Value For Money
The Nikon Coolpix W300 is designed for around £389, a huge jump in price when compared to AW130, that was £225 when reviewed in 2015, and is currently discontinued. However, the cost of the W300 is roughly consistent with other waterproof cameras with the capacity of recording 4K video, including the Olympus Tough TG-5.

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The Nikon W300 is a rugged compact camera made to excel during adventures where you leave the cellular phone in the home. The camera is waterproof right down to 30m/100ft, freezeproof to -10C/14F, dustproof, shockproof to 2.4m/8ft and even tracks your altitude and water depth. Simple camera features enable you to concentrate on the experience at hand, while a realistic price makes the camera open to the every-day adventurer. Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, sales, offers are here for you to get amazing deals.

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I took the Nikon W300 on a deep water soloing (climbing) trip in Arizona’s Clear Creek and had an enjoyable experience shooting it. I started your day trading shots between my DSLR and the W300 from the relative safety of our small boat, but soon found myself taking the W300 where I dared not take my other camera — on the wobbly operate paddleboard right next to the climbers and even on a climb where I knew I’d be jumping in to the water.

Nikon W300 Handling
The Nikon W300 camera includes a solid build. It’s fairly light and far thinner compared to the 1-inch-type sensor compacts, so that it is better to manage during outdoor adventure activities. Leading grip can help you contain the camera with one hand, and there’s a convenient thumb grip beneath the zoom control. These ergonomics work for single-handed shooting, although I recommended to let my thumb drift over the corner of the LCD to create more space.

The 3″ LCD screen comes with an anti-reflective coating that means it is much brighter and better to see while shooting in broad daylight, nevertheless the screen is black if viewed through polarized sunglasses, therefore i had a need to take my glasses off to shoot. This wasn’t a concern, however, when shooting portrait orientation.

W300 Features

The W300 was created to enable you to live your adventure and capture some photographs on the way. Various scene modes are created to maximize the camera’s performance for things such as landscapes, portraits, macro, indoor, snow, etc. There is a good assortment of five time-lapse movie settings, that is a fun way showing the duration of time throughout your adventure trip video. It is possible to manually decide on a scene mode or set the W300 to auto and allow it determine the very best scene mode.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Auto mode, which opens up manual control of white balance, burst shooting (the W300 can skyrocket to 7fps), ISO, AF area mode and Autofocus mode for manual AF point selection. A imaginative shooting mode, smart portrait mode, and short movie show mode round out the shooting mode selections.

13mm (72mm eq.), f/4.5, 1/200s, ISO 125

The Nikon W300 also offers a distinctive side control panel with three buttons: an LED Light button which can be turned on to assist with focus and even as a light when the camera is switched off, an Action button that enables you to quickly change functions (photo, video, image review) with a shake of the camera, and an instrument button that presents the compass, altitude or water depth.

Initially, the Action button appears such as a not-too-useful marketing feature. It’s better to simply push the video record button to start out video or utilize the playback button to examine images, instead of push the Action button and shake the camera, and push the Action button again to change to that function. Enough time to utilize it, however, is when you wish to record video and lock the video record button, protecting it from an errant thumb press mid-scene (e.g. in a bumpy car on a dirt road).

Image Quality

The Nikon W300 performs well for still shooting, delivering the very best images in even lighting with sunlight behind the photographer. The auto scene mode did a good job capturing from landscapes to macro. The 24-120mm eq. f/2.8-4.9 optical contact lens will give attention to macro subjects right against the lens (at widest angle), which is ideal for those small subjects and details.

Photos shot with optical zoom maintain sharp detail when used in combination with a shutter speed fast enough to eradicate camera shake. I came across image quality remained steady through the zoom range (focal length 4.3-21.5, or 24-120mm equivalent), however those shooting in dark conditions will observe that the lens minimum aperture is f/4.9 in tele, versus f/2.8 at wide — which therefore necessitates flash, an increased ISO or both to avoid underexposed and/or blurry shots.

The W300 also did a good job exposing for cliff and sky scenes with large dynamic range because of this class of camera. Autofocus was precise, although almost all of my shooting was large landscape scenes rather than tracking speedy subjects. As you might expect with an computerized camera, the climbers jumping off rocks were blurry because the camera didn’t know to employ a fast shutter speed. I didn’t play with ISO and exposure comp to increase the shutter, but this may help freeze the jumpers in these circumstances.