There’s nothing new about the pogo stick. Actually, they’ve been with us for over a century. In 1891, George H. Herrington patented the first pogo stick for ‘leaping great distances and heights. And, they’ve been part of our culture since. Of course, they’ve been an enemy of the nervous parents. A metal stick to springs attached is always likely to be considered a breeding ground for injuries. Thankfully, they’ve turn into a lot safer given that they were first invented. The frames and springs are better quality, there’s rubber on the pegs to prevent your feet falling off, and they’re covered in plastic and foam. In the following paragraphs, we’ve found the very best pogo sticks and even created a Buying Guide and FAQ sections to answer any pogo-related questions you may have.

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Our most suitable choice in this pogo stick review is this Flybar Kids Safe Pogo Stick. Here’s a great device for each and every kid from three years and up. Flybar realizes that the building blocks of your kid’s riding experience is significant if they’re ever likely to enjoy riding because they grow. As such, this stick has been carefully made to give your kids an excellent first taste of pogoing the correct way.

Flybar in addition has applied a high-quality foam on the comfortable handle which offers a company grip throughout their pogoing experience. Each jump makes a great squeaky sound to delight your children and keeps them engaged. What’s more, the hops usually do not scratch the floor as a result of high-density foam covering it. As such, it really is well suited for use both indoors and outdoors. Overall, it really is designed to increase the balance of your children and increase their motor skills while engaging them in a fun-filled and healthy activity. For more pleasurable options like this, have a look at our guide to the very best horseshoe sets.

Key Features:

Features soft and comfortable hand grips

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Engages kids active and healthy

Improves balance


Weight13.6 ounces
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The Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick is somewhat more heavy-duty. It’s nearly an expert pogo stick, but it’s definitely much more serious compared to the last one. It’s made for children aged nine and above, and it could handle a weight of 60 to 180 lbs. Rather than the classic one pole, that one has two metal bars and a spring-loaded bar in the centre. That means it is sturdier and enables you to bounce higher than a typical pogo stick.

Privately, there are two non-slip foot pegs. They are covered in grippy rubber and so are specifically made to stop your feet from slipping off. Plus, if indeed they get worn down, they’re completely replaceable. Other safety features include foam-covered handles and frame. In the event that you fall off and accidentally bash your legs against the frame, you’re likely to be really thankful because of this feature. The only problem we’ve found with this pogo stick is that it requires a lttle bit of breaking in. That’s probably because it’s suitable for both kids and adults. So, if you’re buying it for someone towards the low end of the weight range, we’d keep this at heart. Our convenient guide to the very best electric dirt bikes for kids features more great products such as this.

Key Features:

Features non-slip footpegs

Includes a full stance bounce tip

Highly durable and long last lasting

Replaceable hand grips


Weight7.8 pounds
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This expertly designed pogo stick can be an innovation in traditional bouncing. Combining traditional methods with modern tools allows both causal jumpers and aspiring Xpogo athletes to execute tricks and achieve higher bounces easily. The reduced friction spring technology found in creating this pogo stick permits users to attain new heights with incredible precision on the landing, and the hydro-formed steel shell, industrial-strength steel springs, and welded precious stone footplate ensures NSG Pogo Stick will stand the test of time. Although pogo sticks may have once been considered a pastime for children, this model has been designed especially for users aged 9+ to boost fitness and raise your heart rate in order to enjoy an strong yet low-impact workout that’s plenty of fun. The height of the pogo stick reaches 42 inches and weighs just 6lbs. This weight means the pogo stick is light enough for effortless use and easy transportation, yet is heavy enough that will help you “stick” your landings and keep maintaining balance while jumping. What’s more, the co-molded rubber grips are especially made to be as grippy and comfortable as possible, and that means you stay static in control with every jump.

Key Features:

Industrial strength springs incorporate a higher bounce and gentle landing

Hydro-formed steel shell offers a durable pogo stick which will stand the test of time

Co-moulded rubber grips on the handles keep you secure and comfortable

Welded precious stone footplates offer additional stability and control

Pogo stick made for ages 9+ measures 42” tall, and will withstand a maximum weight of 180lbs


Weight6 Pounds
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Flybar’s Super Pogo 2 is among the brand’s best-selling pogo sticks for everyday jumpers and aspiring extreme Xpogo-ers. The model has been suitable for older users aged 14+ and may withstand a maximum weight as high as 200lbs to allow one to benefit from the feeling of weightlessness that may only be familiar with the very best pogo sticks. The pogo stick’s body is manufactured with “aircraft grade 6160” aluminum and is packed with vertical reinforcing chambers to supply something that’s incredibly durable and sensible to provide you with the stability and control it is advisable to achieve an ideal bounce. The large footpegs and handlebars are reinforced with a rubber grip to assist you maintain stability when you exercise, and the handlebars may also rotate to create your jumping experience as comfortable and secure as possible. The heavy-duty springs can accommodate nearly every skill level, with a lot of security for everyday bouncers, yet plenty of spring to permit aspiring Xpogo athletes the opportunity to practice their extreme jumps and tricks.

Key Features:

Created for users aged 14+, maximum weight capacity up to 200lbs

Created from “aircraft grade 6160” aluminum with a heavy-duty metal frame and vertical reinforcing chambers

Adjustable handlebars are coated with rubber hand grips

Large pedal-width footpegs are made for stability and control while jumping

Heavy-duty springs can handle withstanding extreme jumping and tricks


Weight16.75 Pounds
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The very best pogo stick in this list may be the Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper. When you consider the pictures and the purchase price, it might seem this choice is surprising. But we think this pogo stick is amazing, and associated with simple. Kids love pogo sticks. It doesn’t matter what age they are, there’s something about jumping along that kids can’t get enough of. The only problem is, real pogo sticks could be a lttle bit dangerous for small children. Enter the Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper. It’s made to be completely safe for kids aged three and above.

Rather than the traditional spring-loaded system, it includes a cushioned foam base. Which means you get each of the same fun but without the chance. It’s not likely to send you as far in to the air, but it’s still lots of fun. Plus, the bottom makes squeaky noises, which is always fun.

Other activities we like are the bright color scheme and the soft parts – there’s nothing onto it that’s likely to damaged you, your home, or your kids. If you’re buying a fun and safe pogo stick for kids, that is perfect. Be sure you also check our guide to the very best balance bikes.

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Key Features:

Ages 3+

Weight limit – 250 lbs

Soft foam base

Squeaking noises

Bright color scheme

Soft handles


Weight1.01 pounds
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If you’re buying pogo stick for tricks, the Flybar Super Pogo is among the best. It’s a bit more expensive than your average pogo stick because it’s made to take more of a beating. It works extremely well by beginners just learning how exactly to use a pogo stick, but it’s really suitable for big jumps and technical pogo moves. The reason why it can take this type of beating is that it includes a heavy-duty metal construction. It’s got two strong metal bars that reach down from the handlebars. Then, in the centre is a spring-loaded bar. This simplistic design signifies that it’s strong and lightweight – exquisite for throwing around.

Among the best top features of this pogo stick may be the injection-molded foot pegs. They’re easily strong enough to take care of even the most extreme pogo tricks. It’s also got old-school rubber handles and grip-tape covered foot pedals. This gives lots of grips to prevent your hands and feet from slipping off. Find mor