Sennheiser HD 558 | Preface
Sennheiser has a large amount of headphones out there ideal for nearly every purpose (and catering to every cost range) The HD 558 however is one headphone which has recently came down in cost and today offers some very value for the money. This open back headphone could be regarded as a taster to the bigger end Sennheiser models including the HD600 and HD800 so lets look into why is this headphone such an excellent little bit of kit for such just a little price.

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Sennheiser HD 558 | The Meat of the Review
To begin with the the Sennheisers are very an excellent looking headphone when you see them in the flesh with clean flowing lines from the ear cup in to the headband its very sleek and thankfully construction is there to complement those visual appearance. The build is a combo of high quality plastic and metal and integrates a remarkably comfortable group of velour ear pads and large faux leather head pad. Both these features, combined with open back design allowing air to flow and the circum-aural (around the ear) fit ensures that it will be possible to take pleasure from your sweet beats from these headphones all night on end.

The sound made by the Sennheiser HD 558 is relaxed smooth and rich. This will suit lovers of an acoustic classic rock and much more modern genres such as for example EDM and Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B well however, not so much for all those that benefit from the treble sparkle within Jazz and Classical. The sound is open, transparent and clear, somewhat similar to the extreme affordable sound of the Supberlux HD 661 Evo we review this past year but nowhere near to the levels found on various other really high end things like the outstanding Final Audio Design Pandora. Mids are beautiful offered a feeling of intimacy and zero upper mid sibilance and the lows are rich with power and weight. Treble is more reserved retaining most detail however, not right when played next to my Grado SR80’s.

Sennheiser HD 558 | Conclusion
Through the Sennheiser HD 558 review I came across myself impressed by the styling, build and engaging sound. The may not be a treble heads dream (If thats your thing the browse the Grado or Phillips Fidelio) but also for those that such as a relaxed and smooth sound then your HD 558 are lovely when paired with acoustic or textured music. Most outstanding may be the fact that these are plentiful on the traditional or on amazon at the hyperlink below for $105 dollars, thats almost $80 dollars off the launch price and there are incredibly little can contend with the entire specs of the 558.