A high-quality robotic vacuum must do an outstanding job of cleaning hard floors and carpet without much hassle or getting stuck, be simple to schedule, and also have programmable features to customize your cleaning experience.
I love the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum ($649.99) since it has better suction than any robot vac I’ve tested, runs quietly, and has a bunch of extras that produce clearing up cat hair, cereal, and dust a breeze.
Though it’s expensive at $650, Personally, i see the value for the reason that S6 also mops floors, comes with an iphone app with several high-end features, and works together with Amazon Alexa. Each one of these features make cleaning my messy house so easier.
Robotic vacuums attended a long way within the last 2 decades, and there are a good amount of Kafka-esque cleaning beetles that complete the job. But if you wish each of the whistles and bells like smart home connectivity, programmable zone cleaning, mopping, and more, you should be prepared to pay a lot of money.

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Last updated on May 17, 2022 1:07 am

The Roborock S6 ($649.99 on Amazon) is among those top-of-the-line robotic vacuums that’s truly worth the investment. It can a fantastic job at the fundamentals and has impressive suction power while still being quiet, and it includes a ton of bonus features like extra filters, mopping, an app, and Amazon Alexa

The Roborock S6 has a charging dock, extra filters, mop cloths, top-access dustbin, and more
As well as the usual vacuum unit and charging dock, you can also get yourself a mat that connects to the dock and keeps your floor from getting wet, a supplementary filter, extra water filters, adjustable water tank, two reusable mop cloths, disposable mop cloths, a mounting plate for the disposable cloths, and a user manual.

Here are a few more features (predicated on the manufacturer’s information):

2000Pa maximum suction
3 hours run time on quiet mode
Zoned cleaning including selective room cleaning, and virtual no-go zones and barriers
Carpet boost mode
Recharge and resume capability
Climbs over 0.8-inch lips
8 inches in diameter and 3.8 inches tall
Top-access dustbin
One-year warranty
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Setup took about a quarter-hour and the robovac was at 100% battery in a hour
Establishing the vacuum only took me about a quarter-hour.

Just plug it in to the charging dock and position the robot vac over it so that it charges; you’ll hear a notification sound when the vacuum connects to the dock. When you await it to get juiced up, you can download the iphone app and hook up the machine; this is seamless. The software automatically recognized that I had a Roborock product and prompted me to hook up it to the WiFi.These devices was fully charged and all set in a hour.Advertisement

The Roborock S6 works extremely well manually or programmed via app; scheduling the vacuum only requires a few seconds


I don’t own an upright vacuum, so when I (or usually my kids) make chaos, I turn to my cordless handheld or robotic vacuum. With the Roborock S6, I could just press the elongated button along with the machine. Or when I don’t wish to accomplish it manually, I could use the iphone app to direct the vacuum to only clean the precise area where my five-year-old dropped his Corn Flakes. The mapping function requires a few runs before you do zoned cleaning, but after the device gets the layout of your house, you can clean with reduced effort.

When I don’t possess dire cereal emergencies, scheduling the vacuum for a standard cleaning is a cinch. In a couple of seconds, I set the S6 to perform each day at 10:30 am. The only hiccup is finding where you can do that in the software – rather than being listed under “schedule,” which isn’t a choice, you could find it beneath the “timer.”Advertisement

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The Roborock S6 cleaned without getting stuck in my own house around 75% of that time period, and found around 90% of the flour I’d thrown on my carpet as a test
About 75% of that time period, the Roborock S6 finished the work and returned to the charging dock without getting stuck somewhere. In my own messy home with both human and cat toys strewn over hardwood floors and carpet, that’s very good.

It gets the best suction I’ve seen and tested from a robotic vacuum. I put each vacuum I take advantage of through some tests to observe how it well it accumulates all-purpose flour, coffee grounds, and kitty litter on hardwood flooring and low-pile carpeting. The S6 found all of the coffee and litter on both surfaces, sucked up all of the flour off the hardwood, and got an extraordinary 90% of the flour from the carpet. In terms of pet hair, the S6 also does an excellent job. After a cleaning cycle, I’ll find cat hair in the dustbin rather than on to the floor – as it ought to be.Advertisement

I also viewed the hardwood and carpeted corners to observe how close the vacuum will get to them. On both surfaces, the S6 came within 25 % of an inch – that is the best I’ve tested.

The Roborock S6 does all of this while remaining impressively quiet. On its highest suction setting, the S6 registered 70 decibels from 12 inches away, which is approximately the equivalent of hearing the radio softly.

One cool feature that I rarely use but discovered that it works as advertised may be the Alexa voice control. I could tell my light switch to vacuum the living room, and it will let the S6 understand that it’s time for work.Advertisement

Maintaining the S6 itself is effortless – after every cleaning, I simply empty the dustbin (which is along with the machine). And weekly or so, I remove the filter and wash it in hot water. You will want to dry the filter completely before using it again, otherwise dust will get stuck, however the vac posseses an extra filter so you’ll will have a second readily available.

The mopping function is effective, but I only think it is marginally useful since I still have to run the vacuum without the mop first to completely clean up almost all of the dirt. Otherwise, any dirt it misses gets on the cloth and spreads at home. However, I do like this you can change just how much water the mop dispenses which means that your floors do not get flooded. At 13.8 inches in diameter and 3.8 inches tall, the Roborock S6 is bigger than a whole lot of models I’ve tested. This won’t present a problem for me personally, but if you’re buying a vacuum that may get under furniture with a minimal clearance, you should consider another thing.Advertisement

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The Roborock S6 is undeniably expensive at $650, nonetheless it takes seconds to get started on a cleaning session and will be managed via software so there’s minimal effort on your own end


Despite their ubiquity, robotic vacuums remain an extravagance item. They’re all somewhat expensive but don’t necessarily clean much better than traditional canister or upright vacuums. Yet for folks like me who rather are in absolute filth than spend another cleaning, a robotic vacuum can be an essential item. With programmable features, scheduling, and iphone app and voice control, in addition, it makes cleaning easier and almost fun.Advertisement

At $650, the Roborock S6 is for folks who want all the fancy features and also have an excellent chunk of money to invest. Having said that, for what the S6 does, it’s reasonable. There’s only 1 robotic vacuum that I could think of that I love more (that i list out below), nonetheless it costs $300 more.