So, you’ve heard a couple of hype about the Ninja Foodi in your seek out an air fryer and/or pressure cooker, however now you’re wondering if it actually lives up to it. You could pore over many reviews online, but that gets overwhelming real quick. So, we achieved it for you. Black Friday will give you amazing deals, offers, discount so don’t miss any deals right now.

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Here you’ll find an aggregation of Ninja Foodi reviews, helping you discover the important takeaways like functionality, price, and how it comes even close to competitors. If you wish to understand why the Ninja Foodie made our set of the most notable air fryers (and what else made the cut), then click here.

What’s the Ninja Foodi?
You know the way the Instant Pot claims to become a one-stop shop for all your cooking appliance needs? Well, the Ninja Foodi takes a step further by combining the energy of a multi cooker with an air fryer.

The Foodi can pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, and air fry. In addition, it features TenderCrisp technology, that is a blend of pressure cooking and air frying which allows you to rapidly cook ingredients and end with a crispy texture. Admittedly, an instantaneous Pot can’t do this. Good Housekeeping notes that feature makes the Ninja Foodi stick out from the crowd.

Owning a Foodi is meant to untether you from having three separate appliances (a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, and an air fryer.) It can take up more space than an instantaneous Pot or an air fryer alone, but overall, it reduces clutter.

Why is the Ninja Foodi great
First off, the actual fact that it takes the area greater than one appliance is an enormous plus – that’s why we loved the moment Pot so much when it arrived. And even though it can have a huge amount of uses, Business Insider says it doesn’t cut corners on some of them.

“The Foodi is surprisingly simple to use and doesn’t skimp on effectiveness in squeezing in its long set of functions.”

Not merely does Business Insider compliment the Foodi’s functionality, it sings high praise for simplicity aswell, saying, “Cooking with the Foodi is virtually fool-proof, whether you wish to make a savory pork tenderloin that falls apart with a poke of your fork, or sweet potato fries that are crunchy externally and fluffy inside.”

The Ninja Foodi includes pressure and crisping lids, an air frying basket, and a reversible cooking rack.

Image: ninja

It’s simple for entrees, sides, desserts, or other things that you can want to cook with it. Even if you’re not really a professional or following a included recipe guide, Good Housekeeping says the controls are straightforward and intuitive to use.

The positioning of the Foodi’s pressure release valves are plainly labeled and the control panel features easy-to-use buttons with presets and custom settings.

Where in fact the Ninja Foodi can improve
As the Ninja Foodi is outstanding in a great deal of categories, there are always a couple areas where it may be better.

The largest complaint across reviews may be the lid situation. As the Foodi is actually two different appliances, it requires two different lids to handle the functions. The air frying lid is attached with a hinge and the pressure cooking lid is removable, getting into play only when you will need it. TechGearLab calls the crisping lid “borderline comically large.”

As the large air frying lid does swing available to be somewhat taken care of while pressure cooking, Digital Trends notes that it’s not the best design.

“With all the pressure cooker, we found ourselves wishing we’re able to take away the air frying lid. It just sort of sits there, and it’s heavy and awkward when you pressure cook.”

Many reviewers also explain that the Ninja Foodi is incredibly bulky, even though it does replace multiple appliances, it’s still not really a super convenient machine to store.

How it comes even close to competitors
The Ninja Foodi is bulkier and heavier than other multi cookers and air fryers, but when you can look past that, it outperforms its competitors.

The air frying functionality makes the Ninja Foodi a standout appliance that doesn’t have many direct competition at the moment.
Reviewers rave about the tenderness of dishes they cooked under great pressure, and the crispiness of their air fried food, or those finished off with the TenderCrisp setting. In conditions of food quality, the Foodi ranks up with the very best of them.

MyRecipes states that machine is much easier to clean than an instantaneous Pot as a result of the coating on the inner pot and the Foodi’s plastic exterior. TechGearLab agrees about the simple cleaning, except in terms of the air frying lid: “Since it’s linked to the device and includes a grate that’s hard to find yourself in, it’s an enormous hassle to completely clean.” (They really dislike that lid.)

For features, the Foodi can really do everything a typical Instant Pot can do. The added air frying functionality makes the Ninja Foodi a standout appliance that doesn’t genuinely have many direct comparison competition at the moment.

May be the Ninja Foodi worth the purchase price?
The Foodi’s functions don’t come cheap – the applying retails for $249.99. Could it be worthwhile, though? If you’re likely to put it to use regularly, the consensus appears to be yes. In case you are big into multi cooking and air frying, it’s definitely good for have just the main one appliance that does all you need.