If are buying a versatile and easy-to-use digital piano, then search no further. The Yamaha YDP 143 Digital Piano may be the product for you. It is extremely beginner-friendly. Also, it includes fifty classic piano songs. Listen or play along to these classics and improve your piano skills.

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But, never fear. The Yamaha YDP 143 isn’t simply a digital piano for beginners. There are many of features that let you advance your piano technique. Importantly, there may be the two-track recording capacities and iOS connectivity. If you want the piano and technology, then your Yamaha YDP 143 is for you personally.

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Our rating: (4.3 / 5)

When you’re looking for an excellent digital piano, the specifics are incredibly important. Below, find the important specifics that set the Yamaha YDP 143 apart.

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Product Dimensions: 56.2 inches x 22.2 inches x 17 inches
Weight: 119.7 lbs.
Number of Keys: 88 GHS weighted keys
Number of Pedals: 3
Includes: Bench, Pure CD Sampling, Song Recorder
Voices: 10
Warranty: Limited three-year
Top Features
Specifics are important, however the top features of the Yamaha YDP 143 really distance it from its competition.

The Yamaha YDP 143 gets the keyboard features that you might want in an electronic piano. Most of Yamaha’s Arius Series Digital Console Pianos have weighted keyboards. We’ve also created a set of the very best digital pianos with weighted keys to supply you with an increase of options for the reason that category.

The weighted keyboard on the Yamaha YDP 143 includes a GHS system. Thus, the keys are heavier in the low register and lighter in the upper register. Essentially, this makes the YDP 143 Digital Piano feel like an acoustic piano.

Another good thing about the weighted keyboard may be the ivory-topped keys. Therefore, playing upon this keyboard will in actuality improve your finger technique. Yamaha claims that playing on a YDP 143 can be an advantage as a result of the weighted mechanism. Buy a digital piano and improve your technique. It doesn’t get superior to that!

The Yamaha YDP 143 sounds and feels as though an acoustic piano. To carry out this, the YDP 143 include the Pure CF Sound Engine. This sound engine is exclusive to Yamaha and combines realistic sound with sampling technology. However, the Pure CF Sound Engine is merely on the YDP 143 and YDP 163B.

Plus, there are ten unique voices contained in the Yamaha YDP 143. You can easily and easily switch between them. You will end up surprised at how switching between your voices changes just how that your playing sounds.

Finally, the polyphony of the Yamaha YDP 143 is first class. This is a very good 192. The more polyphony your digital piano has, the more realistic its sound. And the Yamaha YDP 143 is among the finest in this regard.

The quantity of voices, the advanced of polyphony, and the default tone set the Yamaha YDP 143 apart. Therefore, it really is no wonder that digital piano is indeed popular.

Digital Features
The YDP 143 includes many different digital features. Among the most crucial may be the ability to use a typical USB cable. After the USB cable is linked to a computer or mobile device, you can download and utilize the “Digital Piano Controller” app.

Additionally, iOS devices could be linked to the Yamaha YDP 143 through the Lightning-USB Camera Adaptor or the Yamaha UD-BT01. Finally, you should use the “Digital Piano Controller” iphone app together with your iOS devices.

The digital top features of the Yamaha YDP 143 start a fresh world. You can adapt the digital piano’s setting, choose new voices, or record your playing through the use of these features. Truly, the Yamaha YDP 143 has everything.

Pros and Cons
The Yamaha YDP 143 includes a number of benefits and drawbacks that need to be looked at.

Pros Of Yamaha YDP 143 Digital Piano

The entire playability of the Yamaha YDP 143 is incredibly high. They keyboard and pedal feel and respond exactly like an acoustic piano. This signifies that you may easily move your playing technique out of this digital piano to an acoustic piano.
The sound and feel of the digital piano is top-notch. The Yamaha YDP 143 looks and plays exactly like an acoustic piano. If you are a acoustic player purchasing your first digital piano. Or, if you’re a beginner thinking about transferring your skills from an electronic piano to an acoustic one. The Yamaha YDP 143 has something to provide you.
The inclusion of the new-and-improved headphone jack on the Yamaha YDP 143 is a significant plus. Thus, it permits you to play quietly without disturbing other people in the house. Plus, Yamaha’s stereophonic optimizer offers you a distinctive listening experience.
Cons Of Yamaha YDP 143 Digital Piano

Like its sister the YDP 163B, the Yamaha YDP 143 is pretty heavy. 119.7 pounds to be exact. This means that you will be not moving this digital piano around. It isn’t a good lightweight piano option. However, should you be searching for a lightweight piano, have a look at our article here.
Most users observe that the keys of the Yamaha YDP 143 usually do not feel accurately like acoustic piano. Users also have complained that the keys are lighter compared to the remaining Arius series. If you are searching for the most realistic keyboard, you then is going with the Yamaha YDP 163B, But, if the keys aren’t as important as the purchase price, choose the YDP 143.

The Yamaha YDP 143 is a superb digital piano. It really is simple to play. Additionally, it offers almost all of the top features of the more costly Arius series digital pianos. Also, it can be utilised by iOS devices and plays specifically as an acoustic piano. Finally, if you wish a digital piano that can help your transition from a novice to a sophisticated player, the Yamaha YDP 143 is for you personally.