When we discuss the very best active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones, Bose is obviously the first name to be mentioned. Their QuietComfort (QC) series has long dominated the marketplace for ANC headphones. But Sony appeared to have cracked the code. With the launch of the Sony MDR 1000X, they are, gradually, chipping away at the ANC market share. On this black friday & Cyber Monday you will get amazing discounts, offers, deals right here. So don’t waste time and get the offers fast before it solds out.

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Sony MDR 1000X
With an ANC technology that rivals Bose, the feature-packed Sony MDR 1000X ranks one of the better for wireless noise-canceling headphones.

Key Features
Great active noise-canceling (ANC) ability
ANC could be toggled with simply a button
Easy to pair with audio tracks devices such as notebook computer and mobile phones
Balanced sound signature is forgiving for some songs
Stronger bass compared to the Bose QC35
»Great build quality
»Comfortable ear pads and headband
»Punchy bass
»Crisp and rich mids
»Treble sparkles, handle upper treble well
»Easy to connect
»Intuitive controls for playback controls
»Ability to change off ANC easily
»Hard case cover forces you to store your headphone in a particular way
»Sensitive ear cups, simple to trigger playback
»Mic vent could be smaller
No-one does ANC like Bose?
Bose‘s headphones purely revolve around their ANC technology. There are no other features to cloud their main feature that their customers love. We can’t accurately blame Bose because of their dormant product cycle. The actual fact there are no rivals which may have think of a worthy ANC technology further cements Bose’s lead available in the market.

Hence, when Sony released the Sony MDR 1000x, it created a significant buzz because their ANC technology was supposedly as effective as Bose ones.

What’s Active Noise Cancellation Technology?

Noise cancellation is actually a term to spell it out the ability to block out external noises. Headphones can do it by having an excellent seal in order that there are only a small amount gaps as easy for ambient sound to flow in. However, this sort of noise-cancellation is named “passive noise cancellation”.

A couple of headphones with active noise cancellation could have a mic that listens for external noise. A particular chip in the headphones will distribute a noise-cancelling wave that actively attunes ambient sound, especially those in the low frequencies.

MDR-1000x may be the hero we need?
Additionally, the MDR-1000x includes a couple of futuristic features thrown for the reason that makes the Bose QC35 appears like an old-fashioned. Sony had plainly done their competitor analysis. Upon holding the headphones, we are able to immediately draw similarities with the Bose QC35 with regards to the aesthetics, construction and many more.

So, may be the Sony MDR-1000x a worthy Bose QC35 killer? Are their futuristics features just gimmicks?

Let’s find out now.

Cover Protection
The MDR-1000x includes a round hardcover casing for headphone storage. Inside, you will locate a cushion permanently mounted on the casing. This cushion protects the ear cups from abrasion.

Due to the condition and keeping the cushion, you can only just place the headphone in a single specific position. Bose’s casing does not have any such obstruction. Bose’s cover comes with an inner pocket that allows your charging cable to be stowed aside.

Bose case comes with an extra inner pocket
The build quality is seen from the faux-leather housing of the ear cups to the steel headband. The MDR-1000x feels strong to touch. There is no creaking sound when the frame is bent.

The padding on the ear cups and headband are cushy, so that it is comfortable on the top and ears. The clamping force is reasonable and the headphones stay well on the top.

The headband is manufactured out of steel and it creates this satisfying “click” sound while making adjustments.

The ear cups are foldable just like the QC35 however the folding mechanism is more rigid.

Overall, I’ll say the Bose still edge out the MDR-1000x in this segment as a result of the comfort and ease. Don’t misunderstand me, MDR-1000x is easily among few preferred headphones I’ve worn. However the QC35 has such exceptionally soft and comfortable ear pads. I may easily wear the Bose for a a lot longer time.

I’ll say Bose wins slightly in this department. Mainly as a result of the ear pads. Bose earpads are so soft and comfortable.

Noise Isolation
I have to say I’m impressed with the ANC technology of the MDR-1000x. It almost works aswell as the QC35. There are reports that the MDR-1000x have less of a “cabin pressure” feel compared to the QC35. I will prefer to put that nonsense to rest. You can still believe that slight pressure on your own ear canals.

Personally, i feel the ANC on QC35 blocks out low-frequency noise slightly much better than the MDR-1000x. Such noises are more audible on the latter headphone. Again, remember that I’m picking bones from eggs here. The ANC on MDR-1000x still works really effectively.

Something was described to me based on the ANC that I came across interesting. Who owns the MDR-1000x explained that he was once standing really near a fan and he can hear some loud static from within the ear cups.

Why is this happening?
For ANC to work, the headphones have a mic on the ear cups to get ambient noise and attenuate it with a noise-canceling wave.

You can observe the mic on the headphones from the pictures below. The vent hole is substantially wider compared to the one on the QC35. This may have caused the loud static sound to be heard from the wind.

Sound Leakages
With good seal and thick paddings, there is barely any sound leakages from the closed-back headphones.

Ease of connection
I’ll say that the MDR 1000x appears to be the simpler headphone to hook up to. This is in particular when the headphone must hook up to different devices. Just pair it with Bluetooth and you are all set.

Alternatively, the QC35 has some eccentric Bluetooth issues. Sometimes, it either can’t be detected or have trouble syncing to it.

Sound Quality
Wide soundstage
Great sound imaging
Balanced sound signature
Stronger bass and treble response than Bose. This makes songs more exciting on the MDR 1000x.
The soundstage is really as wide as the QC35 however the sound imaging is way better in MDR 1000x. You get more depth in the perceived spatial location from instruments and sound files.

Both headphones have a balanced sound signature and also have comparable sound quality. The MDR-1000x shines more in the bass frequency with a punchier mid-bass. Although there is slight graininess, the MDR-1000x has more spark in the upper treble compared to the QC35. Within my test with Rude by Daniel Jang, the electronic violin distortion was handled well by the MDR-1000x. Compared, the distortion came off slightly harsher on the QC 35.

Overall, the MDR-1000x has better sound quality compared to the QC 35. The bass and treble response was better while maintaining the crisp and lush mids that the QC35 has.