So you need it a ping pong table? It’s not a fairly easy decision. There’s a whole lot of preference available. Different brands, different quality, different prices. What’s an excellent table? What’s lots of rubbish? In the event you buy cheap? Or spend a tiny fortune?

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Hopefully I can assist you to. In this blog page post, I share advice about how precisely you can tell a high-quality table from an unhealthy one, which brands are best, just how much you should spend and where you could buy. I also give specific tips on which ping pong tables to get for your house, club and school.

Let’s start with the main information…

How exactly to spot a high-quality table tennis table
The easiest way to recognize whether a ping pong table is worthwhile may be the thickness of the ping pong top. The thickness will range between 12mm to 25mm. Thicker = better quality. Thinner = worse quality.

You should avoid buying tables with an extremely thin ping pong top (e.g. 12mm). The ball just doesn’t bounce perfectly and the tables are flimsy and simple to damage.

Tables with a medium thickness (16mm-19mm) are actually OK. I’ve a 19mm Butterfly Easifold ping pong table in my own garage, which is completely fine for my purposes of an exercise with a robot. You’ll get a steady bounce and if you take care of the table, it will last for quite some time.

Tables with thick ping pong top (22mm-25mm) are the best. However they are also the priciest. If you’re an amateur player, you almost certainly won’t manage to tell much difference between 22mm and 25mm. The standard of 22mm is fantastic. 25mm is merely that tiny bit better.

Which will be the best brands?
There are a variety of very good ping pong table manufacturers. Through the years I’ve played and coached using tables from the next brands and the product quality has been very good: Butterfly, Andro, Joola, Cornilleau, Donic, Sponeta and Stiga.

Just how much does a ping pong table cost?
You buy an extremely cheap ping pong table for £100. You should avoid these tables as the table top thickness will be thin and the product quality poor. They’re cheap for grounds – they’re of low quality.

You can purchase a medium thickness table (16-19mm) for £200-£300. That is probably the minimum you must spend to get a table which will offer you a decent bounce and last a couple of years.

Competition quality tables (22mm-25mm) will definitely cost ranging from £350 and £1000+. These tables are excellent to play on and can last quite a long time, but obviously a lot more expensive.

Where is it possible to buy a ping pong table?
Most ping pong shops will sell tables, and rubbers, blades and balls etc. Have a look at my set of ping pong shops in UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia to locate a shop in your area. If investing in a few tables, you can usually negotiate much.

There are also discounted prices on Amazon (UK site | USA site). Whether you get from Amazon or not, it’s a good site to visit, as possible read lots of reading user reviews to help you decide.

If you have a restricted budget, you will find some very nice second-hand bargains. Folks are always eliminating ping pong tables (some hardly used) for a fraction of the purchase price they actually paid. Have a look at auction sites like eBay or local websites and newspapers.

Tips for home, clubs and schools
Now let’s look at some specific advice on which ping pong tables to get for your house, club and school.

Ping pong tables for your house
There’s usually two significant reasons why persons get yourself a table tennis table because of their home: (1) family fun or (2) serious practice. Let’s look at both scenarios.

Family fun

If you wish to buy a ping pong table for a great family activity you truly don’t have to buy a brilliant expensive table. If you’re playing simply for fun, you truly won’t tell that much difference between a 16mm £200 table and a 25mm £1000 table. THEREFORE I would just choose the cheaper option.

Remember that I say ‘cheaper’ rather than ‘cheapest’. You should avoid the truly cheap tables, e.g. a 12mm £100 table. They are flimsy and the ball doesn’t bounce perfectly. A 16mm or 19mm table will be more durable and be easier to play on.

Serious practice

If you wish to buy a ping pong table for serious practice in the home, i quickly would recommend obtaining the best value table you are able. The minimum quality you should purchase is a 19mm table.

I’ve a 19mm Butterfly Easifold ping pong table in my own garage that i use with my 2050 RoboPong robot in fact it is flawlessly decent. Would I love a straight better table? Sure. But it’s all I possibly could really afford at that time, and also, it’s fine for using with a robot.

If you do have a bigger budget, i quickly think it’s worth buying an improved quality table. The bounce and speed of the table could be more steady with the tables you play on in your ping pong club.

Ping pong tables for clubs
Ping pong tables in clubs get used a whole lot. So it’s worth purchasing the best value tables you are able (preferably 22-25mm). I’ve helped run ping pong clubs in London and Cambridge in fact it is always the cheaper tables which need replacing more often (or they just sit in the cupboard gathering dust). The high quality tables last for most, many years. So over time, it’s the more cost-effective option.

Also, players at clubs want to play on high-quality tables. If you wish players to keep returning to your club, be sure to have decent equipment. It’s a frustrating experience likely to a club for a few practice and finding yourself on the dud table where in fact the ball bounces funny.