Shure has built a solid reputation for providing professional musicians with the very best sound-quality on stage and in the studio. But are they worth such a sizable investment for average commuter or music lover? I wore them as my daily headphones for some time to find out.

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as of June 23, 2022 10:55 pm
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✓Incredible sound quality
✓Good isolation without ANC
✓Extremely comfortable

✕Very expensive
✕Can be fiddly to put up
Shure 535 release date and price
The Shure SE535 are certainly reduced product. The American music giant sells multiple versions of the headphones, however the edition I tested was included with both Bluetooth 5 wireless connection and a 3.5mm cable with a remote and microphone. This most feature-rich package costs $549 if you buy directly from Shure. If you choose the non-wireless version, you can save $50. The Shure SE535 will come in bronze or red.

You get yourself a load of stuff in the box for your cash, including soft flex sleeves, foam sleeves, triple-flange sleeves (for extra isolation), a carry case, a 1/4-inch adapter, and both Bluetooth connection cable and a normal universal 3.5mm cable have a remote and microphone when planning on taking calls.

You get yourself a lot on the box of the Shure 535 earphones. / © NextPit
Incredible comfort and construction
The actual design on the Shure 535s ‘s been around since 2010, however the wireless aspect has been added recently. Shure calls these ‘Sound Isolating’ earphones. Which means you aren’t getting active noise cancellation here, and the work of filtering out undesired noise is performed through a secure fit instead of through technology. The theory is you could achieve the same sort of sound isolation you can with ANC, passively.

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The sound isolation technique is obviously successful. The Shure 535s are incredibly comfortable to wear once you have played around with the large number of tips and connections which come in the box. They are not your average in-ear headphones, and the ones looking for something to grab of a bag and quickly throw within their ears will dsicover them frustrating. But those that invest just a little work into getting he fit right will begin to know that active noise cancellation is not actually needed here – I certainly didn’t miss it. The sound isolation is good however the headphones don’t block the ear canal in order that you get that strange, underwater, sensation. There’s a good balance here.

The Shure 535s sit comfortably in the ear, once you get the fittings right. / © NextPit
The construction is superb, but that’s everything you expect for this sort of money. Interestingly, the earphones themselves disconnect from the cables completely for safe storage. The average person earphones are light, and each side features three speakers altogether, (one tweeter, two woofers).

The cable that connects to each earphone, and so was created to sit behind your ear when you put them on, is stiff. That is in order that you can condition the wire right into a comfortable position, increasing wearing comfort and stability. It’s an effective design, nonetheless it does make the Shure 535s more of a pain to put up. Just a little patience is necessary here. For the busy commuter, they’re not ideal.

The cables are detachable on the Shure 535 earphones. / © NextPit
Incredible sound, when you can have it available
Sound quality is where these earphones live and die. Nobody is spending $550 on a set of Shure’s for average audio. I’d go so far as to say that for anyone who is seriously searching for this sort of product, the sound is just about the only thing that counts for you. Fortunately for the business, then, the sound is superb.

Most headphones available today have a tendency to favor one end of the frequency spectrum over another. Manufacturers identify markets and tune their headphones to focus on that market. For this reason the thump of hiphop sounds great on Beats over-ears, given their origins and the actual fact that ‎Dr. Dre is one of the founders. Others get a sparkle in the top quality or an extremely balanced EQ for podcasts and classical music genres. The Shure 535 don’t really fall into this these categories, because everything sounds great on these, proving you can feed them something of high enough quality to begin with – and that’s challenging, or cheap.

The Shure 535 earphones have a carry case. / © NextPit
In the event that you wear the Shure 535s as an alternative for your regular commuter or office headphones as I did so, you learn to notice things you didn’t previously. Spotify sounds dissimilar to YouTube Music, podcasts which used to sound exactly like one another regarding music quality suddenly sound miles apart. The Shure 535s really expose the standard of the recording with techniques that your $50 or $100 earphones simply can’t. It’s a testament to Shure’s engineers and what these earphones can do, but it is also a curse for a few regular listeners.

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To find the most out of your $550 high-end earphones, you desire a high-end sound player to accomplish them any justice. Plugging these right into a regular smartphone via the 3.5mm headphone jack can be largely a waste. They don’t sound bad, of course, but if you don’t own an LG phone with quad-DAC audio, you are not hearing even twenty five percent of what the Shure 535s can provide. Better still, something similar to the Astell & Kern Kann is everything you really want to make the almost all of these headphones, and that is likely to cost you near another thousand bucks.

Both wireless and wired connections have a remote for controlling audio tracks and taking calls. / © NextPit
Up to 8 hours of wireless music joy
The included Bluetooth 4 earphone communication cable signifies that you can benefit from the Shure 535s wirelessly. You get yourself up to 8 hours of battery life out of this little chip. It’s a bit more cumbersome than what some persons will be utilized to with the recent explosion of true wireless headphones. You essentially wear the Bluetooth connection such as a necklace. It’s fine, I assume, but it isn’t as comfortable as a neckband for me personally. I missed any reason to doubt the 8-hour battery life within my test.

You get 8 hours of battery life from the Bluetooth connector. / © NextPit
Final verdict
The Shure 535s are, unquestionably, one of the better pairs of earphones I’ve have you ever heard regarding audio tracks quality, transparency, and pure audio tracks joy. The manufacturer’s reputation for professional-grade products oozes out these. For audiophiles who would like the very best sound quality, the 535s can simply execute a job as everyday earphones.

For those who pay attention to Spotify, Soundcloud or other music streaming services, the Shure 535s are overkill to the extreme. You just will not be hearing your $550’s worth if you don’t feed them with top quality sound for instance a 320kbps MP3 file or the Tidal music service. At CES the other day, Shure announced two new wireless products, including a set of true wireless earbuds. Those may be the types to hold back for if you are searching for amazing sound and modern practicality.