Panasonic likewise have their most bold and robust models for men who would like to work with the very best and also have all possibilities for shaving and trimming. The GP80 is a specialist beard trimmer kit and it’ll also work to cut and trim hair in addition to it can be utilised for personal care to shave and trim body hair,and has all rights to be on our best beard trimmers list. Get best black friday deals, offers, discounts right here on the website for you.

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Professional beard trimmer and hair clipper kit
Battery manufactured from Ni-MH
Sturdy body made out of DLC coating and Titanium Nitride coating
A number of different combs with several length ranges, from three to four 4, 6, 9, 12 and 15 mm.
Blade operates with three different sets of length adjustable by dial control, without the need to attach the excess combs.
10000 RPM motor
Worldwide voltage:100 to 240V, including an EU Socket and a free of charge US Plug Adapter
Made in Japan
Charging time: approx. one hour
Operating time: approx. 50 minutes

X-taper Blades decrease the spiked hair

The X-taper Blades have a particular design that grips and cut hair that normally will be left behind, and which will minimize the spiked hair afterwards the trimming.

45º blade with sharp end

The complete and sharped ends of the 45º blade offers a smooth, clean cut, that satisfies certain requirements of professionals.

New linear motor with frequent control

The regular control with advanced sensor technology senses the hair density and automatically controls the speed of the movement of the blade to make sure a smooth and precise cutting.

With this advanced control, the brand new Panasonic’s linear motor permits a cut better still and with less concerns, though it is even lighter.

Thin and light design

The light weight helps it be even better to implement various different cutting approaches for hairdressers, as desired.

Ergonomic design for easy use

As well as the thin and light design, the slim body of the beard trimmer helps it be better to handle. The smooth, curved body for easy handling, includes a rubber grip to avoid the device from slipping, all to deal perfectly with professional hands.

Quick adjustment knob for easy length definition

Turning the dial knob permits you to modify the cutting length from 0.8 to 2.0 cm in steps of 0.3 mm each. Thereby, you can avoid changing accessories on a regular basis when you don’t should do it, and you will change the distance with one hand when you are cutting.

Works Corded and Cordless

You can use the device linked to a power source to have a powerful working boost, or you can benefit from the capability of easy cordless operation.

Lithium-ion battery

Is used a robust lithium-ion battery, lasting for a lot longer as well as it really is environment friendly.

New battery charger

To recharge, simply place the device on the charging base. The red light indicates that the battery is dead and the green light indicates it really is charging.

Six lengths to cut with three comb accessories

Cutting extra accessories are given with six different lengths (from 3 to 15 mm). They let you cut your hair with six different lengths (from 3 to 15 mm). The Combs are given a particular support for storage.