Western Digital My Book drives certainly are a staple of the storage giant’s external range. They’ve been with us a while, in lots of iterations, and it’s simple to understand why. My Books let you get a large amount of storage for little money, outfitted with archival drives and a sleek exterior. Having said that, the necessity for dedicated power and a sizable form factor make it an unhealthy choice for storage on the run.

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In this Western Digital My Book review, we’re likely to see if it’s one of the better external hard disks or should you go with another option. We ordered a drive on Amazon to make sure our sample wasn’t cherry-picked and took it through the ringer, testing speed, errors and more.

Thankfully, our findings were mostly positive. Though a My Book lacks the functionality of the Western Digital My Cloud range, it’s much cheaper, making for a cost-effective local backup solution. It includes a slew of features, too, which are worth the cost of admission alone.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Backup utility included
Encryption tool included
Password protection
Will come in massive sizes
No errors

Requires external power
Spinning drive will eventually fail
Options for Western Digital My Book
85 % – Very Good

Unlike almost all of the external drives we’ve reviewed, the Western Digital My Book isn’t a lightweight drive. You could take it with you, however the expanded space for storage, larger size and dedicated power source advise that it’s an external drive that’s designed to go on your desktop.

A My Book is truly a hard disk drive enclosure with a drive included. Inside is a Western Digital Red hard disk drive, which spins at 5,400 rpm and is intended as an archival solution. The area on Red drives can be much larger in comparison to Western Digital Blue and Western Digital Black drives, which top out much earlier than the network-attached storage counterparts.

That said, it’s not really a direct conversion. We’ve heard grumblings online about the latest models of being contained in the enclosure, with some persons pointing towards HGST drives. We realize that the My Book 6TB model we tested includes a Red drive inside, though.

Western Digital My Book Setup
Establishing a My Book isn’t hard, in particular when Windows and macOS will be ready to take the drive. Plugging in the energy cable and wiring the USB type A to USB micro type B from the drive to your personal computer will quickly show your available space for storage and two installers preloaded on the drive.

They’re the installers for Western Digital Discovery for Windows and macOS. You don’t need to run the installer if you’re on Windows – the drivers are preloaded – but we recommend doing this if you’re considering Western Digital’s utilities. Through the installation, you’ll be asked if you wish to talk about information, which, if you’ve read our best VPN list, you understand we don’t recommend.

We’re glad to see WD Discovery on the drive. It wasn’t included on the Western Digital Elements drive we tested (read our Western Digital Elements review). Discovery pays to since it shows your available hard disk drive space and permits you to set passwords and install other Western Digital utilities. It even detected a 64GB Sdcard we’d plugged in via an adapter.

There’s also a choice to import data from a cloud backup. You get few choices, though, and none are true online backup services, such as for example Backblaze (read our Backblaze review). Instead, you get cloud storage import options, including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon Drive (read our OneDrive review, Google Drive review and Dropbox review).

Western Digital Utilities
You can set a password for your drive, but that password is linked with your device. Which means in the event that you set a password for your drive, you won’t need to re-enter it every time you want to gain access to data on your own machine. Rather, the functionality will there be to safeguard from others stealing your drive and trying to gain access to data on a different machine.

There’s also a tab labeled “apps” where you could install the other Western Digital utilities. They add a backup tool, a security tool and an over-all utility that works extremely well for most things, including RAID configurations (read our what’s RAID guide).

With those tools, you can encrypt the info on your own drive, set passwords, backup locally and configure advanced storage setups. Your options are seemingly endless, that ought to be observed across external drives, in particular when they get as large as the My Book drives do.

Having said that, you’re trading form factor for functionality. When compared to Toshiba Canvio Basics and Seagate Portable hard disks, a My Book has more tools but isn’t as simple to transport, especially great deal of thought requires a dedicated power source (read our Toshiba Canvio Basics review and Seagate Portable review).

Western Digital My Book Features Overview
3 TB, 4 TB, 6 TB, 8 TB, 10 TB Capacity
Backup utility
USB 3.0
5400 Drive Speed
thirty six months Warranty period
Recovery Services
Speed Table

95 % – Excellent

My Book drives will be the star of Western Digital’s lineup, and it shows. As well as the 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 10TB single drive options, you can buy dual-drive configurations that range between 12TB to 20TB.