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Pish Posh may be the name of a children’s novel by American author Ellen Potter, first published in 2006.[1] It tells the story of a girl, Clara Frankofile, who’s a pompous, snobbish 11-year-old who spends her evenings people-watching from a corner table in her parents’ chic NEW YORK restaurant, Pish Posh.

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Ultra snobby, Clara Frankofile has everything an 11-year-old could want. She’s fabulously wealthy, she lives alone in a penthouse apartment using its own roller coaster and bumper cars… and most of NEW YORK is afraid of her! Every night at the fashionable Pish Posh restaurant, she watches glittery movie actresses, princesses, and celebrities and decides who’s important enough to remain…and who she’ll kick to the sidewalk in disgrace.

But Clara’s tidy little world is suddenly turned ugly when she discovers a most peculiar mystery is going on in the restaurant, right under her upturned nose. By using a whip-smart 12-year-old jewel thief, Clara embarks on a wildly dangerous mission through the streets of NY to fix a 200-year-old secret.