I always wished to upgrade the TV in my own living room because my Sony TV sat there for a couple of years. However, it isn’t easy since I’d like a whole lot of new features without paying an excessive amount of for it. Surprisingly, the brand new VIZIO M-series TVs offer many interesting features at affordable prices.

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Last updated on May 19, 2022 8:44 pm

VIZIO introduced the M-series in 2017 in several screen sizes, like the 50, 65, 70, and 75-inch. The 50-inch VIZIO M50-E1 may be the cheapest one and it costs just around $549 right now writing this review. Let’s take a look.

Design & Features
The M50-E1 SmartCast is pretty simple to setup. You can install both V-shaped metal feet and stick it on a TV stand, or hang it on the wall. Because the VIZIO TV is not actually slim, I favor using the stand as the setup looks much sleeker.

Almost all of the exterior is constructed of plastic, therefore the metal edges make it look more appealing. This is obviously something you can showcase in the living room.

Once you power on it, you will notice instructions to create it up. I used the VIZIO’s SmartCast Mobile software to set up it and it took simply a few minutes, since you can plainly see in the video at the top.

The most interesting features is, of course, Google’s Chromecast built-in. This enables you to stream content from compatible software like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Google Play Movies, etc. Notably, it really is appropriate for Google Home and Google Assistant, which means you totally may use your voice to regulate it and see what you need to see without touching your smartphone or handy remote control.

The firmware of the M50-E1 was also upgraded some time ago and now we are able to launch applications on the TV. Thus giving us another simple way to see our content from video streaming services. That is still a simple operating-system and you can’t install more apps, so that it can’t contend with smart TVs running Android TV or Apple TV right now.

The built-in speaker of it is not proficient at all but this is simply not a problem for me personally since I make make use of it with a VIZIO soundbar. The soundbar becomes far more responsive when connecting to it, probably because they result from the same manufacturer and compatible better with one another.

The back panel
All inputs and control buttons are located on the trunk of it. Notably, the HDMI port 1 supports HDMI v2.0a that allows 4k@60Hz @ 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 color

Image Quality
The display offers a gorgeous picture when I watch full-HD or 4K content. That is probably since it supports High Dynamic Range signals from both Dolby Vision and HDR10. The upscaled 1080p content looks excellent, however, some 480p or 720p videos on Youtube look quite terrible.

You will absolutely love the native 4K content when watching upon this TV. The clarity, contrast, and color accuracy have nothing to complain about. There are simply some limitations just like the low viewing angle and color volume. I tested the performance in a dark room and it had been so difficult to tell apart between this and higher-end TVs.

Overall, the VIZIO M50-E1 is a good value, particularly when you would like to watch 4K HDR content. You won’t manage to find an improved TV as of this price, considering all of the premium features it really is offering. We at TechWalls recommend the product.