Traction – Looks could be deceiving. As the circular pattern looks amazing and really should took care of multidirectional coverage like no other, the grip was inconsistent regularly – making the Nike KD 10 constantly inconsistent.

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as of May 16, 2022 9:42 am
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The outsole plays perfectly outdoors, that is a plus, nonetheless it wasn’t designed with strength in mind. After just a few outdoor hoop sessions my frayed outsole appears like corn before it’s shucked. Or could it be after it’s been shucked? You understand those weird hairy fibers in the corn husk? That’s what I’m trying to state.

At the very least, there are talks that the original colorways of the Nike KD 10 have lackluster traction while future colorways could have a slightly improved rubber compound. I’m uncertain how true that’s and if it’s true it isn’t a thing that should happen – it creates the reviews inaccurate and it confuses consumers in regards to what colorways offer decent traction. Air Jordan XXXI anyone?

All I could do is share my experience with the merchandise I wore. In this circumstance, the traction on both of my KD 10s – yes, I’ve two pairs in two different sizes – just didn’t workout for me.

Cushion – Full-length Max Zoom Air is back and it’s a lttle bit firmer than it had been the last time around. Don’t be placed off when trying on the Nike KD 10 because you don’t feel the bounce instantly like you may have with the KD 9. The 10s take a lttle bit of breaking in before you feel the responsiveness.

From an operating standpoint, the cushion here supplies the ditto that the KD 9 did: the very best impact protection Nike currently has available. Oh, and it’s still articulated in the forefoot in order to move about the court without an excessive amount of restriction. I really like the cushion and I am hoping its sturdiness issues have already been resolved. Not that I popped some of my pairs, but I understand a few persons which may have – and I’ve received many emails and DMs about other people’s pairs popping.

I think Nike includes a great thing choosing this sort of Zoom Air and I am hoping it’s appreciated by the masses.

Materials – Flyknit, Flyknit everywhere. I really like the materials which were applied to the Nike KD 10, I simply don’t love how they performed. Although, I really believe it was a combo of the materials used and the lacing system that finished up creating my disappointment.

You have Flyknit from heel to toe on the Nike KD 10 and it’s infused with TPU threads – similar to the Nike Kobe 11 Elite. Heat was put on stress zones and the toebox area to weld the TPU and knit together for durability and strength. This causes a lttle bit of a disconnect between your material and the foot, nonetheless it felt really nice overall.

The area that has 100% Flyknit may be the tongue and collar. You can aquire these babies on / off your feet without issue, whereas the KD 9 was somewhat of challenging. By a lttle bit of a struggle After all they were an extra workout to your daily regimen.

While being truly a knit, the Nike KD 10 is durable as hell which is something most of the people will appreciate. Containment might have been much better than it had been, which brings me to another topic.

Fit – Decrease 1/2 size. Seriously. Wide footers, you’ll be good going true to size without having to size up, but everybody else, decrease 1/2 size. The disconnect I discussed above creates somewhat of volume around the foot so when you have a knitted upper that isn’t something you want.

However, lockdown is the key culprit. Heel lockdown was great; the lacing system worked effectively with the inner heel counter and heavily padded heel.

The midfoot lockdown was atrocious. Getting the lacing sit in the bottom of the foot sounds great however when it’s coupled with a brilliant stretchy midfoot section, lateral containment is out the window. When I’d make an effort to compensate for having less containment by tightening the lacing, those loops would pull and dig in to the bottom of my feet. Not merely was this painful, nonetheless it didn’t work.

Using a setup such as this really has me appreciating the existing approach to lacing – nylon loops that run-down the foot and attach at the footbed. You’re in a position to properly tighten parts of the shoe where you will need it – at the throat, whether at the midfoot, forefoot, or heel – all as the nylon strands become suspension, bridging the gap between your the surface of the foot and underneath of the foot. The KD 10’s lacing system only covered the suspension aspect however, not the most notable of the foot/throat synching that the majority of players prefer.

If you’re a new player that plays the overall game pretty straight you might never feel or notice this. If you’re an area up shooter, you might never notice this. Being small, I must maneuver around the court and get open. Using screens is my most suitable choice in most cases so when tightly turning around my screen my foot felt enjoy it was sliding over the footbed. This caused a delay in my own shot as I’d then need to try to quickly readjust my footing when I typically don’t have a concern if lateral containment is solid.

Things were simply a little too sloppy for me personally and I prefer what sort of KD 9 contained my foot.

Support – If each element of a shoe doesn’t flow together and become one then you’ll never form Voltron. Er, you’ll never find balance.

The heel area worked beautifully, however the midfoot left much to be desired. That insufficient midfoot containment caused a sloppy fit which reduced the support offered. Had those nylon lace loops rode up the sidewall of the shoe a lttle bit more, well, then you’d have the KD 9 Elite, and you likely wouldn’t experienced a sloppy fit. Regardless of the foot of the shoe being truly a solid platform, it just wasn’t enough to state they are cutting it in the support department. The pieces is there, they just don’t work very well together.

Overall – The Nike KD 9 was an incredible shoe. The Nike KD 10 was almost an incredible shoe. It looks amazing, nonetheless it suffered in a few areas as a result of bold new design.

If you don’t need a ton of lateral containment you might enjoy these – they just weren’t for me personally. That isn’t a bad thing because no shoe is manufactured for each and every person. However, assisting you find the shoe that was designed for you is excatly why we’re here.