I’ve not shied from sharing my skin problems with you on my blog. Assuming you have pesky skin I’d like you to find comfort in the actual fact that I have a problem with my skin too. I love to tackle a problem at once and I’ve proven multiple avenues to keep my spots away so I’ve chosen to talk about those kinds I value most with you.

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I’ve oily skin around my chin and I understand the difficulty starts when the pores get clogged, so focusing on keeping that area dirt free is vital. I’ve tried a whole lot of different products and I felt like I needed a thing that penetrates the skin just a little deeper to really help to keep my skin clear. Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale is here , just select your product and get huge discount.

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So i want to introduce you to the Philips VisaPure Advanced 3-in-1 facial cleansing brush for ten times better cleansing!

Firstly you will find a brush head for just about any type of skin so Visapure really can cater to your preferences. You may also use in the shower or on-the-go so a genuine versatile cleansing tool. Once fired up you will observe the brush rotates and vibrates. The vertical motion gently breaks up surface impurities like dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residue. I usually feel just like I never quite get all my cosmetic off which means this really helps my face feel clean! The rotation then simply sweeps the impurities away for a deep cleanse. Because of the deep cleanse your skincare products are better absorbed in to the skin for more durable more effective results.

It’s really easy to use and these devices even times the routine for you personally which means you know when you’ve finished.

I must say i love that it has two intensity settings therefore i can choose what best suits me every day. For example if it’s been much make-up day I’ll decide on a higher intensity level, or if it’s been a trip to home I’ll cleanse on the cheapest intensity.

The white and rose gold is indeed aesthetically pleasing and I never thought I’d appreciate how beautiful it looks next to my rose gold Philips DiamondClean toothbrush (bathroom goals). When linked it fully charges these devices for six hours, meaning you may easily pack it for travelling in it’s pouch for cleansing on the run.

There are various attachments available so that you can really get the most out from the product. I’ve tried the VisaPure Advanced Revitalising Massage attachment and not just could it be great to unwind and super therapeutic nonetheless it helps raise the blood circulation around the facial skin too. Using this method it relaxes the facial muscles leaving a radiant healthy looking glow to your skin layer. I need all of the help I could get so this is ideal for that extra little bit of boost on those tired looking days.

The Visapure Advanced Fresh Eyes attachment is a popular of mine. With late nights and busy deadlines my eyes really suffer and so are my most problematic area in terms of fine lines. The premium cool material and customised DualMotion programme gently massage your under eye area. It really is particularly made for the thin and delicate area around your eyes and the cool coating immediately revitalises your eye area.

I’ve been incorporating the VisaPure Advanced 3-in-1 facial cleansing brush into my skincare routine for about a month now and I’ve noticed an unbelievable difference in the texture of my skin. On so many occasions persons have asked what highlight I’m using when I’ve had no make-up on at all. My skin includes a radiance it hasn’t had before and I could only put it right down to the Philips VisaPure Advanced Cleansing Device. I’d definitely recommend the product!