The nostalgic and luxurious looking Nike Air Max 97 made its global reappearance in the summertime of 2017 in celebration of its 20th Anniversary. Clad in the same OG metallic cover called the Metallic Silver (generally known as the Silver Bullet to numerous fans), with hits of Varsity Red, the Nike Air Max 97 OG re-emerged in its ever striking silhouette that drew attention from sneaker enthusiasts and Air Max loyal fans.

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as of May 16, 2022 6:45 am
as of May 16, 2022 6:45 am
as of May 16, 2022 6:45 am
as of May 16, 2022 6:45 am
as of May 16, 2022 6:45 am
as of May 16, 2022 6:45 am
as of May 16, 2022 6:45 am
as of May 16, 2022 6:45 am
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Right before the Air Max 97 spiked up a fever in retailers worldwide, limited releases of the initial gorgeous Silver Bullet were offered at selected outlets in Italy in December 2016. Much to the delight of the Italians, this special edition of the AM97 had red/green/white combo for the tongue and heel pull tabs, which will be the colors of their national flag.

When this version of the Air Max with a obvious full-length cushioning unit in the only real was unveiled in the late 1990s, its sales quickly ballooned in the Italian market and across Europe. Nike took note of it and linked up with the Italian community as a center point for significant anniversary date releases of the Air Max 97. The Air Max 97 was later called “La Silver,” discussing the Silver Bullet profile.

When the Nike Air Max 97 turned ten in 2007, the glittery OG silhouette made its go back to the guts stage through exclusive drops in Italy and at NikeTown outlets in which a huge population of Italian tourists usually converges.

Perhaps, the Europeans’ affinity towards this shoe with an extremely unique profile could be merited to Tinker Hatfield’s fondness over the extraordinary Les Centre George Pompidou in Paris. This building was the look inspiration of Hatfield when he conceptualized the Air Max 1, the 1st Nike Air Max sneaker with obvious Air Sole cushioning in the only real.

Because the Air Max 97 premiered back in your day, Nike described it as the Silver Bullet, with regards to the Shinkansen or better referred to as japan bullet train. It had been said that the metallic waves upon this sneaker make reference to the fluid movement of the famous super high speed railway network.

According to Christian Tresser, the imaginative genius behind the radiant Air Max 97 masterpiece, he wished to narrate a tale through this sneaker. In another of the rare interviews with this designer, Tresser said that his imaginative concepts are usually pulled from nature. Because of this specific sneaker with full-length revolutionary Air Sole technology, Tresser explained a brainwave of ideas flowed after him after seeing a drop of water in a pond that created a rippling effect. He used such idea in conceptualizing the AM97’s upper.

In his 1986 sketch of the shoe which he called the Air Total Max, Tresser a devoted competitive cyclist revealed that its metallic colorway was lifted from the silver and titanium finishes of a mountain bike. Throughout that time, mountain bikes were so popular and received a whole lot of decorative and high corrosive-resistant metal finishes. Tresser thought that would be a fascinating component to complement the utmost cushioning project he was tasked to create.

In his initial drawing, he specified the consumption of 3M reflective material for the upper. He also wanted white segments in the shoe, but rather than a flat white factor he incorporated a pearl luster effect in it. Placing each one of these features together, the Air Max 97 was created, a year after Tresser first envisioned this futuristic beauty.

In the same year, the Silver Bullet was dropped, this icon’s less sparkly but solid appearing siblings were unveiled aswell, the Navy/Volt and the Royal Blue colorways. It took two more years for the Air Max 97 to get another lustrous finish with the drop of the gold colorway in 1999, that was called the Metallic Gold.

1 reasons to buy
Fans who didn’t get the opportunity to own some the initial Air Max 97 that debuted in 1997 are incredibly happy with the comeback of the Nike Air Max 97 OG Metallic Silver.
A wide array of reviewers raved about the ever striking metallic wavelike curves of the Silver Bullet.
Loyal Air Max fans, copped this retro since it brought them so much nostalgia.
The sneaker’s chrome-like and pearl finish is actually exceptional, according to Air Max enthusiasts.
Perfect for night running as you could be easily seen if they go flying such as a bullet with this sneaker.
Its lacing system makes the Air Max 97 OG Metallic Silver more appealing.
It’s great to get a pair of kicks which has so much history behind it.
Buyers said the Nike AM 97 Silver Bullet holds true to size.
The mesh material which makes up the tongue is quite soft to touch.
Very more comfortable with the full-length air bladder underneath.
The thick insole of the Metallic Silver version of the Air Max 97 OG is quite comfortable.
5 reasons never to buy
Few retailers released online during its launch, so that it is hard to cop a pair.
There are few obvious brush strokes on the white part of the midsole.
By closer inspection, a reviewer pointed out that the laces of the shoe are worn on the edges.
One reviewer noted some glue stains on the upper.
The AM97 OG Metallic Silver can be an expensive couple of retro sneaker.
Bottom line
The 360-degree metallic finish of the Air Max 97 OG from Nike remains a standout among sneaker lovers who’ve witnessed the birth of the beaming icon back your day and waited because of its comeback. The fine detailing on its silvery upper complemented by its cushiony Air Sole bubble on the only real gives this shoe an elegant and sporty edge. With several technologies and rich stories interwoven in this shoe, it deserves a particular spot in the shoe closet since it is a worthy investment.