First up, I must say read this article on GPS watch mistakes most runners make since it will help make sure you aren’t spending a lot more than necessary and please read these 10 ways to actually take full advantage of your GPS watch.

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Now onward to the TomTom Runner review….

TomTom Runner
As many of you understand, I follow the reduced HEARTRATE training method, this means I want a wrist watch that means it is extremely simple to track and see my HR throughout every run.

TomTom was among the first to turn out with the in wrist strap measuring technology. Yes, even prior to the beloved Garmin. Plus they got it directly on the first try. I’ve had better luck with their heartrate monitoring than nearly every other watch I’ve tested.

The Tom Tom Runner Cardio watch is definitely a different watch out for many of us, therefore i wanted to breakdown a few of the features and present you my thoughts and just why it made the vacation must have list a couple of years ago.Even for many who don’t normally train with HR, but are curious I believe this watch is excellent. Now you don’t need to remember any sort of strap and may simply get the info if you need it.

Starting the Watch
When you’re prepared to get started you merely click run, treadmill or stopwatch…which is rather self explanatory. Run will probably hook up to GPS and HR, while treadmill will be doing only your HR and prevent watch well that’s simply for time!

HEARTRATE Wrist Tracking
I didn’t expect to think it’s great. I didn’t really expect a watch could truly get and accurate heartrate through a wrist watch strap.

Yet, there I was head over heels after simply a couple of weeks. No chest strap and I still get my much desired HR in a supremely simple to read screen?!

“Your heartrate is measured through a sensor in the watch that monitors changes in blood circulation in your wrist. That is done by shining a light through your skin and detecting the changing light reflections.”

To get a precise heart rate, you should wear this watch fairly tight and simply a tiny bit above your wrist bone. It took me another or two to get accustomed to this tighter feeling, but once I started running, I didn’t see it at all.

Most of my testing led to HR’s that were right on in comparison to recent runs with other HR monitors, therefore i give it a thumbs up for accuracy. Much like all HR monitors I’ve noticed occassionally that it’ll show an incorrect spike in the first mile, that i think may be because of running in colder or hotter weather.

Initially, I wondered if the heartrate sensors would come across issues after being worn for a couple months or not considering I had to constantly replace dead HR chest straps. Clearly the actual fact that I’m using it 4 years later means it kept directly on working.

Watch Fit
The wide rubber feeling band was comfortable, unlike some that feel very difficult or stiff.

I also liked that I wasn’t likely to accidentally bump an impression screen and change my view. I had that issue with another watch and it made me batty.

Instead that one uses a tiny black button that you toggle to the proper or left. In complete transparency I had both Runner and Multisport version of the watch for my hubby. The toggle on the runner version broke in year 4 and I took over my husbands watch.
Treadmill Tracking
You know I eventually love the treadmill for speed workouts and all types of things, therefore i was pumped to see what the treadmill function actually did here.

First it requires away the headache I’ve with other watches that keep trying to hook up to GPS. Instead it just does HR and attempts to guess at mileage, but once you hit finish the watch permits you to change the full total! A royal pain that other watches don’t have that feature.

Now when you sync up the info you’ll still have your correct HR information with the miles!

Race Yourself Tools
Another fascinating feature is named “race yourself”. Again simply perfect for Maffetone LHR who orders you to test yourself every 4 roughly weeks on the actual same course to see if you’re getting faster at the same heartrate.

You pull up the prior workout and click race yourself, so while running you can observe when you are ahead or behind. Love.

I hate track workouts, but I’m good with tempos or goal pace running which is merely another way to push that envelope a bit without having to run so difficult my lungs are burning and I wish to heave.

Plus it gets the added good thing about being fun.

Phone Sync
Since I am horrific at plugging my watch into the computer to sync up data, I really like that I could sync it to an iphone app on my phone. That I could do while I’m walking to cool off and so keep all my info…normally I simply charge a wrist watch from the wall