If you are buying a new vacuum and do a good little online research, you will likely run into the Shark brand. It has taken the marketplace by storm as a value brand, but could it be worth your dollars? Inside our opinion, yes.

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Last updated on May 17, 2022 1:03 am

Shark hits the ideal mixture of affordability and quality, plus they also have a tendency to be multifunctional. You need to use the same machine on both your carpets and hard floors, not forgetting your upholstery and other surfaces.

Shark has recently grown right into a reasonably sized brand, so they have plenty of options in the marketplace. But how does one know which is right for you personally?

We have think of a set of the eight best Shark vacuums and what sort of cleaning tasks they are each best for tackling.

We have also come up with a buying guide to see you about the professionals and cons of Shark vacuums generally, and recommend the key factors you should look at when choosing the proper Shark vacuum (or really any vacuum) for you.

Our comparison lists Shark vacuums for each and every major purpose and sort of floor cleaning. Not absolutely all have every feature for each and every situation, so take inventory of what the needs you have will be. Predicated on that, you can locate a match predicated on our grades in the next categories.

We’ve Shark uprights, sticks, handhelds, and robots on our list. You may want one that’s more multipurpose or a couple to meet up different needs. Style compatible storage size as noted previously, along with weight and cleaning power.

Ergonomics/Ease Of Use
Letter grades have already been assigned based how easy it is to go the vacuum during regular cleaning. Sometimes the reason why a machine is graded lower is accurately the feature you will need for your sort of flooring, so there’s no “bad” grade by itself.

Cleaning Effectiveness
It might be easy if there is a common way of measuring suction noted for each and every machine, but cleaning ability is approximately a lot more than power. Brush type, head size, and other features also enter into play. Our letter grade here’s based how well the device matches the normal features you’ll need.

Dust Bin
It’s easier to empty a bagless bin frequently (watch the marks privately of the dust canister) because that’s when the vacuum reaches its most reliable. Shark recommends avoiding an overfill situation for best power. Grades derive from overall dust bin size and how well it works for common use.

Our grade here indicates if the vacuum may use various tools or if you’re limited in your selection. We note in the comments if special attachments can be found. When in doubt, search for the machine with accessories since you’re highly more likely to find something suitable for the unique purpose in store.

If you’re carrying your vacuum between floors, you’ll definitely want to focus on this statistic. Likewise, somebody who must clean frequently may also need to know how heavy a unit may be. Weights for rechargeable vacuums and robots are for the vacuuming unit only, excluding the recharging station.

WHERE YOU CAN Buy Shark Vacuums
You can purchase Shark floor cleaners from Amazon; that is most commonly your best option. Other options include buying from retailers or directly from SharkNinja LLC on the website. Direct purchases have a 90-day money-back guarantee and a five-year warranty.

If you do end up buying from an authorized, ensure they are a certified retailer. If you don’t purchase from a certified retailer, the warrantee is void.

JUST HOW MUCH Do Shark Vacuums Cost?
While the most elementary Shark vacuum model in the marketplace, the Shark VACMOP Pro, will cost you significantly less than $150, you should be prepared to pay between $250 and $350 because of their flagship machines including the kinds included on our top products list. A completely automated robotic vacuum will definitely cost around $600.

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FAQs About Shark Vacuums
Which Shark Vacuum GETS THE Most Suction?
Are Shark Vacuums MUCH BETTER THAN Dyson?
What Is THE VERY BEST Shark Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood Floors?
Are Shark Vacuums WORTHWHILE?
Are Shark Vacuums Reliable?
Are Refurbished Shark Vacuums WORTHWHILE?
Do Shark Vacuums Scratch Hardwood Floors?
Which Shark Vacuum GETS THE Most Suction?
If you are buying Shark vacuum with serious suction, we recommend you go with Apex Upright DuoClean, gives you 1,350 watts of power. In most cases, to find the best suction you will have to get a larger model, that allows for a bigger motor, and a corded model, therefore you will have maximum power.

Are Shark Vacuums MUCH BETTER THAN Dyson?
Whether a Shark or a Dyson vacuum is way better boils down to personal preference. Dyson vacuums tend to be expensive and better, while Shark’s are less expensive and more maneuverable. We like Shark vacuums because they come multipurpose as standard. You may use them on carpet or hard floors, plus they will often have other attachments to tackle other styles of surfaces. Dysons have better suction but are less versatile.

What Is THE VERY BEST Shark Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood Floors?
If you need one machine which will work equally well on both carpet and hard floors, we recommend the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro, that may transition between your two without the additional do the job. The brushes gives carpets a deep clean, and can clean and buff hard floors without scratching.

Are Shark Vacuums WORTHWHILE?
We think so, which explains why we recommend Shark vacuums as a far more affordable option to Dysons. Shark can be our top choice for anybody who would like a machine that may let them seamlessly transition from cleaning carpet to hardwood. The majority of their models also have a detachable handheld vacuum for cleaning furniture and other surfaces.

Are Shark Vacuums Reliable?
Shark vacuum cleaners have a tendency to be highly durable, and you will expect your Shark machine to last between five and seven years if you take care of it properly. Additionally it is relatively simple to get replacement parts for a Shark machine if needed, direct from Shark via their website or from selected third-party retailers.

Are Refurbished Shark Vacuums WORTHWHILE?
Shark vacuum cleaners already are offered with a realistic price tag, therefore you are most likely better off obtaining a new Shark than purchasing a refurbished model. Most refurbished models have a warrantee of between 30 and 3 months, which isn’t really that long. Even Shark themselves only give you a maximum of a 180-day warrantee on the refurbished models.

When you get new directly from Shark, you get yourself a 60-day money-back guarantee, and they give warranties of between one and seven years. So, however, you might pay more upfront, you will likely save over time.

Do Shark Vacuums Scratch Hardwood Floors?
Shark floor cleaners are particularly made to focus on hard floors without scratching, by combining gentle microfiber pads with powerful suction. This implies they are effective rather than scratch wood or other fragile surfaces. Having said that, we recommend the Apex and the Navigator as the very best options for hard floors.

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The Verdict
If you are buying a vacuum brand that hits the ideal balance between quality and affordability, search no further compared to the Shark brand. Shark supplies the quality of a Dyson but at a more affordable price. And everything you sacrifice on power, you constitute on versatility.

Shark vacuums are especially made to work equally well on both carpet and hard floors, and never scratch surfaces. Most Shark options also have a detachable check out make using the same machine to completely clean your upholstery and cars simple. It’s the ultimate multifunctional vacuuming machine.

Which of the numerous options in the Shark range is right for you personally depends upon the sort of cleaning tasks you will end up tackling. But we recommend the Apex Upright with DuoClean as the very best overall option. It really is powerful, maneuverable, and works equally well on carpet and hard floors. It represents everything which makes the Shark vacu