Welcome to the world of Google’s Nest Hub Max. You’re going to enjoy among the finest smart home hubs available to buy. The Nest Hub Max is a versatile unit that gives great video calls, smart home controls, another screen which to view YouTube TV, and more. Of course, it’s also appropriate for your other Google ecosystem devices.

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However, if you don’t want to manage some predictable issues, it’s better to arrange it right the 1st time. This comprehensive five-step guide will set you on the right course.

Step 1 1: Take it off from the box
Let me give you, you’ll obviously need to take away the Google Nest Hub Max from the packaging. There’s an included quick-start guide that presents step-by-step instructions how to hook up the energy supply to the Nest Hub Max. On the other hand, you’ll want to take into account where you intend to place the smart display before connecting its power source. Once you hook up the energy cord to an outlet, the Nest Hub Max will automatically start.

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Step two 2: Download the Google Home app
If you’re an Android user, it’s likely that your smartphone already gets the Google Home software pre-installed. If not, you’ll want to at once to the Google Play Store to download the free app. Alternatively, iOS users should download the free iphone app through the App Store.

Besides that, you’ll also want to download the Nest app, because it offers advanced functions you can access that aren’t available through the Google Home iphone app – such as for example viewing the annals log, establishing activity zones, recognizing familiar faces, plus much more.

Step three 3: Connect the Nest Hub Max to Wi-Fi via the app
In order to set up a connection, you need to hook up the Google Nest Hub Max to your home’s Wi-Fi network using the Google Home app. That is accomplished by following steps below.

Tap on the plus button near the top of the Home screen.
Choose the CREATE Device option.
Choose the New Devices option on another screen because you’re configuring it for the very first time
Select a home for your Nest Hub Max. When you have multiple homes associated to your Google Account, you can specify what home you want to buy to become a part of. If not, the software will look for local Google Nest devices.
Choose the Nest Hub Max from the list in underneath right corner of the Nest Hub Max screen and click on Next.
You’ll be asked what room the Nest Hub Max will be situated in, so pick the correct one from the list.
Choose your home’s Wi-Fi network from the list. Once selected, the Nest Hub Max will try to hook up to your network – ending this the main setup process.
Step 4: Enabling a few key features
After the Nest Hub Max is linked via Wi-Fi, there are a few additional recommended features you’ll be asked to permit to find the most from the smart display. They are the following below.

Camera sensing features: With the help of an integral camera, the Nest Hub Max can discover faces and gestures to greatly help personalize and control the knowledge beyond just voice actions. Take, for instance, Face Match, that will recognize faces and display relevant content. Additionally, there are Quick Gestures that may pause/play videos through the use of hand gestures.
Duo video calling and messaging: As a way to place and accept video calls on the Nest Hub Max, you’ll have to create a Google Duo account.
YouTube TV: With an ample sized screen, the Nest Hub Max is a great distraction for watching videos, like those on YouTube TV. Yes, it needs a subscription, but in the event that you don’t, you can join a free trial!
Built-in Nest Cam: The Nest Hub Max doubles as a security system aswell, so you’ll visit a prompt to create this optional feature in the house app. You’ll manage to utilize the live stream anytime and even conduct two-way conversations.
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Step 5: Begin using your Nest Hub Max
Don’t be intimidated by those previous steps because honestly, it’s an easy process that takes significantly less than ten minutes to have the Nest Hub Max ready to go. Most persons who already own other Google Assistant-powered devices, just like the Google Home and Google Home mini, will know about getting together with Google Assistant through voice actions. Want to really know what the weather is similar to outside? Just say, “Hey Google, what’s the elements like?” Or think about your upcoming appointments? Then say, “Hey Google, what’s on my calendar?” It’s that easy.

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There’s a lot more that can be done with the Google Nest Hub Max, but you’ll need to get familiar with the interface before you dive into deeper things. It’s arranged in a reasonably simple layout, as tapping on the screen provides up many different cards you can scroll through. Another menu you’ll frequently visit may be the Home View panel, which is accessed anytime by swiping down from the most notable part of the display. You’ll get access to turning on/off lights, establishing routines, sending a broadcast message to other speakers in the home, and much more!

To find out more on a few of the Google Nest Hub Max’s various features, we advise reading a few of our guidelines guide.