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Olympus Corporation (, Orinpasu Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese manufacturer of optics and reprography products. Olympus was established on 12 October 1919, primarily focusing on microscopes and thermometers.[4] Olympus holds roughly a 70-percent share of the global endoscope market, estimated to be worth approximately US$2.5 billion. Its global headquarters are found in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

In 2011, Olympus attracted worldwide media scrutiny when it fired its CEO and the problem snowballed right into a corporate corruption investigation[5] with multiple arrests.[6] It paid $646 million in kickback fines in 2016.[7]

Cameras and audio
In 1936, Olympus introduced its first camera, the Semi-Olympus I, fitted with the first Zuiko-branded lens.[8] The Olympus Chrome Six was some folding cameras created by Takachiho, and later Olympus, from 1948 to 1956, for 6×4.5 cm or 6×6cm exposures on 120 film.[citation needed]

The first ground breaking camera series from Olympus was the Pen, launched in 1959. It used a half-frame format, taking 72 18×24 mm photographs on a typical 36-exposure 35mm film cassette,[9] which made Pen cameras compact and lightweight for their time