The Roborock S4 robot vacuum was pitched if you ask me as a refreshed model with an updated design and an all-new app. Considering that Roborock’s models S5 and S6 were two of the better robot vacuums I’ve used, that was bittersweet news. Experience has taught me that an excessive amount of tinkering can just as easily spoil a maturing product as improve it. But my fears became unfounded. Get the best black friday deals and sales on your favorite products.

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Generally, the Roborock’s updated design is nothing dramatic. Both laser turret and the hinge for the very best lid have already been moved nearer to one end of the vacuum, and the energy button has been reshaped and repositioned to the other end. The removable rubber-and-bristle roller brush and silicone-strip side brush which were introduced with the S6 remain present, though, as may be the 0.6-liter dustbin located beneath the lid.

The most glaring change is that the mopping function, an attribute of most prior Roborock vacuums, has been eliminated. Which means you won’t discover a water tank, mopping cloths, or a moisture-proof mat in the box. Roborock says it’s also made tweaks to the LIDAR navigation, therefore the robot vacuum can better maneuver around furniture and other obstacles, and refreshed its drivetrain to prioritize reverse power, allowing the S4 to cool off from obstacles that could trap other robots.

The Roborok S4 has improved navigation and a refreshed drivetrain to raised maneuver around furniture.

A brand-new Roborock software replaces the Mi Home iphone app used to use the brand’s previous robot vacuums, and I was impressed with it immediately. A huge plus sign, marked “put in a device,” appeared the 1st time I logged in; so when I pressed it, it scanned for the S4, which it found instantly, prompting me to get on my Wi-Fi network. That whole process took merely seconds, however the firmware update I had to set up tacked on another 5 minutes.

The 1st time you run the S4, it generates a map of your floor plan (this function should be activated in the iphone app ahead of running the vacuum), and it automatically partitions the map into zones. In my own case, the living room, kitchen, entryway and bathroom comprising my downstairs level were plainly delineated as separate rooms. Following this initial recon vacuuming, the iphone app loads the map every time you take up a cleaning job. After that you can opt to clean the complete floor plan, only specific rooms, or designate zones that you’ve defined in the app. In virtually any of the cases, the S4 plots the most effective path through the region, leading to quicker cleaning times and more bang per battery charge.

It’s hard to tell just how much the LIDAR adjustments Roborock made have improved the bot’s navigation. The S5 and S6 both maneuvered around obstacles and over different floor surfaces perfectly, and the S4 does, too. It cruised seamlessly over carpet, hardwood, and linoleum in my own testing, never getting hung through to the transitions among. Also like its predecessors, however, the S4 was too tall to get under my couch and kitchen cabinets because of its turret, so those areas always required more attention during deeper cleanings with my stand-up vacuum. The S4 didn’t get stuck often, but on the rare occasions it did, I was alerted to the precise problem by the vacuum’s voice system and a notification in the app.

The Roborock S4 has four cleaning modes with increasingly high suction.

The S4 has four cleaning modes with increasingly high suction: Silent, Standard, Medium, and Turbo. Standard appeared to provide best balance of power and battery efficiency, nevertheless, you can transform modes in the iphone app as the vacuum is cleaning.

The app
The Roborock application could be better referred to as “rebranded,” instead of “completely new,” for the reason that layout and functionality look practically identical to the Mi Home iphone app the company’s robot vacuum’s used previously. The ground map displays in the heart of the screen. Real-time data on how big is the region cleaned, battery level, and cleaning duration run above the map; and buttons for starting/pausing cleaning jobs, and sending the S4 back again to its dock are below that.

Just like the Mi Home app, you can modify the map from an edit button that provides you options for setting virtual boundaries, editing zones-areas you designate with bounding boxes on the map-and restoring to a previous map. The spinning-brush icon that opens a menu of the vacuum’s cleaning modes has been brought over from the Mi Home software as well.

Michael Ansaldo/IDG
The Roborock application permits you to customize maps of your floor arrange for better cleanings.

Further controls are found in the settings menu. Many of these are of the set-it-and-forget-it variety-language and volume settings for the voice prompt, a scheduling timer, a do-not-disturb option-but there are always a couple you’ll access more often. One is a “head to” feature that enables you to deploy the S4 to a specific spot by dropping a pin on the map and activating spot cleaning mode once it arrives there. Another is an in depth cleaning history that logs information on every job individually and in aggregate. Finally, you can examine the status of the S4’s brushes, filter, and sensors to observe how long each has until it should be cleaned or replaced.

