Kids love motor cycles, there’s no question about this. But sometimes that love can change to hate when you get a substandard bike that doesn’t ride well, goes too slow, and breaks easily. And as a parent, you’ll hate a bike a whole lot if they’re expensive. And that’s why you should consider the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket.

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Top features of the Razor MX500
Just what exactly do you get with the MX500? Listed below are the specs and features you may expect:

It weighs 98 pounds, and its own dimensions are 56″ x 24.5″ x 36″.
It includes three 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries. The battery charger is roofed. It takes no more than 12 hours to recharge, which gives 40 minutes (or 10 miles) of continuous use. The batteries can last for a couple of years (250 recharge cycles).
The steel construction, traditional dirt bike frame geometry includes large pneumatic tires (16 inches in the front, 14 inches at the trunk).
The chain-driven 500W electric motor includes high torque and variable speeds as high as 15 mph. Nonetheless it is very quiet aswell.
The speed is manipulated by twist-grip acceleration and hand-operated dual disc brakes.
It includes dual suspension for a good comfy ride.
There’s a couple of riser handlebars and also a retractable kickstand.
It is suggested for 14 year old riders, and it includes a rider weight limit of 175 pounds.
Comments and Opinions
First of all, that is an intermediate bike only with regards to size. This implies that if your kid is a bike beginner, then that is exquisite for them if they’re big enough. It’s an intermediate bike only in the sense that it’s an upgrade over small MX350. If they’re shifting from the MX350, then your improvements are considerable.

It’s bigger, and with the higher weight limit it could accommodate older kids. But again, you’re not accurately necessary to follow the 14 years+ recommendation. The manual actually says that you ought to see only that your kid is mature, strong, and able enough to take care of the Razor dirt bike MX500.

If your kid starts riding this at 14, then they’ll only have the ability to make make use of it for a 12 months before they hanker for something bigger (just like the MX650). And that’s why some customers remark that it’s okay for even 10-year olds and even tall 9-year old kids.

The manual also says that it’s designed for use on flat level ground without the debris. That simply ensures that this wording might have been insisted on by lawyers, because the rest about the MX500 Razor says “offroad”. The large knobby tires, the higher power, the real dirt bike frame geometry, and the suspension all say you could really utilize this on dirt roads. Even the name Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket enables you to feel that you’re not limited by smooth roads.

However, it’s not just a good idea to utilize this on muddy roads. The wet may damage the electric motor, and besides, having a 98-pound bike drop on a kid’s leg may present problems. However in general, most dry dirt roads where you could pedal a bike comfortably may also be sufficient for the Razor Dirt Rocket MX500.

The assembly doesn’t take all that much. The majority of it really is already preassembled anyway. You merely have to attach the handlebars, leading fender, and the quantity plate. Afterward you attach leading wheel. If you’re lucky, it’ll be pre-charged, but you may need to recharge the batteries overnight for12 hours first.

Advantages and disadvantages of the MX500 Dirt Rocket
There are a great number of good stuff to be said about the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket electric motocross bike. For your children, perhaps the main consideration is that beauty is fun to operate a vehicle. There’s no denying this fact, and you won’t ever need to worry that they won’t enjoy it. Enthusiasts and everyday riders will clamor to ride the Razor dirt bike MX500 each day.

As a parent, you can be consoled by the actual fact that it’s very reasonable, when comparing it with just how much other similar motor cycles cost. And it’s much cheaper when compared to a gasoline-powered bike. It’s also quite safe since it doesn’t really go all that fast. And the bonus is that if you’re the proper size and weight, you can ride it yourself once in a while.

It’s very simple to assemble, and the manual is pretty clear and unambiguous about how precisely to accomplish it. The construction can be robust, in order long as it’s well-maintained then this baby could be ridden for years.

Of course, it’s not perfect. While an individual kid may be quite happy with 40 minutes of riding, in case you have multiple kid and they need to share then you’ll are having issues. The quick solution to the problem, however, is fairly obvious: buy a different one!

However when something goes wrong because you neglect the maintenance, you’ll then have to handle the 90 day warranty. The replacement parts may well not be quite as affordable aswell.

There’s one justification why the Razor MX500 has amassed 144 five-star reviews – this bike is actually fun. The reviews certainly are a virtual thesaurus with plenty of synonyms for the term “great”. Words like “perfect” and excellent” in reviews are normal.

So in the event you get one? If your children remain young, then that is an excellent prep bike before they graduate to genuine. They’ll enjoy it a whole lot and they’ll learn a lot of things about handling motor cycles, while you don’t need to worry about excessive speeds and difficult handling. A whole lot of parents have remarked that even 9-year old kids haven’t any problems using this bike.

One final note, though. It’s wii idea to neglect maintenance, and nor when your kids bang the MX500 Razor to the bottom a lot. Although it are designed for gentle offroad conditions, it’s still wii idea to abuse it. You could have to displace the fuse when the motor overheats as the rider is overweight or the incline is too steep.

Still, this is a great ride, so when toys and kids are worried this is the number 1 consideration. At least you understand you’re getting the money’s worth with the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket electric motocross bike.