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A remote camera, often known as a trail camera or game camera , is a camera put by a photographer in areas where in fact the photographer generally can’t be at the camera to snap the shutter. This consists of areas with limited access, tight spaces in which a person isn’t allowed, or maybe another angle in order that the photographer can simultaneously take pictures of the same moment from different locations.

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Remote cameras are hottest in sports photography.[1] 35 mm digital or film, and medium format cameras are the most frequent types of cameras that are used.

Uses and practices

Professor A.N. Kudaktin examines remote camera for implementation of monitoring of wildlife within the Persian Leopard Reintroduction Program in the Caucasus.
Remote cameras are being used by photographers to take more pictures from different angles. Remotes are incredibly popular in sports and wildlife photography.[2]

Cameras are often put in angles a photographer cannot physically be throughout a shoot. Sport use for example behind the backboard at a basketball game or overhead in the rafters of an arena throughout a hockey game.