The Yamaha Pacifica 112V is a guitar that sits above the purchase price and quality selection of an entry-level budget guitar. It neatly bridges the gap between a beginner’s guitar and a guitar more typically bought by more capable players. That said, it’s a fantastic choice for players of any level and certainly has enough quality to be employed by seasoned guitarists.

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as of April 25, 2022 9:46 am
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Although some players might not add a Yamaha Pacifica on the shortlist for another purchase, we think the Pacifica comes with an interesting story to tell.

So, let’s understand this Yamaha Pacifica 112V review underway and discover specifically what that story is…

Our rating: (4.1 / 5)

The Yamaha Pacifica, like almost all of their affordable selection of guitars, is manufactured in Taiwan. This is a guitar for anyone buying a better-built alternative to the normal budget entry-level Strat design of guitar. The Pacifica 112V, regarding both price and quality, sits between an entry-level strat design of guitar and a far more affordable non-US made Fender Stratocaster.

Although the Pacifica has almost all of its design cues from the Fender Stratocaster, it never the less has its vibe going on and is unmistakably a Yamaha Pacifica. The make use of two control knobs, the condition of the headstock, and the prominent display of the Yamaha logo on the headstock will tell everyone you’re playing a Pacifica.

What’s more, the condition of the beautifully finished alder body gives yet more clues that is certainly not really a Fender. The Pacifica, though taking a good amount of inspiration, form the Strat, includes a more rounded and compact condition to the key body with an increase of exaggerated horns.

The quality of the stunning satin finish on the old violin sunburst color variant we’re reviewing is great. It’s a finish that could not be out of put on a more expensive guitar. However, if old violin sunburst isn’t your thing, you will find a good collection of other colors to chose from. We enjoy the sonic blue and red raspberry.

Specifications & Hardware
The Yamaha Pacifica 112V includes a double-cutaway alder body with a ‘C’ shaped maple bolt-on neck. The fretboard is rosewood and has 22 frets with a 25.5” scale length. The fretboard feels nice and smooth and includes a slight curvature at the edges. The choice we’re reviewing includes a single-coil neck and middle pick-up and a humbucker at the bridge.

The glad tidings are that the humbucker could be split, so you’re virtually likely to get the same sort of sound you’d expect from a normal single-coil Strat setup. Though additionally, you’ve got the choice to go heavy if you want to.

We think a fairly neat and versatile set-up…

The Pacifica range has the option of experiencing dual humbuckers if you like. Personally, if we were thinking about using dual humbuckers, we’d probably decide on a Les Paul design of guitar, but we get why a few of you might dig this program.

Controls on your guitar add a five-way pick-up select switch and just two control knobs – one for volume and one for tone. The knobs are produced from metal, and we think they look way cooler compared to the normal plastic ones. Unlike a Stratocaster, the control knobs are mounted directly onto your guitar and sit off the scratchplate. Just one single more design feature causeing this to be quite definitely a Pacifica.

The headstock has six inline standard die-cast tuners. The product quality is solid though nothing outstanding. They execute a good job of keeping your guitar in tune, and we can’t require a lot more than that. That said, if you do commence to supply the tremolo some heavy use you may expect your tuning to carefully turn sour quite quickly

The Yamaha Pacifica 112V includes a bridge with six block saddles and a tremolo. We just like the inclusion of block saddles since it gives the guitar a far more modern feel, which quite definitely suits its design and the actual fact that this is a relatively modern guitar. Actually, it had been first brought onto the marketplace in 1993.

If you prefer a hardtail version, you can, of course, always remove the tremolo arm and adapt the spring tension in the rear of your guitar. It’s easy enough to accomplish. Alternatively, if you choose the dual humbucker Pacifica, you’ll get yourself a hardtail version as standard.

The Yamaha Pacifica guitars have been upgraded and also have Alnico V pickups. In combo with the HSS pickup configuration, there’s a lot of options that will help you create some various sounds and play a variety of different musical genres.

The humbuckers provide you with the capability to play some heavy, distorted, rhythm, and lead. That is simply perfect for playing those gain soaked leads or hard rhythms we’d typically associate with Rock. A lot of dark full tones in the bridge humbucker to summon your inner rock god.

Superb performance for the price…

The single coils, alternatively, produce beautifully clear and bright tones. Ideal for playing genres such as for example Blues and Country. The Alnico V pickups perform brilliantly in the Pacifica. Because of this sort of price, it might be hard to think about another pickup that could perform aswell.

The only downside to the single-coil pickups is they do make that classic single-coil hum. On the plus side, there’s no such problem with the humbuckers. It can, therefore, provide you with the option of just flicking down pickup selector switch to remove the single-coil hum when you’re not playing. That may be useful if you’re playing live. It’s possibly just a little easier than needing to roll down the quantity or stomp on your own tuning pedal.

The Pacifica includes a double-cutaway body, which is actually a good commence to offer you easy access to the bigger frets. Since it’s got a bolt on the neck, you’re not likely to get the same ease fo experimenting those higher frets as you’ll with a set neck. However, this is simply not a shredding guitar, and it’s still easy enough to play. Let’s face it, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn appeared to manage just fine.

The contours of your guitar body also create the Pacifica feel convenient to play. It comes with an aggressively angled contour to underneath of your body for the guitar that people really like. It is effective and makes it simple to play for extended periods.

The ‘C’ shaped neck is nice and smooth and makes playing fast passages and licks a breeze. The fret ends are also relatively smooth, and we can’t ask a lot more for a guitar as of this price. The frets and fretboard are nicely finished, and the action out from the box, though just a little high, is well set-up. However, obtaining a low action on the Pacifica is a fairly easy process.

In general, it’s a nicely finished guitar with plenty of smooth surfaces that’s simple to play.

Yamaha Pacifica 112V Pros & Cons

Versatile across different musical genres.
Comfortable to play.
Its look and design.
Some killer color choices.

The input jack could be a little loose.
The action out from the box is just a little high.
Other Affordable Options
If you’re nearly sure if the Yamaha Pacifica may be the one for you personally, then there are a few other great possibilities. So have a look at our reviews of the Epiphone Les Paul 100, our Epiphone SG Special VE review, our Squier by Fender Classic Telecaster review, the Epiphone Les Paul Special II, and our Epiphone Les Paul Standard review.

Final Thoughts
There are a great number of reasons to such as this guitar. Not least because we feel it’s done enough to differentiate itself from a Fender Stratocaster or a copy. This is simply not to state a Stratocaster isn’t a great guitar, since it absolutely is, it’s more regarding the actual fact that the Pacifica is a guitar standing loud and proud alone merits.

In the event that you own a Pacifica, it’s clear to everyone what it really is. We like this, and we just like the fact that is a modern undertake a well-loved guitar that evidently has its thing going on.

If you’re buying a well-made and well-finished guitar that’s simple to play but won’t break your budget, the Yamaha Pacifica is a superb choice. What’s more, the HSS pickup configuration also offers you a good amount of playing versatility.