What It Is

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The Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster from Step2 can be an outdoor ride for kids–a Hot Wheels set that kids really can ride in. The set includes a 30-inch tall platform and 14 feet of track. Create takes about one hour, and you’re prepared to ride.

Push the automobile up to the most notable of the platform, then hop in. Push off and go sailing. The track even includes a little dip in the guts for a supplementary thrill on the ride. The automobile stays in the tracks since it goes down. After every ride, push the automobile back up to the most notable by walking up the steps in the heart of the track, and you’re all set again.

Is It Fun?

Kids love riding on coasters, but even the most gentle kinds could be a little intimidating for the youngest kids. The scale, speed and amount of this ride provide ideal degree of excitement for kids. They get the fun but none of worries. It’s simple to use and relatively low to the bottom, but it could be as tall as a number of the kids themselves, so that it will seem to be really big and exciting. The thought of being truly a little scared and excited by the ride is a major plus. You must consider “extreme” as a small amount of romance with the license, though it could appear that method for the first few rides for a few kids.

This is ideal for solo play or for having several kids in an outdoor setting, too.

Who It’s For

The coaster is supposed for kids ages three years and up. It’ll appeal to more adventurous kids initially, but in particular when used other kids, even shyer kinds might want a turn and find out it’s lots of fun.


The coaster is made for outside use only.

The coaster includes a maximum weight of 75 pounds. Many kids will most likely get too tall to ride it before they hit the weight limit.

Adult assembly is necessary, and it took us about one hour. Pay particular focus on the facts of instruction. Remember to carefully place the decals.

Make sure you position the coaster on an open patch of grass, and become aware that the automobile will roll a few feet after it comes off the finish of the track. (One reason grass surpasses slow it down.)

Adult supervision and protective gear are recommended when kids are riding the coaster.