With the benefit for hindsight the Misfit Shine nailed the fitness tracker market completely back 2012. While others have launched updates and sequels, the initial Shine has been an ever-present, to the main point where we didn’t believe the business would bother to displace it.

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That’s mostly as the original Shine continues to be great. It boasts freakishly accurate step tracking, programmed sleep detection, decent analysis, plays nicely with other programs and it looks great.

Yes, Misfit is lacking a heartrate monitoring tracker (it revealed to us the other day that it could release new devices at CES) however the Shine is still among the finest bands out there.

Enter the Misfit Shine 2. Misfit has tried (again) to secure the infamously loose strap and added notifications from a smartphone displayed via some coloured LEDs. But may be the £79.99 Shine 2 worth buying? We took the newest device for a spin.

Misfit Shine 2: Features and design
At quick glance, the Shine 2 looks practically identical to its predecessor. This is a small, metallic disc that’s fitted right into a silicon band. The most noticeable difference is that the Shine’s face is slightly larger and marginally thinner. It’s slightly more unisex looking than before as the prior edition is actually a just a little dainty, especially in a metallic finish.

In the event that you tap the device’s face, you’ll spot the first major change. The Shine 2 features coloured LED lights and a wider variance of light patterns to assist you identify when you’ve received a telephone call, text message, or just a “get right up and move” nudge.

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Essentially the most interesting and important change in the second-generation Shine may be the band. The company has generated a particular Action Clip (first suitable for the Speedo Shine this season) for the trunk of the band made to keep it better – well, that is the theory anyway.

The Action Clip is a thin plastic strip that attaches to the backside of the Shine and threads through both sides of the band to anchor it set up.

Whenever we first reviewed the Misfit Shine 2 it had been still extremely susceptible to falling out, in particular when snagged. Our Shine popped out multiple times during testing, pinging off at an alarming speed. The 1st time was while boarding a train, and it came perilously near rolling onto the tracks.

It’s really annoying as the main one improvement that Misfit had to create was causeing this to be darn tracker stay placed on the wrist, and also it appears worse than before.

However, Misfit has already established a third attempt, and things are far better now. We’ve spent a week or two with the brand new Action Clip, and very happy to report no problems. In the event that you give it a genuine yank you can still separate the machine from the clip, but we experienced no unexpected de-couplings.

And if you’re scanning this as an unhappy customer whose tracker is detaching frequently then there’s very good news: contact Misfit’s customer services plus they will be able to do you a good.

New Action Clip on new Shine 2 bands and by customer services

The old Action Clip, which didn’t work

The Shine 2 also includes a clasp, which is often mounted on a shirt, belt, or shoe to fully capture the same metrics as the wrist, that provides more options for all those that are looking their tracking to become a little more discreet.

We switched from wrist to shoe whenever starting a workout. Snapping it in to the clasp was pretty simple, however, setting it up back to the wristband tended to require somewhat of finagling.

Even though the procedure requires a few extra steps, it’s worth your time and effort considering the tracker increases results when put on the foot for cycling and alternative activities.

Finally, like its predecessor the Shine continues to be waterproof to 50 metres, and it’ll track your distance in the pool, so that it is mostly of the trackers really suitable for the pool.

Misfit Shine 2: Activity tracking

The initial Shine was probably the most accurate step and exercise trackers we’ve tested (it doesn’t include GPS of course), and its own ability to track your distances was almost freakishly good. And we’re glad to report that Shine 2 is no different.

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We took it out for a 1.87 mile run, tracked with GPS, and it had been logged in the Misfit software as a 1.8 run. That might not exactly sound impressive, but also for a tracker that just monitors the swing of your arm it’s almost miraculously accurate – and for all those whose running reaches a jog around the park almost every other Sunday, this means you can still get some good information regarding your sessions.

After that you can tag the exercise, and decide on a variety of sports from swimming, cycling, basketball, soccer, tennis and running.

Apart from steps, the Shine 2 may also track sleep and can find you dozing off automatically. It is effective with a decent representation of light and deep sleep on an easy-to-read graphs. As sleep tracking goes the meagre data is hard to beat, and you will not find better data at Fitbit or Jawbone.

The only issues were several instances where an evening of couch lounging was registered as sleeping and the knock-on effect was that nightly averages surpassed nine hours some nights.

Of course, there is no heartrate tech built-in unlike the Jawbone UP3 or Fitbit Charge HR therefore the activity metrics aren’t practically as detailed. For most this is a bugbear – the Shine is no-where near as suitable for gym workouts as its competition.

