Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus and 2wayFix Base Review: Installation in the automobile
The Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus could be fitted in to the car with the car’s own three point seat belt or with the 2wayFix Base. THE BOTTOM itself is very simple to fit in the automobile and can be achieved quickly and effectively because of the display panel at the front end gives installation feedback both audibly and visually. Even though you upgrade to another stage carseat (the 2wayPearl), the bottom can be left built in the car.

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As a way to fit the bottom it should be sat on the automobile seat and you will need to increase the ISOfix arms using the grey slider buttons at either side. After that you can push it in to the back of the seat and hook up to the ISOfix anchors. When the arms connect, the first green light on the display panel will light plus a loud beep. Pulling leading of the bottom from the left to the proper ensures that it really is tight up to the seat. Next may be the support leg – press the button on the trunk of the leg to permit it to increase to the right height for your car’s footwell. Another green indicator will light with a beep to inform you that it is effectively adjusted. Those two stages are that is required to match the bottom. The ultimate green light is reserved for when the Pebble Plus is located properly onto the bottom.

When the bottom is fitted, it’s simply a case of sitting the automobile seat at the top until it clicks into place and you hear a beep. If everything is performed correctly, there will now be three lights lit through to the display panel of the bottom. To eliminate the seat from the automobile, you will find a button on the bottom, behind the seat. It is possible to squeeze this while lifting with the Pebble Plus handle to eliminate it in a single movement. Once removed, there is another beep to cause you to aware.

With respect to the height of the driver and how big is your car, it can be better to install the bottom and carseat behind the passenger’s seat. The passenger’s seat may also should be pushed forward a number of notches, to permit extra room. That is because of the space that the bottom and support leg take up, and is common amidst i-Size child car seats that support extended rear facing.

Within the i-Size regulations, it really is highly recommended to utilize the infant carrier with the 2wayFix Base. It can even be installed safely in to the car with the typical seat belt. That is useful if you work with the automobile seat in a grandparent’s car or a taxi. Simply place the lap the main belt outrageous of the Pebble Plus, beneath the blue belt guides and plug in. Then pull the shoulder part around the trunk of the seat, sliding it beneath the blue belt guide. You need to pull tightly on the seat belt to eliminate any slack and in order that the automobile seat includes a snug fit against the seat of the automobile. The handle should be in the topmost position when travelling. Once you have tightened the belt and ensured that we now have no twists or slack, the Pebble Plus is fitted securely.

Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus and 2wayFix Base Review: Security and safety
Compliant with the brand new i-Size regulations, Maxi-Cosi’s Pebble Plus and 2wayFix Base permits extended rear facing up to four years old, when combined with 2wayPearl carseat. All i-Size child car seats offer better head and neck protection for small children, with a required rear facing position of 15 months, instead of the existing nine months. Getting into force in 2013, the i-Size regulation doesn’t actually replace the initial carseat regulations, but runs alongside to provide you with the choice of better in car safety. i-Size child car seats are fitted with ISOfix and advise that they can fit practically all cars with ISOfix points. This reduces the chance of an incorrectly fitted carseat with the car’s own seat belt.

Most likely the biggest difference in the regulations, is that i-Size child car seats are chosen on your own child’s length instead of their weight. This reduces the chance of putting children in to the next stage carseat before they are prepared. The Pebble Plus can be utilised until your son or daughter is 75cm long, which is approximately 12kg.

Having a three-point harness, some persons may argue a five-point harness will be safer in the Pebble Plus. Because so many impacts on the highway are front impact, if the kid is rear facing then your force is spread down the trunk of the kid seat to hold the kid set up and support the top, neck and spine. An intrinsic harness continues to be needed, but it will not take the primary dumbbells, much like a forward facing seat by using a five-point harness, which was created to distribute the force at the strongest structural areas, i.e. shoulders, hip/pelvis and the crotch. Maxi-Cosi have found through various tests that there surely is no added benefit for a five-point harness in a rearward facing carseat. They also discovered that a five-point harness was more challenging to change effectively for the child, then more vunerable to an incorrect fit.

The Pebble Plus now includes the baby-hugg inlay. Perfect for those first couple of months, the inlay creates an ideal position and support for a new baby, with a flatter lying position for them. Soft and padded, it’ll keep them safe and comfortable. It’s suited to using in the seat until you have to move the harness height up for the very first time.

For better protection in case of a side impact collision, the medial side wings of the Pebble Plus have an impact-absorbing material inside. Just looking at the many safety testings that the Pebble Plus has passed offers you peace of mind which you have among the safest infant carriers around. Included in these are a 5-star ‘very good’ rating in the “safety” group of the independent testers ADAC/TCS/ÖAMTC in October 2015.

Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus and 2wayFix Base Review: Daily use
The Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus isn’t the most lightweight of infant carriers available, weighing in at 4.5kg. Transporting the seat is okay alone, but once you put in a larger baby, we wouldn’t desire to be carrying it for too much time. The handle has three different positions and is rotated with two buttons at the medial side.

The three-point harness of the Pebble Plus makes getting the child in and from the seat quite simple. As the straps just pass over the child’s shoulders, fit together and clip in to the buckle, there is no messing, despite having a fussy or wriggly child. Because of the shoulder pads, the straps also stay available to make it even better to place your son or daughter in the seat.

