So far as outdoor security camera systems go, the Google Nest Cam Outdoor is probably the best. It has almost everything you should possibly want or need within an outdoor camera, including HD video, two-way audio, night vision, familiar face detection, and a 24/7 recording option.

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as of January 22, 2022 5:12 am
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That’s not saying the Nest is ideal: it includes a couple drawbacks. But overall, if you wish a durable, reliable security camera with cloud storage and excellent tech features, the Nest Cam Outdoor will not disappoint.

The way the Google Nest Cam Outdoor works
The Google Nest Cam Outdoor includes a magnetic mount that means it is simple to install (but may also be a flaw).

The Google Nest Cam Outdoor hooks onto virtually any surface externally of your property. It includes a magnetic mounting base you can screw right into a wall or even put on a set metal surface such as a door frame.

This camera is technically wireless, but that basically just means you don’t need to hook up it to your web router with an Ethernet cable. You do still need to plug this baby right into a wall outlet-and it should be an inside one. So anticipate to drill a hole through your wall or awkwardly thread it through a door.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor installation
Apart from the part where you must figure out how to proceed with the energy cord, the Nest Cam Outdoor’s installation is pretty simple.

Once you find out where you intend to put the camera, you merely secure the mounting plate to the wall with the screws which come in the box. Nest includes some wall anchors, too, however, not a screwdriver or drill-you’ll need your own.

Included Google Nest Cam Outdoor installation tools:

Camera wall plate
Adapter wall plate
Wall anchors
Cable clips
When you have the mounting plate securely installed, the Nest Cam’s magnetic base snaps right about it. It’s a solid magnet too. It’ll take you a lttle bit of effort to pull the cam off the mount again.

Pro tip

Underneath of the Nest Cam Outdoor’s mounting plate can be magnetic, to help you just wear it any flat metal surface outside if you need to. But we think it’s safer and better if you screw it set up. It will be a shame if your camera slid off and fell on your own concrete patio.

Now that’s where things get yourself a little trickier. The Nest Cam Outdoor includes a power cord that must definitely be plugged in to an inside outlet. The camera and the cord itself are both weatherproof, however the AC adapter isn’t.

You can drill a hole through your exterior wall and slide the wire through there, or thread the wire through a doorway. We recommend drilling because then your wire won’t hinder your door closing, and you won’t get the deterioration of closing your door on the wire continuously.

After the camera’s up and plugged in, you must download the Nest iphone app and create a merchant account. The application will require things like your email as well as your location. Once that’s all finished, you merely scan the QR code on your body of the camera, and you’re prepared to catch your nosey next-door neighbor on (digital) film.

One concern: the magnetic base
The Nest Cam Outdoor’s magnetic base is convenient, but it addittionally makes it not too difficult for a thief to snatch your camera off its mount and take it with them.

If that did happen, you’d still have footage of the function. (It could just go right to the cloud.) However the Nest Cam can be an expensive little camera, and you don’t want to reduce it.

If you’re concerned about it, you might like to consider upgrading to the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. Everything the Nest Cam Outdoor can do, the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor can do better. Plus, the IQ takes a security screwdriver to take the camera on / off its mount. Thieves can’t just grab n’ go.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor monitoring
The Google Nest iphone app makes it simple to change the settings on your own camera, view the livefeed, and review past footage. You will get push notifications and email alerts for absolutely everything that occurs in your yard, or you can set specific activity zones to monitor the areas that matter for you.

Some cameras offer you activity zones in blocks, and you could select which kinds are active. It’s imprecise, and you can find more alerts than you want for just one area however, not enough for another.

Nest enables you to draw custom activity zones, to help you change specifically which areas you intend to get alerts about. You may also color code and label the zones, which means you get specific alerts about each one. It creates it much better to evaluate your notifications and see which kinds are important.

Heads up

To get some good of Nest’s coolest features, including activity zones, you need to sign up to a monthly Nest Aware plan.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor pricing
The Google Nest Cam has mid-range pricing, but you’ll want a monthly subscription to go along with it.

None of Google Nest’s products are recognized for being nice to your budget. Nest more often than not gets the best tech around, and that comes at a cost.

Having said that, the Google Nest Cam Outdoor is somewhat of a mature model, so you’ll pay significantly less than you’ll for the Nest Cam Outdoor IQ (the newer, fancier model). Intend to spend around 200 dollars on the Nest Cam Outdoor.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor user experience
The Google Nest iphone app is simple to use and enables you to customize the Nest Cam Outdoor’s settings.

The Nest Cam Outdoor is pretty simple to operate through the Google Nest app. The software lets you adapt alerts and settings, which means you don’t have to dig through 50 million alerts about waving tree branches or passing cars each day.

The Nest software gets good reviews through Google Play and the Apple App Store. Google Play users give it just a little over four stars,1 and App Store users give it practically a complete five stars.2 We’ve also found the software to be full-featured and intuitive. You won’t need to spend a couple hours just racking your brains on where everything is-it’s pretty simple.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor camera quality
The Nest Cam Outdoor has 1080p recording and 8x digital zoom. We consider 1080p pretty standard nowadays, and you’ll get detailed, clear images with it.

The 8x digital zoom can be useful if you want to zoom in on a license bowl of a passing car or have to zoom directly into see if that’s a stranger in your yard or perhaps your neighbor grabbing their missing football.

Want better still resolution?

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor has 1080p resolution plus a 4K image sensor and 12x digital zoom. The 4K image sensor implies that, despite the fact that the camera has 1080p resolution, you can zoom in on images but still see every detail really clearly. In addition, it has Supersight, an attribute that automatically zooms in on persons and follows their movements.
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Understand that high-resolution video recording runs on the large amount of internet bandwidth. Ensure that your web connection is up to the duty prior to going wild with Nest’s 24/7 HD recording. If it’s an excessive amount of for your web speeds or data package, you can lower the resolution through the Nest app.