Our Verdict
The Seagate Backup Plus takes scheduled backup to a fresh level, with features made to secure your digital life, not merely your computer.

Easy integration right into a local computer with backup scheduling, mobile and social media expansion.
Pricing is add up to products from Western Digital when you compare the same-size units. We wish to see Seagate issue a challenge on price, along with features.
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Specifications, Pricing, Warranty & Accessories
The Backup Plus series sits near your personal computer, serving as external storage. With a brick-like design, this model isn’t made for portability. But it possesses extended capacity and also functionality you do not get from smaller devices used to go files in one location to another.

Seagate’s Backup Plus can be an external hard disk drive that connects to your personal computer or Mac over USB 3.0. It’s likely that good which you have a product such as this already. What separates the Backup Plus from its competition, though, may be the bundled software and what it could do.

The Backup Plus works together with Seagate Dashboard, which is loaded on the drive from the factory. With it, you can:

Utilize the Backup function to configure a one-click backup plan or customize a scheduled local backup.
Utilize the Save feature to back up user-generated content from your selected social networks automatically.
Utilize the Share feature to upload multiple files to internet sites from your computer.
Utilize the Backup Plus with PCs and Macs without reformatting (Mac NTFS driver supplied).
The file format isn’t proprietary, in order to retrieve your computer data without special software. There are a few special requirements for Mac products, though. To utilize the Time Machine functions, the Backup Plus must be formatted in HFS+. But if you wish to utilize the Backup Plus across platforms, the drive has to be formatted in NTFS (Windows’ native file system). Seagate does are the Paragon driver for Macs, so its hardware can read NTFS. Time Machine just won’t run for the reason that configuration.

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Seagate supplies the Backup Plus in a number of capacities. We found models offered by 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB and the large 8TB version we’re testing today. From underneath to the very best of Seagate’s range, the physical features are identical. In a nutshell, if you take the program away, the Backup Plus becomes an extremely nice-looking external 3.5-inch hard disk drive.

Pricing & Warranty
Prices range between $100 for the 2TB Seagate Backup Plus to $300 for the 8TB model, if you may be in a position to find it for under that. The Backup Plus 6TB supplies the cost effective when you divide dollars by gigabytes; it currently sells for $200.

The Backup Plus ships with a four-foot USB 3.0 cable and a wall wart-style power plug. In the package, you also get a quick-start guide in paper form.

Loaded on the drive, we found a copy of Seagate’s Dashboard Installer for both Windows and Mac, a folder with links to online documents and a PDF warrantee statement.

A Closer Look

Seagate sells the Backup Plus both online and in shops. Its packaging conveys a whole lot of information regarding the product’s look and features.

You will discover the Backup Plus protected by cardboard rather than dense foam. Its accessories are in another box inside package, therefore the drive won’t suffer surface damage in shipping.

The Backup Plus appears to take design cues from the military’s stealth vehicles. The sides are matte black, as the top is completed in a piano-smooth surface. The stealth theme carries to the angular cooling vents on the sides and bottom, where rubber anti-vibration pads are shaped with odd, angular peaks.

There are just two connection points for cables on the trunk of the enclosure. It certainly will not get any easier. You have USB 3.0 connectivity and a barrel-style power plug right next to it.

We just like the fact that system is made to sit flat for stability. A great many other backup products stand vertically and will tip over when they’re bumped. The Backup Plus includes a confident footing, so that it won’t tip over, damaging the drive.


While there are a variety of bundled software pieces, each of them focus on the Seagate Dashboard.

Dashboard covers most of the backup functions, including restoration. You can back up your complete system, specific folders and even cellular devices. The backups can occur on demand or on a schedule using the Backup Plan option. Cellular devices with Android or iOS os’s may also save files to the Seagate Backup Plus through software obtainable in the App Store and Google Play store.