Hey what’s going on everyone! It’s Nigel here again with another sneaker review to assist you decide if some sneakers is right for you personally. Now, we are reviewing the Nike Air Max 95.

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as of May 16, 2022 7:18 pm
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If you’ve been following my instagram, you would’ve known that I simply picked up some these the other day. And I simply can’t wait to share guys my applying for grants this sneaker.

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Before we begin, here’s a short introduction of the Nike Air Max 95..

The Air Max 95 was made to offer different things from the other Air Max sneakers. Designer Sergio Lozano wanted something bolder and he achieved it with the gradient design on the Nike Air Max 95, which sneaker enthusiasts absolutely love.

Unsurprisingly, the sneaker was an instantaneous hit when it made its debut in 1995. It had been even termed as among the finest sneakers that year by Time Magazine.

Wait what? 1995?! Yup, this sneaker ‘s been around for more than twenty years yet its popularity doesn’t seem to be to be dying any moment in the future..

With all the current hype and noise, it really is hard to tell if this sneaker will probably be worth the buy. So my job here’s to assist you breakdown how they fare regarding performance and for lifestyle use. Without further ado, lets dive right in..

  1. Top features of the Nike Air Max 95
    Here’s a break down of the key top features of this sneaker.

Material wise, the upper contain mesh and leather stitched together to provide it a layered look.

Nike Air Max 95 Premium ‘Northern Lights‘
From the sides, the layers carry different shades, making the amazing gradient pattern the shoe is well known for. And I absolutely love this!

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The pair I found may be the ‘northern lights‘ special and as you can view, the gradient upon this really stands out!

Appearance aside, the upper isn’t as stretchy as I hoped it to be. It can still provide decent stretch at the toe box for a few toe movements but I’d personally prefer a far more elastic feel.

P.S. This can be because I’ve just found these sneakers so they’re just a little stiff. I’ll update on the strechability of the upper over time of use!

Surprisingly, breathability is decent regardless of the layered upper. I thought I was gonna sweat my feet off, but thankfully not!

Sticking true to the Air Max feature, you can evidently start to see the air bubbles on the midsole.

The elevation on these sneakers feel perfectly and provide decent bounce and support aswell. Usually, that’s very good news for those going to use these for a run BUT Personally, i wouldn’t advise that. Read point (3) to understand why..

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Appearance wise, the air bubbles provide good contrast of colours, causeing this to be sneaker stand out a lot more!

The grip on they are similar to other Air Max sneakers. Whether it’s for walking or running, I find the traction on the outsole to be satisfactory. The material used can be of decent quality in order to rest assured of the sturdiness of the sneakers.

The firm padding along the sneaker collar and tongue provides great cushioning for the ankles and midfoot. This ensures comfort for the wearer, making the Nike Air Max 95 an excellent ‘everyday’ sneaker.

If the sneaker features I’ve mentioned sound unfamiliar for you, consider looking into my new sneaker guide on The Elements of a Shoe!

  1. Comfort
    As stated above, the Nike Air Max 95 is a comfortable everyday shoe.

The upper does feel just a little stiff but that’s probably because I’ve just picked these sneakers up. A few occasions of rocking these sneakers must do the secret to loosen the upper.

Alongside the good support and bounce from the midsole, and firm cushioning from the sneaker collar and tongue, the Nike Air Max 95 proves to become a comfortable pair.

  1. Style/Usability
    The Air Max series is at first created for running However, not the Air Max 95. Even Tinker Hatfield, the creator of Air Max, said so himself when commenting about Sergio Lozano’s work.

So why may be the Nike Air Max 95 not designed for running?
The layered upper may be the culprit since it restricts significant movement (like when running). Personally, i believe that the upper can be not created to withstand the impact of running so running on these will most likely damage the sneaker easily.

Fun Fact: A zipped version of the Nike Air Max 95 was once released plus they look like a complete mess!

In any event, the Nike Air Max 95 has been employed by almost all as a lifestyle sneaker, that i absolutely support. The comfort and overall aesthetic it includes really makes the sneaker stick out. I Initially thought they looks slightly bulky, which influences the entire look of Air Max sneakers. But wearing them on feet, they actually don’t appear that bulky and I quickly copped them.

Listed below are more on feet snap shots!

Nike Air Max 95 Premium ‘Northern Lights’
Since its release, a variety of colourways are actually available so that you can select from to fit your personal style too!

Pssh.. subtle flex but I believe the northern lights pair I found looks the best..

Jokes aside, the Air Max 95 is a wonderful everyday sneaker to possess so I would recommend it if you’re taking a lifestyle sneaker.

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  1. Sizing
    The Nike Air Max 95 runs true to size therefore i went with my usual US 9. However, should you have slightly wider feet, I would suggest going half size up.

Make sure you are receiving the correct size in order that you have a good comfortable fit!

To place things into perspective, I’m wearing US 9 for sneakers just like the Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Air Max 97, and US 8.5 for sneakers just like the Adidas NMD and Nike Air Force 1. Hope that helps!

  1. Cost
    This sneaker retails at $160 which is pretty steep for a lifestyle sneaker.

Thankfully, many fashion retailers offer them at prices below retail for only $100. You may even be capable of geting them for lower at outlet stores. Personally, I acquired my pair at HBX for about $100 that was an insane steal! Also you can try End Clothing for money saving deals on these!

Of course, online marketplaces like Amazon also permits you to get these sneakers at a steal sometimes. So feel absolve to check around to get the best deal! I’d say anywhere below $130 is a decent grab.

  1. Summary of Advantages and disadvantages of the Nike Air Max 95

Comfortable everyday sneaker
Gradient design helps it be stand out

Layered upper helps it be unsuitable for running

  1. Final Words
    The Nike Air Max 95 are among my favourite everyday sneakers.

Offering great comfort, support and look and feel, this is a reliable sneaker you can depend on, and a must-have!