The elaborate design of the Nike Air Huarache Runner is a thing that has always caught my eye, so when I took it from the box for the very first time, I spent a while admiring the facts. Performance wise, it’s been great up to now, providing a whole lot of cushioning without feeling cumbersome. Actually, I was somewhat surprised at how light the Huarache felt despite its compact design.

To be fair, they certainly don’t appear to be typical jogging shoes. Its trademark upper involves several overlaying panels created from spandex, plastic, and leather. But beneath it all, the neoprene liner hugs my feet, offering stability and flexibility. It isn’t that big on breathability, though, but being rather lightweight somewhat accocunts for for that. My feet remained comfortable, whether I was putting down a few miles, sweating it out in the fitness center, or simply going for a walk. Furthermore, the smooth lining allows for me to go sockless easily want to.

Sole Unit
With Air Sole units in leading and heels, the Nike Air Huarache is fairly cushiony. Not merely does it give me that ‘walking on air’ impression, the Phylon foam in the midsole allows me to take pleasure from every step, whatever the terrain my feet are on. I also benefit from the fact that it has flex grooves on the strong rubber outsoles, that i think are helpful in expanding selection of movement and adding flexibility. Plus, the outsole’s rugged design keeps me balanced on tile and other smooth surfaces. One more thing, it appears quite durable; I haven’t noticed much wear despite trekking it from dirt, gravel, and concrete, and even for a couple long runs.

Bottom Line
To summarize this Nike Air Huarache review, you won’t see many persons running in the Nike Air Huarache currently because of it becoming more of a lifestyle symbol, nonetheless it still stacks up as a genuine runner when put to the test. I am uncertain easily will continue running in mine, since it has turned into a conversation starter for me personally, which means I have already been dressing it up for everyday stints almost all of the times lately.

The Nike Air Huarache isn’t without its flaws. One of the primary complaints is that it doesn’t fit true to size. It’s a very important thing I read reviews and bought a half-size bigger than I’d normally, which ended up being an ideal fit. Also, despite the fact that it’s not really a bother for me, having less breathability might affect others. Oh, and its own sturdiness will come off just a little stiff initially, but breaks in pretty quickly.

That is one shoe that I see Nike continuing to provide, as there keeps growing demand, both among the young and old. You won’t readily think it is in stores, actually, but its availability online and reputation keeps it flourishing.