Types of Range Hoods
There are several variations of range hoods to choose from.

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Last updated on May 22, 2022 6:44 pm

Undercabinet Hoods
These attach to the lower of the cabinet above your range and may be called wall-mount if indeed they mount to the wall rather than the cabinets. Undercabinet hoods can be found in many styles and strengths, and may be ducted or nonducted.

Wall-Mount Hoods
These hoods are similar to look at to undercabinet hoods, except that they mount to the wall rather than the cabinets above.

Chimney Hoods
Chimney hoods can mount to the wall above your range or on the ceiling above an island but have a flue that rises the wall to the ceiling. In case you have cabinets above the number, you’ll need to take them off for this sort of hood to match and function properly.

Island Hoods
Island hoods hang from the ceiling over an island and so are the easiest method to ventilate if you have an island cooktop. Many styles can be found such as for example glass canopies, curved metal and traditionally styled hoods.

Downdraft Hoods
These hoods are hidden in the cooktop and pop-up when used to pull the steam and smoke horizontally over the range. They’re a favorite choice for islands given that they do not require traditional installation that may block lines of vision.

Range Hood Inserts
Battery power or inserts are hoods that are hidden. They’re included in the cabinetry above the cooktop for a custom method of venting. There are lots of options, so consult with a professional to determine which one works best together with your cabinets.

Pro Hoods
Pro hoods appear to be undercabinet hoods but are larger, more professional-looking and also have more power when compared to a typical undercabinet model. They are great for folks who cook a whole lot and choose the look of a bigger hood. They are often ducted or nonducted and can be found in many different styles to aid the exhaust choice.

Custom Range Hoods
Personalize your lifestyle and experience with custom range hoods. From finish and color to performance, you can outfit your kitchen with an ideal hood for your cooktop or range.

Over-the-Range Microwaves
An over-the-range microwave is a kitchen space saver that’s typically found in place of or together with a normal hood fan. When working with instead of a hood, for best ventilation results, duct to the exterior instead of getting the air recirculate. Understand how to Replace an Over-the-Range Microwave Oven.

Range Hood Sound Levels
The sound a range hood makes is measured in sones. One sone is roughly add up to the sound of a refrigerator running. Normal conversations happen at about 4 sones and light traffic rates up to around 8. Use sones to compare units, but remember that the higher the number hood’s CFM, the bigger its sone rating may very well be. The very best range hoods for all-purpose use will be the quietest at normal operating levels.
Other Range Hood Features
Automatic shutoff could be preset to shut the fan off after a particular time.
Change filter indicator lights alert the necessity for cleaning or changing the filter.
Heat Sentry™ or a heat sensor will automatically adapt the blower to high speed when the number hood detects excessive heat.
Lighting is included generally in most hoods, with options that include incandescent, fluorescent, halogen or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Your range hood may have someone to four lights to illuminate your kitchen area. Hoods with a low-light-level setting are of help for nighttime operation.
Wi-Fi capability permits you to access and control the machine from your own smart device.
ENERGY STAR® certified range hoods can be purchased in several hood styles.