Whether you’re a complete newbie to the overall game of pool or a practiced pool shark, an excellent pool table could possibly be in your own future. Although most pool tables used to be pretty identical, that’s no more the case. There are a wide variety of options and features in terms of pool tables nowadays that it could be overwhelming to know which to choose.

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We’ve created this helpful buying guide with professional advice and reviews to assist you make that choice. Have a look at our top pick, the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5-Foot Pool Table. It’s a modern-looking table for classic billiards fun.

Considerations whenever choosing pool tables


Pool tables could be from three feet miss miniature models to nine feet miss full-sized tables. Everything you choose is determined by both your available space as well as your gameplay needs. Think about how precisely you intend to play, together with with whom, and you ought to be able to choose the best size to your requirements.


Stability is vital when deciding on a pool table. Although lightweight tables tend to be lightweight, they can be quite stable. Permanent tables can be rather unstable if not well-designed and built. When looking for stability in a pool table, almost all of your attention ought to be fond of the legs and any points of connection between them and the frame. An unstable pool table can bring about some very frustrating results, so research your facts.

Level surface

An even pool table surface is really as important as a well balanced one. Try to discover a table which has adjustable feet, as this can make maintaining your table level a more manageable endeavor.

Playing surface

Plywood is employed as the subsurface for most economical pool tables, and it’s really then covered with nylon cloth. While these tables are cost-effective, the plywood can certainly warp if it gets damp or wet.

MDF is medium-density fiberboard. This produces a solid and trustworthy playing surface.

Slate is vastly much better than any other surface. It’s nearly impervious to temperature and moisture changes, and it’s really extremely heavy. Due to this, slate is the priciest material as well. If you wish to get the finest quality pool table available, search for one with a slate playing surface.

Synthetics can be utilised rather than MDF. These have a tendency to be in an identical price range, however, not has top quality as actual MDF.

Felt is created with the addition of wool to the nylon or polyester of a table covering. Felt offers reduced static and lets the ball roll in a smoother fashion. Felt is best surface topper for just about any pool table.


Lower-quality pool tables usually include thin rubber bumper strips, while higher-quality tables employ fully contoured cushions that are molded aside of the table itself.


Most pockets are manufactured from nylon mesh or textile and leather. Some pool tables add a ball return, though it isn’t really essential for home play. Pockets could be simple or extremely ornate and decorative in design.


Larger pool tables offer more style options than smaller tables. You will discover pool table styles to match virtually any décor style. Don’t assume you must get yourself a standard brown table with green felt if you wish something with a bit more pizazz.


Ball return

Some pool tables add a bar-style ball return. While most of the people don’t wish for this feature, it’s rather a convenient way to retrieve balls in a rush.


Some pool tables include cues contained in the price. While these might not exactly necessarily be the best quality cues you can purchase, it’s a good added feature unless you want to spend extra cash on cues.


Most pool tables cost between $60 and $2,000. Premium tables can cost just as much as $5,000. $60 pool tables are economical tabletop versions. For $500, you have to be able to get yourself a classic table with a synthetic playing surface. If you spend $2,000, be prepared to buy a sizable eight- or nine-foot table with a slate playing surface.


Q. How do I care for my pool table’s cloth surface?

A. Because felt attracts dust and chalk, you should cover it you should definitely in use. Ensure you only chalk your cue from the table, rather than place consumables on the edge or surface of the table. Taking these precautions should keep your felt looking new for a long time.

Q. What’s the regulation size for a typical pool table?

A. U.S. regulation pool tables can simply be doubly long because they are wide, no matter dimensions. However, U.K. tables have a variety of regulation dimensions and proportions. IN THE US, official pro tournament tables usually are nine feet long by four . 5 feet wide.