A less apparent good thing about the Shine 2 can be the multiple positions it works on your body. You can choose to clip it to shoes, belts, shirts or the wrist, that makes it an improved buy for mums, for instance, annoyed by not getting credit for steps when pushing a buggy. Just reset the positioning with the iphone app and utilize the supplied clip.

Misfit Shine 2: Notifications
Like the first-generation Shine, this model tells you what lengths along in your goal you’ve reached. Tap the screen and a number of red lights can look around the disc, which offer you an idea of what your location is in your activity goal.

There are 12 LED indicators that light around the ring according to what lengths into your goal you are. The further in you get, the color changes from red to orange. If you have passed 100% of your goal, the lights will blink around the ring once, then at night starting point to the present percentage you’ve achieved.

For example, if you reach 150% of your activity goal, the ring will light from the starting place and than past it to the halfway point again. You can always tell when you’ve gone past your goal for the reason that colours differ from orange to yellow to green.

You can also create the Shine 2 with Misfit Move, gives you a nudge to log off your duff and maneuver around. You can set the notifications manually in the companion iphone app out of every 20 minutes to every two hours. You can set the beginning and end time for Misfit Move for a particular time of your day. So, if you sit at a desk from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., set your first nudge for 9:00 a.m. and end it at 4:00 p.m.

The largest software changes to the Shine will be the smart notifications. Furthermore to helping you discover when you’ve reached your activity goals, or poking you to get going, the second-generation device tells you when you’ve received a text or phone call.

When you get yourself a telephone call, the LED lights at top half of these devices light and blink green. When you obtain a text, they light in blue.

Strangely, there doesn’t seem to be any documentation with these devices that lets you know what the notifications are for, to allow them to be considered a little bemusing initially. Once you know what the lights mean (a tiny procedure for elimination) it works okay. It’s hardly likely to trouble the Apple Watch out for notifications but it’s useful specifically for girls with phones tucked within their bags.

Also you can set a vibrating alarm on the Shine 2. From the companion app, decide on a time for the alarm to set off and every day in those days, you’ll get a number of vibrations from these devices.

If you’re much sleeper, we don’t recommend using the Shine 2’s alarm feature. The vibrations are noticeable, however, not precisely a jolt on your own arm. We only noticed the alarm about 50 % enough time and usually after already being awake.

Misfit Shine 2: The App
The Misfit app, appropriate for iOS and Android, is where all your activity tracking information and goals are stored. With it, you can view more detailed information about how precisely successful you were at keeping moving during the day.

THE HOUSE section is where you get a synopsis of your daily activity, including steps, distance moved, calories burned, and amount of sleep from the prior night. The primary tracker demonstrates how many points you’ve earned from your own day’s activity in the circular view or linear graph. Scroll right down to see “Today’s Story,” which gives information on your activities, including when you were moderately or vigorously active.

Also you can see your progress in a weekly or monthly overview with details how many points you’ve earned or hours you’ve slept within that point period.

In the Social section, you can hook up with others that also utilize the Misfit software to track their day to day activities. Tap someone’s profile to observe how many activity points she or he has earned, in addition to the daily and weekly record.

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Beneath the Devices section, you can permit Misfit Move, set an alarm, start or off the smart notifications, permit the clock and set whether it’s displayed first, and discover about other programs and IoT devices you can hook up to.

If you download the Misfit Link app, compatible on iOS and Android, you can hook up your Shine 2 via IFTTT to a variety of household gizmos and useful programs. By linking your device, you can hook up specific things like the Withings Body Scale, Google Drive, or Twitter. You may also link up your Shine 2 to carefully turn on your own Hue smart bulbs or toggle your Wemo switch with three taps.

The Misfit Link software also lets you hook up your Shine 2 to your smartphone in order to play or pause music, or activate the front-facing camera so that you can quickly have a selfie.

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Misfit Shine 2: Battery Life
The battery life of the Misfit Shine 2 is beyond typical. It generally does not use a rechargeable Ion-Lithium battery. Instead, it runs on the coin cell battery, like traditional watches. The business has a six-month battery life, which is dependant on the common coin cell battery life.

We’ve only had the Shine 2 for a couple weeks, so we can not attest to half a year, but we can concur that with fourteen days of daily use, the battery continues to be fully charged.

The Misfit Shine 2 is a decent intensify from its predecessor with added smart notifications and vibration alerts, the fact that the business still hasn’t made the tracker secure in its band is a genuine disappointment. In a nutshell, the Misfit Shine 2 continues to be an excellent looking and accurate step and sleep tracker with an increase of features at a decent price, but its propensity for detaching stops it from as an all-out success.