For the longest time, I usually owned headphones which were not that great. When I acquired my DJ gear the main item that was next on my grocery list was a good group of headphones. That’s where things got somewhat more challenging. There are so many selections at a multitude of price points. It had been somewhat overwhelming! Luckily after testing, I ran across several good options. Among which is the focus of the review, the Sennheiser HD 25.

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Why Buy Dedicated DJ Headphones?
Among the common questions many beginner DJs face is excatly why they desire a dedicated couple of headphones. On the top, these headphones have a tendency to be both expensive and bulky.

In terms of DJing your generic earbuds that was included with your phone won’t cut it. Even those cheap Hi-Fi headphones you likely have laying around will never be suitable to DJing.

DJ headphones are especially made to withstand the demands of frequent use. They are mainly closed back headphones that offer isolation from exterior noise. This consists of what you are playing. This enables a DJ to give attention to beatmatching and craft an ideal transition.

Every DJ requires a dedicated couple of headphones designed especially for DJing.

Purchasing a dedicated pair of high-quality DJ headphones ought to be among your top priorities. The comfort and more precise monitoring can help you fine-tune your skills. Plus, with the increased sound quality you’ll also enjoy hearing your music a lot more than what generic earbuds would provide you.

On-Ear or Over-Ear?
The other aspect to consider when buying DJ headphones is whether to choose an over-ear or on-ear design.

Over-ear headphones engulf all of your ear. Due to this fact, they have a tendency to be bigger than on-ear options. Because the most DJ headphones are closed back this may lead to quite somewhat of heat accumulating around your ear.

On-ear headphones take a seat on your ear. This does enable a bit more breathability. With respect to the design they can even be convenient. On-ear headphones should be well designed in order that they still give a good amount of passive noise cancellation. Poorly designed headphones won’t sit firmly enough on your own ears. This results in an excessive amount of sound leakage which isn’t ideal from a DJs perspective.

Sennheiser HD 25 Review
The Sennheiser HD25 headphones are an on-ear group of DJ headphones with a formidable reputation. It’s not unusual to see top-name DJs rocking these both at intimate gigs and massive festival stages. The HD 25 offers to provide DJs a durable, well-crafted group of headphones with quality sound. Also touted as among the finest options in loud environments. Let’s have a look at some of the positives and negatives to these extremely popular DJ headphones.

Excellent Sound Quality
Good Isolation
Durable Construction
Replaceable Parts
Ear Pads WILL GET Hot
Not the Most Interesting Design
Now let’s dive in to the details and see if Sennheiser has generated an ideal headphones for DJs.

Sound Quality
The Sennheiser HD 25 headphones do sound great. They have an excellent spread across all frequencies which will make them a good choice as a hybrid couple of headphones. They works extremely well for DJing and in addition mixing and mastering. That is great for DJs that are looking a balanced sound level.

The HD25 headphones are closed back making them a great choice for DJing.

As a DJ I’d have liked the low end to become a bit more pronounced. Having a slightly more punchy budget makes beatmatching by ear easier. On an individual level, I also enjoy hearing my music with a lttle bit more oomph aswell. If you love your bass these might not exactly be the best option.

On the loudness front, we were holding decent. There are louder headphones out there but these seem to be to strike a comfortable balance. The passive sound isolation was also good therefore i never felt like I had not been in a position to properly hear that which was happening in my own mix.

With regards to headphones comfort plays an enormous role. As a DJ you’ll have the headphones on your own head and around your neck for long periods of time.

This is where it could be tricky as everyone’s head differs. Likewise with regards to ears.

As the Sennheiser HD25 isn’t super uncomfortable I did so find them just a little tiring on the ears after one hour or so. This may be the consequence of the on-ear design.

The HD25 has a straight cable with a 1/4 inch jack that can be easily replaced.

The headband was very comfortable. To be able to change both headbands allowed me to obtain the sweet spot easily. Adequate padding and a good amount of clamping force kept these on my head. Even though I was bopping away mid-set.

Sliding one ear cup back felt smooth and sat naturally without feeling just like the headphones would slip off my head. While you are switching backwards and forwards it’s nice to learn they are secure.

The ear padding is good but much like a whole lot of headphones, they are able to get somewhat sweaty. When you are in a warm climate this might impact on your comfort and ease.

I’ll be honest, you’ll either love the look or hate it. These headphones will be the definition of the no-frills method of design. Clean and simple. The split headband design can be kept simple. If you want a minimalist method of design you’ll appreciate the stripped-back nature of the headphones. It’s actually quite the testament to the look that these have been around in production for over 2 decades but still look good.