In the event you were wondering why everyone ignores the kids in terms of electric scooters, well, reconsider. There are companies offering such fun contraptions not merely to adults, but to kids aswell. One particular company is Razor and among its most successful electric scooters is named E100. Now, understand that the E100 is perfect for children aged eight and above. Knowing that, its top speed is bound to 10 mph for clear reasons, but it will come in a variety of lively colors, which is good to see, due to the fact most e-scooters nowadays – the adult-focused ones, that’s – display the same matte black coating. We also believe it is the perfect introduction a youngster can get in to the world of electric scooters before shifting to a thing that packs more performance.

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Razor E100 Design
The Razor E100 won’t perhaps you have head over heels with just how it looks, but come to think about it, all it provides is a well balanced and safe platform that your kid would enjoy. Now, it can come in a small number of lively colors, as we pointed above, with a few of them being yellow, blue, and even pink. The handlebar is pretty basic, with the hand-operated brake occupying the left bar and the twist-grip throttle being added to the right-side bar.

Obviously, the e-scooter’s frame was made with kids in mind, therefore you get yourself a handlebar height of 22 inches (that’s almost 56 centimeters) and a deck size of 21 inches by seven inches, which changed into centimeters is 53 by almost 18.

Finally, the kid-friendly construction involves the utilization of steel (for both frame and fork), as well as a retractable kickstand.

Razor E100 Comfort and Practicality
Although the Razor E100 e-scooter comes fitted with a front wheel that’s filled up with air, that’s virtually all of the rider gets with regards to comfort. There are no suspensions and the trunk tire is constructed of urethane, this means it’s solid. Of course, the purchase price range being so low, it’s impossible to require more regarding fancy wheels or suspension, but considering that your kid will mostly ride the E100 around the park (where asphalt is theoretically smoother than elsewhere), the E100 can do without them.

The Razor E100, however, offers a safety feature that will require the rider to push and kick the scooter before getting any kind of power from the electric motor.

So after the scooter has reached some speed (that’s 3 mph, incidentally), the rider can operate the throttle and revel in the energy of electricity. Otherwise, the e-motor won’t engage. Oh, and the battery power could be removed and swapped for a fresh one, but it’s best that you let a grown-up do that rather than a kid. You understand, safety reasons and all that. No, the Razor E100 isn’t foldable, so you’ll need to discover a way to safely store it.

Razor E100 Performance
Razor says that initial charge time, this is the first charge once you unbox the E100, takes 12 hours.

Moreover, a standard charge (or recharge) may also take 12 hours. The E100 runs on the 24V battery power that combines two 12V batteries located under the deck. This setup, says the maker, allows for a continuing riding time of 40 minutes, that ought to become more or less the same as, let’s say, 6 or 7 miles for the most part. The battery feeds a 100W electric motor which is underpowered by all adult e-scooter standards, but because the manufacturer designed the E100 with a high speed of just 10 mph (16 km/h), the low output is the strategy to use here.