There’s nothing that can compare with winding down after an extended gaming session on your own Xbox One with a fresh show on your own streaming application of preference or a favorite movie on Blu-ray. This is also true if your Xbox One is your primary way to obtain streaming and movies.

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A remote control provides access immediately to many specific top features of your Xbox One. Although there are very a few Xbox One remote controls available, our buying guide will walk you through the important considerations to bear in mind before you get one. Well known model, the PDP Talon Media HANDY REMOTE CONTROL for Xbox One, can be an officially qualified model that sticks out for its selection of functions.

Considerations whenever choosing Xbox One remote controls


While a dedicated Xbox One remote will be made to flawlessly navigate your console, a universal remote appropriate for the Xbox You can also be used to regulate your TV and sound bar aswell. This can decrease the number of remotes cluttering your coffee table and remove the necessity to switch in one remote to another. Be aware that connecting your Xbox One remote together with your TV, audio system, or other appliances could be tricky.

Display screen

A few fancier and pricier remote controls include a built-in display that supports additional features and control options, but you’ll likely cut costs by investing in a modest-looking model instead.

Infrared technology

The Xbox One utilizes an infrared sensor to utilize remote controls, even though most models require an individual to point their remote directly at the gaming console, a handy remote control with an IR-blaster receiver will continue to work irrespective of where you point it.


Backlit buttons

Why fumble around at night for the button you will need when you’re able to buy a handy remote control that has backlit buttons? Simply pressing an individual button will illuminate every option of all backlit devices, so that it is a convenient feature for nighttime TV binging.

Disc eject

Sure, needing to walk completely over the room to press the eject button on your own Xbox One isn’t the largest hassle ever, but ejecting the overall game, DVD, or Blu-ray via the remote already in your grasp is a helpful feature to have.

Remote customization

Some universal remote controls provide option of customizable buttons that allow crafty viewers to create convenient shortcuts a dedicated Xbox One remote cannot provide, such as for example controlling your complete entertainment setup simultaneously. You could be surprised at the helpful likelihood of an excellent universal remote.


When you could buy an Xbox One remote controller for between $10 and $20, these cheaper models tend to be tiny and also have fewer functions. The priciest remotes tend to be within the $50 to $100 range, and even though a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection option and universal control options are nice, you can grab a good remote for between $20 to $50 that offers an excellent user experience.


Q. MAY I use an Xbox One handy remote control to play games?

A. Although you can utilize an Xbox One controller as a makeshift remote for movies and shows, you cannot play Xbox One games with a handy remote control.

Q. Will remote controls suitable for the Xbox One focus on all versions of the console?

A. Yes. Any handy remote control device compatible with the initial Xbox One may also use the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Xbox One remote controls we recommend

Best of the greatest: PDP Talon Media HANDY REMOTE CONTROL for Xbox One

Our take: PDP’s officially qualified Xbox One handy remote control is extremely user-friendly, requires zero setup to use, and was created to last.

What we like: Controls TV, streaming services, Blu-ray discs, and all the Xbox One media functions. Rubberized ergonomic design. Backlit buttons. Batteries included.

What we dislike: Its backlit buttons usually do not stay illuminated for lengthy.

Best value for your money: Anderic Xbox One Media HANDY REMOTE CONTROL

Our take: It may well not be as flashy as other Xbox One remote controls, but this simple model helps it be simple to control your complete entertainment center with one economical device.

What we like: Affordable. Compact design. Handy wrist strap. Programmable to regulate TVs and sound bars. Works together with LG and Vizio TVs out of your box.

What we dislike: Batteries can be purchased separately.

Our take: If you wish to take full control of the Xbox One and almost every other streaming device mounted on your entertainment center, this highly customizable model is for you personally.

What we like: Preprogrammed with a variety of devices, including Xbox One. Easy to assign custom-made button macros. A big selection of backlit buttons.

What we dislike: A comparatively pricey Xbox One handy remote control.