much easier to haul around, be it to the beach, a campsite, or wherever your outdoor travels take you. With a rise in portability comes a tiny reduce in size – you likely will not be packing a weekend’s worth of drink and food into among these.

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But that insufficient size isn’t as a lot of a drawback as it can seem. Soft coolers have tested ideal for your day hiker who’s packed along a lunch plus some drinks for themselves and some others, or for the fisherman who loads up a whole 12-pack for a day spent in a boat.

Among the companies at the forefront of the soft cooler boom is the one and only Yeti, a purveyor of a number of high-quality coolers, drinkware, and camp gear. Its latest may be the Hopper M30, a tote bag-style soft cooler that’s simply perfect for days spent at the beach, car camping trips, or tailgating, having a magnetic closure system and the capability to carry up to 20 cans of soda or beer.

I had the opportunity to test the Hopper M30 recently and walked away a believer, just as before, in the grade of a Yeti cooler. Though it’s definitely not cheap, there aren’t many (if any) soft coolers enjoy it.

The Hopper M30 is among Yeti’s major soft coolers and is made for one individual to easily transport. They are its specs:

Exterior dimensions: 25 inches long by 12 inches wide by 17.5 inches high
Interior dimensions: 22 inches long by 10 inches wide by 16 inches high
Empty weight: 7 pounds
Insulation: Closed-cell foam
Can capacity: 20 cans
Color options: Charcoal, coral, navy, and river green
Warranty: 3 years

It’s simple to immediately spot the quality of a Yeti cooler when you take it from the packaging, and the Hopper M30 is no different. It could take a lot to accomplish any damage to the surface, and it appears like it’d be ideal for being thrown around a campsite or lugged right into a raft or boat. There are even loops where in fact the strap is stitched in to the bag for tying it down or attaching additional accessories.

Though there’s nothing to accomplish to really set the cooler up, I did so find that the closure system wasn’t specifically straightforward. Since I hadn’t have a look at the Hopper M30 before unboxing, I was confused as I sought out its zipper where they may be entirely on soft coolers. There is none. Instead, the lips seal using strong magnets on either side.

The Hopper M30 was created to form a good, leak-proof seal using its strong magnetic lips. Additionally, there are clips that cinch down the lips for an extra-tight seal and its own shell is constructed of high-density fabric that resists mildew, punctures, and fading.

The handles work very well over the shoulder or in the hands, and there are many places where you are able to attach a variety of accessories you might need while tailgating or at the beach.

Though Yeti advertises that the Hopper is with the capacity of keeping ice for longer than a day, I wanted to observe how it organized in real-world tests. To get this done, I put a frozen 14-inch by 9-inch by 1.5-inch ice gel pack in thee Hopper M30, and also similar gel packs right into a standard 16-quart cooler and a reusable grocery bag. With an ambient temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, here’s how long the pack lasted in each one:

Reusable grocery bag: a day
16-quart cooler: 48 hours
Hopper M30: 53 hours
Despite its size, the Hopper M30 still outperformed the typical cooler, keeping the ice pack frozen for roughly 53 hours. Of course, the more you utilize a cooler by opening and closing it, the less that frozen time will be but it’s still promising to view it hold ice that long. This implies it could function well as a weekender cooler or at tailgates.

Yeti also provides many guidelines so you can get higher performance out of a cooler just like the Hopper M30, including how exactly to store it and the very best ways for packing it.

The biggest complaint my children had with the Yeti Hopper M30 is that it is hard to keep carefully the powerful magnets open. On the bright side, this ensures no-one accidentally leaves it open. But, it can make it hard to load and access items. Apparently, I’m not the only person with this complaint since Yeti created a video detailing various approaches for loading the Hopper M30.

The Hopper M30 is roomy, well-insulated, and simple to bring along on a number of outings. I’d recommend it for anybody who car camps on the weekends, loves to attend tailgaters, or frequents the beach. It’s highly lightweight yet still has a huge enough capacity for a wholesome collection of both food and drinks. It’s expensive at $300 but worth the high cost if you’d put it to use often.

What model in the event you get?

The Hopper size that’s best for the needs you have is somewhat intuitive. It all will depend on how much you wish to hold. For reference, the Hopper Flip 8 holds 6 cans (assuming a 2:1 ice-to-content ratio), the Hopper Flip 12 holds 12 cans, and the Flip 18 and BackFlip 24 each hold 20 cans.

The M30 also holds 20 cans but it is the only model with a good magnetic seal. The cost of each is commensurate with the size. And, because you want only a small amount empty space as possible in your cooler, it seems sensible to buy the tiniest cooler which will suit your most common needs.

In the event you buy it? I admittedly go on a good writer’s budget, so I’d never consider spending up to $300 about the same cooler. But, I understand I’m not specifically the targeted customer as I’m not big on spending lots of time outdoors to camp or fishing. The Hopper M30 is most effective for shorter trips, including tailgating, beach days, and weekend camping. If you take part in these activities often, then your M30 is your ideal soft cooler.
What exactly are your alternatives? I’ve never used any other cooler that comes near the top quality of Yeti’s products. Check out our guides to the very best coolers and best soft coolers if you are searching for an alternative solution, or don’t want to invest the $300 for just one of these.
Pros: Highly durable, well-insulated, tote bag-style is simple to carry, attractive appearance, long manufacturer warranty

Cons: The Hopper M30’s magnetic closure system is hard to keep open