Easily among my traveling staples, my headphones go everywhere with me. Not merely for filling my ears with musical enjoyment, but also for blocking out the fatiguing sounds of a chicken bus ride which has gone on eight hours too much time.

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Last updated on April 22, 2022 2:39 pm

With a dire dependence on a fresh set, I chosen the Shure SE425 in-ear monitors . They are the second from the very best of the line in Shure’s group of sound isolating in-ear monitors (IEMs). After half a year on the highway and in my own ears, here’s the lowdown on my hottest favorite little bit of gear.

WHAT EXACTLY ARE In-Ear Monitors? (IEMs)
In-ear monitors including the Shure SE425 actually fit of one’s ear canal. This offers a few benefits.

To begin with, it’s much much easier to direct the sound into your ear canal if they sit and pointed right within. Secondly, they filter almost all of the noise from the surroundings around you.

This is typically finished with foam “tips” or “sleeves” that match and fill the ear canal, much like earplugs do.

EVERYTHING YOU Get: Fit, Accessories & Warranty
These IEMs tend to be worn with the cable rotating around the most notable and behind the ear. This keeps them set up, as the fit is important to the sound quality of these kind of earphones.

To customize the fit, Shure includes its “Premium Fit Kit.” This consists of a few sets of sound-isolating sleeves to fit your favored fit, plus a travel case. Everyone has different ears, in order to find the sleeves that are preferred for you. The tiny black soft foam “olives” are the best.

The black travel case is simply perfect for travel. It’s solid and durable, fits your SE425 IEMs without cramping them, and slides easily into your bag or the seat pocket on an extended flight.

You’ll get yourself a two-year limited guarantee together with your purchase. For the active traveler, it could be just a little tricky to get service all over the world given the tiny size and option of their product line. Having said that, my experience working with a guarantee claim a couple of years ago went smoothly.

Shure was pleased to request replacements to be delivered to Canada, despite the fact that I was currently in Sweden and had purchased them in New Zealand. Nice one.

Build Quality
The Shure SE425 IEMs feel solid and strong enough, but because they’re expensive, don’t think you can throw them around. Delicate parts constitute the insides of the babies, so I’d recommend treating them carefully.

The 3.5mm headphone jack is gold-plated and angled. It’s also molded for simplicity, feels solid, and includes a good flexible link with the cable to avoid wear and tear.

Increasing the Kevlar-reinforced cable, there’s a splitter resulting in the average person buds, and a slidable holder to keep carefully the cables together.

These cables are thinner because they nearby the buds themselves, and wrap around your ears for a custom fit that keeps the buds set up and cables in order.

With my previous pairs of IEMs, this section of the cable that molds around the ear was susceptible to breaking. Shure has obviously learned out of this, and these cables aren’t only better made, but replaceable from about $30. You can also buy an upgraded set with a microphone and volume control built-in.

Finally, the cable meets the buds at a good, gold-plated connector that rotates 360 degrees. In the event that you buy a new cable, that’s where you attach it. This connection feels very solid despite its capability to rotate, and hasn’t disconnected on me unintentionally.

& MOST Importantly: Sound Quality
A very important factor I sorely miss whilst travelling is hearing quality sound with an excellent group of speakers. The difference between a decent group of headphones/earphones and an excellent set could be huge. Listening to your chosen songs and hearing things you never heard before rocks !.

The Shure SE425 IEMs sound great because of dual microdrivers (tweeter and woofer). They have already been tuned for a “flatter” sound that’s more accurate and balanced when compared to a bass-heavy approach well-liked by many headphones nowadays.

So regarding sound quality, the Shure SE425 gives you that in spades, but it’s a double-edged sword. Just like any good little bit of audio tracks or video gear, it’s “garbage in, garbage out.”

Which means if you’re hearing a high-quality recording in a high-quality extendable (FLAC or ALAC specifically), it’s likely to sound amazing. Alternatively, if you’re hearing a minimal bitrate MP3 or audio tracks stream, it won’t sound practically as good as it might, as well as perhaps worse than you’re used to.

It also matters where in fact the sound is via. My current smartphone is pretty poor for audio, and I could hear that noise at low volumes specifically. My laptop, however, generates better quality audio.

I’ve been testing these for practically six months now, hearing various music from solo piano (Chilly Gonzales) and jazz (Jukka Eskola), to electronic (Global Communication) and pop (Everything however the Girl).

This isn’t some annoying audiophile review so I’ll just leave it as of this: everything sounds great, again, given that the foundation is good.

The Verdict
For travel, the lightweight SE425 IEMs are excellent. As the passive noise isolation isn’t on par with active noise cancelation, they’ll still execute a good job of blocking out the sound of the crying kid in the seat behind you on the transatlantic flight, or the snoring guy beside you tenting in the Rocky Mountains.

Add phenomenal sound quality compared to that great noise cancellation, and you have lightweight audio tracks beauty that literally ties in your pocket.

There is absolutely no doubt these are serious IEMs, plus they have a fairly serious price. I’d even venture to state they won’t impress most of the people out of your box because of that reference-quality audio. Your taste in music, and where you’re getting that music from, could have too much to do with just how much you love these earphones.

With the existing trend of headphones being to carefully turn the bass up to 11, some may choose the sound of the cheaper Shure SE215’s that are tuned for a sound with somewhat more bass.

Great sound quality
Excellent sound isolation
Replaceable cables
Carrying case is exquisite for travel
High cost
Sound may not be what persons expect