Will the Razor E100 Be considered a Good Fit FOR YOU PERSONALLY?
As a Parents’ Choice Award winner, the Razor E100 electric scooter is ideal for anyone who is buying kids electric scooter. It’s been made for ages 8 or more, and has been constructed with a kid-sized deck and frame.

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as of May 16, 2022 11:46 pm
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The Razor E100 is a superb option for beginners that contain not used a power scooter before. It really is incredible simple to use, safe to ride and can give your son or daughter endless hours of fun.

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Does the Razor E100 Look Good?
As you’ll expect from a power scooter that is created for kids, it really is visually appealing and bright in color.

Actually, the E100 comes in a variety of colours including; black, blue, red, purple and sweet pea (pink), meaning you’ll have the ability to find an ideal color for your baby, whether they certainly are a boy or girl.

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How Fast Can the Razor E100 Go?
The Razor E100 includes a top speed of 10 mph.

10 mph is normally on the slower side of the speed scale. Some electric scooters can are as long as 18 mph. However, taking into consideration the E100 is a kids electric scooter, a slower speed is preferable (based on age).

The very best speed of 10 mph will let your son or daughter have a great time, safely gliding around the block, but also offer you reassurance that they can’t go too fast.

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Mileage and Battery Performance
How Long IS IT POSSIBLE TO Ride the Razor E100 For?
The Razor E100 includes a continuous run time of 40 mins. In the event that you do this math, that compatible about 5-7 miles.

That is, from experience, plenty of to gratify and entertain your kid before they get bored and play with a different one of their toys!

Also, this environmentally-friendly electric scooter is powered by a brilliant quiet 100W chain driven motor which is applauded by your neighbors.

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Weight and DUMBBELLS
JUST HOW MUCH Does It Weigh and JUST HOW MUCH Can It Support?
Because of its kids-sized frame and deck, the Razor E100 is probably the lightest electric scooters in the Razor range. Altogether, it weighs 29 lbs.

Again, for the reason that E100 has been suitable for kids between 8 and 12 years, it could support riders up to 120 lbs.

If come to mind that the weight limit of 120 lbs isn’t enough, but you just like the Razor brand i quickly would recommend the Razor E300 (it could support up to 220 lbs).

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Foldability and Portability
COULD IT BE Easy to Fold and Carry?
Above I mentioned that the Razor E100 is probably the lightest electric scooters in the Razor range, weighing 29 lbs.

Knowing that, the Razor E100 is straightforward enough to transport around. However, it generally does not have a folding mechanism. You can dismantle the handlebars from the scooter to create it smaller if you want to store the scooter in a trunk or want to save lots of space in your own home, which is fantastic, but this will demand an allen wrench.

From experience, kids don’t have to have a scooter they can fold and carry. Having a scooter that’s light, could be easily folded and carried is more of a requirement of adult electric scooters, specifically for commuters.

Given that kids can have a great time riding the electric scooter across the neighborhood, the necessity to manage to fold and make it becomes redundant.

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Features and Durability
What Features Is there and could it be Durable?
Apart from the top speed of 10 mph, run time of 40 minutes and selection of color options, the Razor E100 also offers:

An simple to use twist grip throttle
8 inch tires to make sure a smooth riding experience
Hand operated brake on the handlebar for safety
Parent’s Choice Award winner
Because of its robust design, the Razor E100 has been created to withstand the deterioration that could expect on a kids electric scooter. Razor are popular because of their quality products and from my own experience, I’d agree.

If you want a power scooter that will last for years then you can’t fail with the Razor E100.

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The Razor E100 has been built with a hand operated brake on the handlebars that can be easily pulled to bring the scooter to a safe stop.

This may seem to be like something that you’ll automatically expect a power scooter to have but, from my experience, some scooters already have a rear brake behind the scooter deck you need to press together with your foot to activate, appears crazy, right?

One thing that few persons find out about the Razor E100 is that the scooter has been made to cut capacity to the motor when the hand brake is applied.

Overall, you be can confident that your kid will be safe while riding the E100.

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Does the Razor E100 Require Assembly?
I mentioned assembly earlier in the review but to recap, yes it can.

I could hear you saying ‘Assembly? I didn’t think I’d need to assembly it’.

Well, don’t get too overly enthusiastic.

You’ll be glad to learn that it’s nothing like putting together a bit of IKEA flat pack furniture. Instead, all you have to to accomplish is slide the handlebars in to the front post above leading wheel, and tighten the collar clamp with an allen wrench.

For anybody who has just read that and thought – ‘I do not know everything you just said’ – believe me, it is extremely simple to do (you can follow Razor’s inst