NutriBullet is infamous because of its type of personal bullet blenders. They’re fast, simple to use, and make healthy eating a lot more convenient.

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Just blend your morning smoothie, toss on a lid and take it with you to the fitness center or any office. It couldn’t be any longer convenient!

But there are a lot of different kitchen blenders to select from, and knowing the distinctions could be difficult. NutriBullet has even turn out with two full-size blenders to create matters more complicated.

We’ll go over all you need to learn to pick the best NutriBullet blender to your requirements.

Why Select a NutriBullet Blender?
NutriBullet debuted their blenders in 2012 as a follow-up to the MAGIC PILL. They’ve sold an incredible number of units and also have gained a reputation for without headaches blending.

NutriBullet is known to make blenders with powerful motors and large cup capacities. They have inspired a whole lot of imitators seeking to profit from their popularity.

Is NutriBullet much better than a standard blender?
NutriBullet blenders are called “bullet blenders” because they’re shaped like bullets. They work exactly like standard blenders, but they’re smaller and faster.

They’re better in the sense that they’re smaller and much easier to clean, but it will depend on what the needs you have are. If you’re someone who hates the arduous task of cleaning up a huge blender, it’s much better.

A NutriBullet blender has a number of benefits. If you’re someone who’s seeking to make smoothies for just one, you probably don’t desire a full-size standard blender. An individual NutriBullet blender will be better to clean and far faster.

Many of them rival full-size blenders regarding motor power. It’s also advisable to buy one if you need something affordable, as they’re quite inexpensive. And if you desire a full-size blender, they’ve just turn out with two that rival the Vitamix.

Which kind of NutriBullet Blender is Right for you personally?
Countertop Full-Size Blenders
If you value making icy cocktails or milkshakes, a full-size blender is definitely the best bet. It’s likely to be the most versatile option, as it could do things such as making nut butters that personal blenders can’t.

Most full-size blenders may also heat soup, while personal blender can’t handle heat. If you wish to cook, you might want to look at a full-size blender.

A full-size blender is an ideal choice for families who would like to make smoothies for everybody. The blender is even big enough that one could make smoothies for later in the week to store in the fridge.

And if you want drinking large smoothies with a huge amount of ingredients, you might like to consider choosing a full-size blender. Many personal blenders can’t make large enough smoothies for a lot of.

Personal Bullet Blenders
Bullet compact blenders are simply perfect for those who don’t need all that much out of their blender. If you just want to produce a delightful smoothie or grind some coffees, a personal blender can do just fine.

They’re convenient and simple to clean, which will make persons far more likely to get started on healthy eating.

If you want something you may take on the go, an individual blender is an ideal option. You can not only take the smoothie with you and drink from it, but you may also take the blender itself when you travel. An individual blender is small enough to take with you almost anywhere.

Baby Bullets
The Baby Bullet is ideal for parents who need something to create their homemade baby food. Rendering it at home can save you a ton of money and time, so a Baby Bullet is an outstanding value for money.

If you’re looking for a thing that can do both, an individual blender is probably an improved option. THE INFANT Bullet will probably involve some difficulty blending ingredients for anything apart from baby food.

What is the very best NutriBullet Bullet Blender?
NutriBullet Original NBR-1201 Blender 600-Watts
This model sticks to the fundamentals to cover the most ground possible. Therefore, it includes a 600-watt motor strong enough to power through small ice chunks. However, you’ll also have the ability to grind coffee and spices with this unit aswell.

All you need to accomplish is play this model’s milling blade set. From then on, you’ll manage to arrive 18 oz. of dry ingredients to powder within a minute.

Cleaning up this unit is quite hassle-free. In virtually all cases, it is usually thoroughly sanitized on a dishwasher’s top rack. However, for tough stains, it can even be soaked for only five minutes before releasing debris. You’ll also get some good excellent added value with this unit in the kind of its two bonus handled travel cups.

Performance: 7/10. – It can well with soft ingredients, but tough kinds will come out clumpy. The NutriBullet includes a motor with only 600 watts, which isn’t all that powerful. It could handle easiest ingredients, but it’ll overheat if you are using way too many frozen ones. Be sure to precut tough or fibrous produce to keep it from overheating. The good thing is you can grind dry ingredients with it, that your bullet blenders with higher motor power cannot.
Design: 6/10. – The blade is cheap and vunerable to dulling or chipping. The blade is a lot too weak to take full good thing about all 600 watts of motor power. Chances are to dull within a couple of months and may should be replaced regularly. This may enhance the initial price of the blender and make it more expensive than a number of the more costly ones. The cups are also created from pretty cheap plastic.
Features: 7/10. – It doesn’t have any cool features, nonetheless it can grind dry ingredients. The NutriBullet’s biggest perk is that it could grind dry ingredients without needing water, therefore you can grind coffees and fresh herbs. The cheaper bullet blenders such as this one are likely to come with hardly any features, so they’re not absolutely all that versatile.
Usability/Cleaning: 7/10. – Very simple to use, and you will pop it right in the dishwasher. Because it’s so simple, it’s straightforward to use. This blender won’t need you to memorize an elaborate manual. You may make a smoothie in about ten minutes, including prep time and cleanup. When you’re done blending, it could go right in the most notable rack of your dishwasher. This might reduce the lifespan of the cup, though, therefore i recommend at hand wash it when you can.
The Original NutriBullet is quite affordable. It only costs around $60 on Amazon.
It could grind dry spices and fresh herbs.
The 600 includes a recipe book packed with healthy, tasty recipes.
It’s fairly simple to use, which means you won’t manage to mess it up.
The blender is compact, which is great if you wish to take it with you when traveling.
The plastic jar is free from toxic BPAs.
Cleanup is a breeze because of the dishwasher safe jar.
The motor is manufactured out of cheap plastic that reduces quickly.
You must add liquid to crush ice, and that means you can’t make powdery ice for snow cones.
The jar is manufactured out of cheap plastic that’s vunerable to cracking.
There’s an only one-speed option.
The motor power is too weak to take care of many tough or frozen ingredients.
It’s so loud you’ll wake everyone.
NutriBullet gets the worst customer service.
What Others SAY:

Ideal for smoothies. Reviews declare that the cup was big enough to employ a couple of ingredients. They did warn against overfilling it, though.
Easy to include healthy food to your daily diet. Many users loved how easily they could consume leafy greens in a smoothie. One user even claimed the 600 helped her get her blood sugar down on her behalf diabetes!
Clean up is indeed fast. A whole lot of reviews loved the quick tidy up, saying these were in and from the kitchen in five minutes.

The gasket ring gets caught in the blade. A few users said the gasket ring slipped, which made the blender leak. Some even said the rubber got pulverized and finished up in their drink.
Leaking. The rubber gasket wasn’t the only cause for leaking. Some customers complained that despite the fact that they switched out the cups and didn’t overfill it, the blender still leaked.
It overheats easily. A few buyers complained about how precisely easily the 600 overheated. They said it might barely handle any frozen fruits or veggies. One review said their blender broke within seven days.