Pros: very close shaves because of this price category, comfortable generally, inexpensive, can be utilised while charging, good construction in comparison to other Remington shavers, sharp and efficient popup trimmer, simple to clean, economical foils and blades

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as of June 25, 2022 3:56 pm
Last updated on June 25, 2022 3:56 pm

Cons: construction still behind other manufacturers, slippery materials, very basic LED notifications, loud and rattly during use, lacks refinement, takes a pre-shave to get the very best results, not well suited for wet/dry use, no travel pouch

Our Rating:

(4 out of 5 stars overall)




A pioneer in electric shaver manufacturing, Remington has struggled recently to create competitive products that could give Panasonic, Braun and Philips Norelco a run because of their money.

I’ve tested several during the past years and almost every one of them have failed to give a decent shaving experience.

Moreover, there have been always alternatives from your competition that performed substantially better and oftentimes for less overall.

Therefore, I had suprisingly low expectations from the Remington PF7500 Comfort Series Pro, a shaver that promised a whole lot (in typical Remington fashion).

To discover how good it shaves, we subjected it to your usual thorough testing for an interval of three weeks.

I gathered everything worth knowing in this comprehensive Remington PF7500 review that documents both good and the bad parts relating to this shaver.

Let’s get started!

Features overview
The PF7500 is a simple, entry-level foil shaver suited to dry only use.

This time around Remington went with a typical setup of the shaving head rather than the oddly designed XF8700 that performed sub-par inside our tests.

As a result, we’ve two outer foils that slice the stubble near to your skin, as the middle trimmer catches and cuts longer, flat-lying hairs right down to size.

Remington PF7500 Comfort Series Pro shaving head

The three cutting factors can move independently and the complete shaving head can pivot.

There’s no switch to lock the top in a set position like we get with almost every other shavers.

The PF7500 comes with a Li-Ion battery, nonetheless it can be used while it’s charging.

Other noteworthy features add a 5-minute quick charge, charging/low battery LED, pop-up trimmer, charging stand.

Included accessories
The retail box looks quite nice and all of the goodies are neatly packed inside.

You won’t experience any wrap rage as Remington didn’t use any heat-sealed plastic blisters with this razor.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Remington PF7500 Comfort Series Pro shaver
Charging cord
Charging stand
Protective plastic cap
Cleaning brush
User’s manual
Unfortunately there’s no travel case or pouch.

Construction and ergonomics
Upon unboxing this PF7500 I possibly could already notice that this is a definite improvement over previous Remington shavers with regards to build quality.

The materials used for the charging stand, protective cap and for the shaver itself definitely looked and felt better. The cheap, flimsy plastics were mostly gone.

The shaver is totally crafted from plastic and features two treatments: a satin, matte finish plus some glossy black around the charging port and on the trunk.

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The colour scheme is black with a pearly grayish blue.

It’s not the most exciting shaver to check out, but it’s not bad at all either. I also that can compare with the pronounced curvature of the shaver when viewed from the medial side.

You may still find some uneven gaps and sharp edges, but they’re much less bad much like the XR1340 for instance.

The matte black plastic on the shaving head looks cheap compared to the kinds from the more premium brands.

The worst thing is in my own thoughts and opinions the scarce usage of grippy materials. There is merely one area on leading where your thumb rests that has a textured rubber-like insert.

The trunk of the shavers includes a popup trimmer. There are no rubber inserts for extra grip.

All of those other shaver includes a smooth and silky finish and it’s therefore very slippery. Actually, I dropped it once or twice when handling it. Luckily I wasn’t shaving and the shaver fell on my desk from a brief distance.

Nonetheless it definitely made me cautious with this problem.

The shaver also offers a bulky body with substantial girth; this isn’t normally a problem, however when in conjunction with a slippery surface it really doesn’t help.

The ON/OFF switch is another potential problem.

The implementation helps it be susceptible to breaking with use: you will find a hard plastic switch included in a bit of rubber. And that little bit of rubber is quite thin and I could evidently feel the hard plastic button through it.

I’ve seen this sort of damage happening much too often when the switch will poke through the rubber cover.

There’s no travel lock either but also for this price, I can’t really complain about any of it. There are other expensive shavers that don’t have one just like the Braun Series 7.

The protective plastic cap can be an improvement over the prior ones, it looks better and is manufactured out of an increased quality plastic.

I also like how it enables you to store the shaver within an upright position and the cap also offers slots for the water to drain after an intensive cleaning.

Overall, the construction and ergonomics are intensify from previous Remington models, but flunk compared to other foil razors in this cost range from Panasonic or Braun.

Battery life and charging
There are several good parts but also several bad types about the battery and charging of the PF7500.

To begin with, the battery life appears to be very good; when fully charged, it will provide enough power for 50 minutes useful.

You may charge the shaver via the included stand or just by plugging the cord straight into the shaver.

The PF7500 can be utilised when charging aswell since it’s not really a wet/dry shaver. There’s a 5-minute quick charge feature which allows you to truly have a 3-minute shaving session.

Charging the PF7500 directly with the cord.

For the negatives, the charging takes two hours. That’s doubly long because so many modern electric razors require for a complete charge.

The LED notification light can be as basic since it gets. There’s only 1 lamp that glows consistently when charging and turns off after the charging is complete.

It will signal a minimal battery by blinking. This isn’t the very best solution as it could take you by surprise.

For instance, the Remington XF8700 displayed the rest of the battery in minutes, a far greater implementation in comparison to this.

But I guess we are able to let almost all of these shortcomings slide because the PF7500 can be utilised while charging from the mains.

Shaving performance
Let’s now talk business – the shaving performance.

I’ve used the same methodology for testing the Remington PF7500 as on all my other reviews: I used the razor daily and on almost every other day.

I also skipped shaving totally on weekends merely to observe how it fares with a two days beard on a hectic Monday.

Being truly a dry only shaver, I used the razor with and with out a pre-shave. Simply for the record, I went with Williams Lectric Shave because of this review.

Just how does the PF7500 shave?

Surprisingly well in all honesty. Actually, I was expecting another major flop from Remington given my last tests, nonetheless it surely wasn’t one.

Let’s focus on the closeness, that was among the best I acquired from a dry shave with any razor in this price category.

In fact, I’d say that the PF7500 shaves closer when compared to a Braun Series 3 or a Norelco 4100. I’d definitely get yourself a five o’clock shadow faster when shaving with some of those.