Out of your box
Runner 3 may be the latest addition to the TomTom category of watches. The watch is less bulky than most others available in the market, and its own simple yet sleek design helps it be suited to everyday wear. Control of most functionalities is performed by pressing the four sides of a chunky plastic pad located below the screen, which is straightforward enough to use while running. The display is a 22 x 25mm monochrome LCD which is quite obvious to see outdoors, even on bright days. A backlight could be fired up by touching the screen.

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Last updated on May 16, 2022 9:20 pm

All the tracking you will need
The watch can count your steps, your heartrate and sleep cycle on a 24-hour basis. In addition, there are a variety of different activities you could track, almost all of them coming with GPS support: Press ‘right’ on the pad to gain access to and begin a task, including running, swimming, cycling, gym and freestyle. While recording a task, there are plenty of live metrics, such as for example calories, distance, heartrate, time and pace. The more impressive part originates from the excess screens (press ‘right’ once again) that may display a live route map, compass, heartrate zones, more.

Hitting my daily target and it’s only 11:00 am 🙂
Route exploration
The major feature for me personally was that Runner 3 includes on-screen route tracking. This works in two modes: first, it can benefit you navigate a pre-determined route, that can be all of your past runs or any gpx file uploaded via mysports.tomtom.com. Second, as you venture out for a fresh run, your GPS data form a map instantly letting you find just how back easily. There are 3 zoom levels at the map providing you an excellent sense of direction. Despite the fact that that may not be crucial in your everyday run around the neighbourhood, it is obviously an excellent feature to have when you lay out exploring new places.

I must say i dig the routes exploration function. You may use all of your past runs or upload a gpx.
App and interface
Towards the end of your activity, you can sync the watch together with your mobile app, which also uploads the info to your web dashboard. The info is fairly well organised and a small number of statistics can be found. I especially benefit from the “trends” screen of the iphone app that provides a synopsis of your progress in an exceedingly intuitive and user-friendly way. Data freaks though may need to dive in to the web interface as not absolutely all metrics are accessible from the app. Via the same web interface, also you can create routes by uploading gpx files that are later downloaded and displayed on your own watch screen.

TomTom Runner 3 works with with a sizable number of bluetooth headphones. Loading music is not too difficult, however, it requires which you have already created a playlist on your own iTunes (or Windows Media player). Perhaps in another update, a drag-and-drop functionality could possibly be added in order that we are able to load individual songs or albums. There’s 3GB of storage that may hold about 500 songs on the watch, that ought to become more than enough to last for a complete marathon!

Comes with a helpful compass that automatically shows your starting place (home).
The verdict
TomTom Runner 3 is a superb and affordable option for many who want to keep an eye on their activities and monitor their progress. It includes a rather accurate GPS and heartrate monitor, good battery life and a lot of storage for music lovers. The compass and route exploration is a superb add-on for the more adventurous out there, and the thing that appears to be missing is integration with calls, SMS and WhatsApp. What remains to be observed is the way the material will hold under heavy use as time passes.

Price and availability
The TomTom Runner 3 Cardio and Runner 3 Cardio+Music are retailing at SGD 249 and SGD 299 respectively. Both sports watches can be found on TomTom.com and at selected retai