The S4 appears as an incremental update, with improvements evident in the entire user experience, however, not necessarily noticeable on a feature-by-feature basis. That’s a very important thing. Despite the fact that the mopping function was bettering by the S6, it had been never the Roborock’s best feature and I didn’t miss it here. If anything, its omission strengthened an already formidable robot vacuum and makes the S4 exquisite for anyone looking for advanced functionality at a realistic price.

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Eliminating some features and bettering others, Roborock has strengthened and already impressive robot vacuum.

Customizable floor plan maps
Four cleaning modes
Excellent navigation
Currently no smart home integration
Too t

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  • Roborock VibraWash S4 takes that challenge head-on, combining Roborock’s advanced mapping and Lidar Vision navigation with a revamped drivetrain that provides the power to free itself from obstacles.
  • Comprehensive Roborock app control, including map saving, selective cleaning, no-go zones, and power setting, give you total control of S4 no matter where you are.
  • Intense 2000pa Suction, enough to lift AA batteries, easily picks dust off floors and can even drag trapped dirt from deep inside low-pile carpets.
  • Supersized 5200mAh LiPo battery, good for over 150 minutes of non-stop cleaning, is more than enough to clean most homes in one session.
  • An elegant transparent design adds a touch of style, and also makes checking the dustbin easier. A glance through the shell is all you need to do.

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  • Powerful 2000Pa Suction with Automatic Carpet Boost: Strong suction easily lifts dust from floors, automatic carpet boost switches to full power on carpets for deeper cleaning.
  • Convenient Selective Room Cleaning: Choose which rooms to be clean, and schedule cleaning for specific rooms to fit your needs and preferences.
  • Long-Range 180ml Adjustable Water Tank: Suitable for mopping homes up to 1610sqft, adjustable for different floor types.

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  • Effective Cleaning: 10% faster movement, intelligent navigation, and a Z-shape route clean your floors quickly and efficiently.
  • Thorough cleaning: An 11% increase in suction to 2000Pa and automatic Carpet Boost provides the power you need to pull dust and hairs lodged in carpets.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: A 100% battery boost to 5200mAh means enough energy to clean up to 2152sqft
  • Large Dustbin: A 640ml dustbin stores more debris, meaning it can be emptied less often.

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  • A specially designed multi-textured brush is hard enough to capture grime yet soft enough to prevent scratches.
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  • Anti-tangle designs draw long hair to either side where it can be easily removed.
  • The floating mechanism keeps the brush close to clean hard floors and lifts it on carpets for better agitation.
  • 1 brush and 1 cleaning tool included.

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  • CORNER-CLEANING ‘D’ DESIGN -- Round robots can’t reach corners, and corners are where the worst dirt hides. Our industry-leading design gets you a complete floor clean
  • LASER SMART MAPPING -- D6 technology intelligently navigates and maps your home, cleaning in straight lines instead of a random pattern -- so you never miss a spot
  • MASTERFUL ON MULTIPLE SURFACES -- Neato D6 conquers any surface, from carpet, to hardwood, to kitchen tile.
  • INTUITIVE OPERATION AND INTERFACE - Neato is simple to use. Our focus has always been on out-of-the-box, one-button, perfect cleaning.
  • CLEAR WINNER IN PET HAIR - Capture more pet hair, dirt, and allergens with an improved core brush, side brush, and ultra performance filter

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  • Coated with Teflon, this filter provides long-lasting filtration when cleaned appropriately.
  • E11 rated filter captures dander, mold, and more. 3-6 month recommended replacement.
  • Effective air-tight sealing minimizes loss of air pressure and maintains powerful suction.
  • Presence detection prevents accidental damage from use without a filter.
  • Snaps in and out easily

Robot Vacuum, Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation 2700Pa Auto-Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner Compatible with Alexa/App, Ideal for Pet Hair & Dust, Carpets & Hard Floors

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  • "AI" LASER NAVIGATION TECHNOLOGY: With its high quality lasers, S6 can detect obstacles accurately and record all areas to create a map of the room, clean it by plan to avoid leaving uncleaned areas.
  • 2700PA SUPER SUCTION: S6 can be adjusted between normal power, max power and boost power! A strong cleaning of about 100mins is performed in normal mode.
  • VOICE & APP CONTROL: WIFI connected robot vacuum cleaner works great with Alexa/Google Home which is easy to start, also use our App which achieve customized cleaning plan that fits your home.
  • AUTO-CHARGING: S6 will automatically return to the charging base after cleaning completed or the power supply is insufficient , to ensure it’s always charged and ready to clean.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION S6: S6 robotic vacuum cleaner uses 3.95 inches ultra-thin & S-shaped high efficient cleaning design, no dust can escape. With the update of OTA service, S6 can save the maps, scheduling, custom cleaning, remote control, 3 suction levels, spot cleaning, etc. All these are done through the "free APP" are done through the "free APP"