Ninja Foodi Deluxe Review
Currently, the Ninja Foodi deluxe is merely obtainable in an 8-quart size. Just like the original, the Foodi Deluxe is simple to operate. The pressure cooking function is comparable to the moment Pot and other electric pressure cookers.

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Last updated on May 16, 2022 6:22 pm

If you’re looking for Ninja Foodi Recipes, all the pressure cooking recipes in my own cookbook and on my site work in the Foodi.

Get the Ninja Foodi Deluxe FD401 User Manual.

Specs: 1760 watts, 16.1 inches L x 14.6 inches W x 14.3 inches H, 26 pounds

What You’ll Love about the Ninja Deluxe
The Ninja Foodi Deluxe offers all of the great functions contained in the original Ninja Foodi, The Ninja Foodi Deluxe also offers the next new features

New Finish and Dial
The stainless exterior is pretty and looks more sleek and sophisticated. The increased user interface features a huge center dial which makes setting enough time and temperature easier.

Larger Cooking Capacity
The bigger 8-quart cooking pot includes a 5-quart Cook & Crisp basket. enables you to cook for a bigger group. The 8-qt. cooking pot is nonstick and simple to hand-wash. The 5-quart Cook & Crisp basket is ceramic-coated, dishwasher safe, and stands up to a 7-pound chicken.

You can view in the picture below just how much bigger the Deluxe basket is when compared to one which was included with the initial 6.5-quart Ninja Foodi.

New Yogurt Function
Ninja added a yogurt function to the Ninja Foodi Deluxe. (My Instant Pot Yogurt recipe will continue to work well in the Foodi Deluxe.)

Other Great Features
The two-piece rack is reversible and stackable to help you accommodate more food when steaming, broiling or air frying.

The lid is better to align, because of the white line on the housing and the pressure cooking lid. This can help you easier put the pressure cooking lid set up.

The Ninja Deluxe Pressure Cooker includes a black sealing ring, which helps it stick out from other pressure cooker rings. (That is especially useful in case you have several brand.)

The beeping sounds are louder on the brand new Deluxe.

What You’ll Have to know Before Buying
It’s Still Heavy
The Ninja Foodi Deluxe continues to be quite heavy, weighing in at 26 pounds. Because the crisping lid still isn’t removable, you’ll need to lift that weight every time you move or clean it. The non-removable lid also helps it be difficult to match under cupboards.

No Progress Bar
The larger LCD screen is nice. It says [Pre] when the pressure cooker is arriving at pressure which is fantastic, which means you know what’s going on in the pot.

However, it has three columns of flashing lights that usually do not match the progress arriving at pressure. I’d have recommended a progress bar like a few of the new electric pressure cookers have.

Time Counts in Minutes and Seconds
Another thing to understand when pressure cooking, the display counts down in minutes and seconds, not hours and minutes just like the Instant Pot and several other pressure cookers.

Testing the Ninja Foodi
When I received the first Foodi, I’d never used an air fryer before, therefore i also sent a Foodi to my buddy and among the moderators of my Pressure Cooker Facebook Group, Genene, to check. Genene loves cooking with her electric pressure cookers and she’s a number of air fryers that she uses frequently together with her pressure cookers, therefore i knew she’d manage to tell me the way the Foodi stacks up.

We both concur that it’s nice having only 1 appliance that may do a couple of things, but there are drawbacks aswell. The largest drawback is that the air frying lid / crisping lid isn’t removable. The crisping lid stays on view position while you’re pressure cooking. Genene felt the crisping lid was in the manner when she was using the saute feature to saute vegetables before pressure cooking.

The pressure cooking lid is another, detachable lid, so you’ll need room in your pantry or kitchen to store it.

Making Ninja Foodi Roast Chicken
One thing I cooked in my own Foodi was a roast chicken. I used the recipe that was in the recipe book that’s incorporated with the Foodi. The recipe needed a 4 to 5 pound chicken. The tiniest chicken my store had was 5.5 lbs. It had been a bit too tall for the Foodi, nonetheless it easily fit into the crisping basket fine.

The chicken was a touch too near to the most notable and there have been lines on the chicken leg where it touched the crisping lid.

The recipe needed cooking it in the Cook and Crisp Basket. It’s great that the basket is roofed with the Foodi. The holes in underneath of the basket make it ideal for pressure steaming food, and crisping up food using the crisping lid. My only complaint about the basket is that the legs have plenty of crevices that are difficult to completely clean.

The Herb-Roasted Chicken recipe has you add lemon juice, warm water, honey, peppercorns, kosher salt, fresh thyme, and garlic to the pressure cooking pot. I came across the flavorful ingredients in underneath of the pot didn’t really infuse the chicken with flavor. I added some fresh rosemary to the recipe and my hubby said he could taste the rosemary just a little, but I couldn’t really taste the lemon, thyme or honey.

EASILY made the recipe again, I’d probably make a compound butter and put it beneath the skin instead of count on the pressure cooking liquid to flavor the chicken.

However, I was surprised precisely how crisp your skin on the chicken was following the a quarter-hour of air crisp time. The manual says to removing the pressure cooking liquid from underneath of the pot for best results, however the skin was crackly crisp even without removing the pressure cooking liquid.

My chicken wasn’t as tender as I’d like, therefore i probably must have increased the pressure cook time a lot more than 2 extra minutes.

Making Ninja Foodi PIZZA PEPERONI Pasta
There was a PIZZA PEPERONI Pasta in the Foodi recipe book. Since I likewise have a PIZZA PEPERONI Pasta recipe in my own cookbook, The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook, I thought it will be fun to provide their version a go.

After pressure cooking the noodles and sauce for 6 minutes, you top it with cheese and pepperoni. You then utilize the air fryer lid to melt and brown the cheese. The cheese browned a bit more than I like. However, I liked you could lift up the air fryer lid any moment while it’s cooking. The blower pauses as the lid is raised and you could check and see if you wish pretty much browning.

Although it was great in order to melt and brown the cheese in the same pot, the disadvantage is that you don’t have as much surface as you’ll in a 9×13 pan to spread the cheese out over the pasta. Also, it creates a huge pot of pasta. I had a leftovers that I store in the pressure cooking pot in the fridge, therefore the inner pot wasn’t open to cook something the very next day without transferring it to some other dish.