So that you can create an ideal fit for your child, the harness could be adjusted long and height. Though sometimes a difficult task of rethreading the straps, the harness height on the Pebble Plus couldn’t be better to adjust. Simple pull down the trunk panel of the seat and reach inside to squeeze together both buttons. This then permits you to move the harness up or down. There is no button to lengthen the straps, instead they are automatically released when the harness is unfastened and the buckle forwards. Great when you are trying regarding one hand! In addition, it prevents the straps from being loosened when the kid has already been fastened in the seat. To tighten again, just pull the finish of the strap.

Hidden beneath the rubber flap that covers the very best half of the automobile seat, is a grab sun canopy. That is great for assisting to keep your baby protected from sun and rain with all the Pebble Plus out of your car – either when carried or sat on your own pushchair chassis. Sunlight canopy tucks neatly away you should definitely used and attaches to the handlebar of the seat, because of two little hooks on the handlebar, to keep it set up. As it’s a stretchy Lycra like material, it can’t become bent out of shape.

As nearly all pushchair companies provide adaptors for use with Maxi-Cosi infant carriers, you’re sure to manage to utilize the Pebble Plus together with your pushchair. As you prepare to remove the automobile seat from your own adaptors on the pushchair, there are two grey buttons at either side of the seat, merely to the medial side of the handle. They are memory buttons so that it can be achieved one handed to press each button and lift with the handle.

Available in several different colours, which are put into regularly to coincide with current trends, you’re sure to locate a design to fit your lifestyle. We’ve been testing the Triangle Flow design, that is a bright and vibrant blue. Covered in tiny triangles that provide a pixelated effect, the baby-hugg inlay coordinates correctly in a light blue, with reversible green on the back. Each of the seat material is removable, in the event you have to wash it.

Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus and 2wayFix Base Review: Conclusion
There’s grounds that the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus is probably the most popular infant carriers available. Not merely does it adhere to among the safest regulations obtainable in the sort of i-Size, nonetheless it looks good and is indeed simple to use. It is also offers great comfort for the kid with soft, padded sides.

It’s a superior quality carseat that feels created to last before full 75cm and is ideal right from a little newborn with the baby-hugg inlay, to a mature baby. We love that the harness is indeed simple to modify as your son or daughter grows and the stay open straps help when getting the child in the seat.

The higher price while you are purchasing the Pebble Plus with the 2wayFix Base may put some persons off, nevertheless, you can then utilize the same base with the 2wayPearl carseat, helping you to rear face right up to four years old.

Using the Pebble Plus with the 2wayFix Base makes fitting a breeze, and the display panel and sounds do reassure you that everything is safely set up. It also helps it be much better to get the newborn carrier out from the car when working with it with a travel system or whenever your baby is asleep, with the ‘click-and-go’ feature.

Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 Infant Car Seat With Base, Night Black, One Size

$199.99  in stock
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Free shipping
as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • Rear facing from 5 30 pounds and upto 32” and includes a convenient stay in car adjustable car seat base
  • Fully compatible with maxi cosi and many other premium brand strollers, this car seat gives you options for getting around with your child
  • Lightweight with a contoured handle that curves around your hip for a more comfortable carry ; The Mico Max 30 stay-in-car base is adjustable to ensure a proper fit in your vehicle and features an anti-rebound bar for enhanced protection and one-click Latch system for easy installation.
  • Self wicking fabric: Deodorizes and draws liquids away from the skin to help keep baby dry and comfortable
  • Easily removable fabrics for cleaning; Innovative design allows for removal without rethreading harness

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max Plus Infant Car Seat with Base, Nomad Black, One Size

 in stock
8 new from $199.99
as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • Your child rides safely with this extra-comfortable LATCH-equipped infant car seat that's compatible with more than 50 stroller systems and is designed for babies 4 to 30 pounds and up to 32 inches tall.
  • Patented Air Protect technology adds superior side-impact protect around your baby’s head and extends down each side of the seat.
  • Easily and securely install the car seat with integrated belt lock offs. A flip away buckle stays out of the way when getting your baby into and out of the seat.
  • Cozy head and neck support with plush, premium self-wicking fabric on the seat pad let your baby rest comfortably. Remove the car seat pad for easy cleaning in your washing machine and dryer.
  • Contoured with a soft grip, the carrier handle curves around your waist for a more comfortable carry. A fold-down MaxShade canopy provides full-coverage sun protection, with a zipper for ventilation.

Babyzen YOYO+ Car Seat Adapters

$54.99  in stock
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as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • Clip your car seat onto your YOYO+ stroller in a flash! Compatible with the following car seats:
  • Cybex Aton Q & Cloud Q
  • Nuna Pipa
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico AP, Mico 30, Mico Max 30, Mico Max Plus, Pebble, Pebble Plus
  • BeSafe iZi Go & iZi Go Modular, Babyzen iZi Go Modular by BeSafe, Bebe Confort Pebble & Pebble Plus

Maxi-Cosi Pria Max 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Nomad Grey

 in stock
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as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • 3-in-1 convertible car seat: Rear-facing, from 4-40 pounds; Forward-facing to 65 pounds; And up to 100 pounds in booster mode
  • Side Impact protection technology with GCell protects your child's head where it's needed most in a side impact crash
  • Clipquik auto-magnetic chest clip gets you on your way quickly
  • Out-of-the-way spring assisted harness covers for easy boarding
  • Flip away buckle won't get in the way while getting in and out of the convertible car seat

Maxi-Cosi Pria 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Blackened Pearl

$289.99  in stock
8 new from $289.99
Free shipping
as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • 3 in 1 seating system: Rear facing, from 4-40 pounds; Forward facing to 65 pounds; And up to 100 pounds in booster mode
  • Side impact protection with cell protects your child's head where it's needed most in a side impact crash
  • In and out harness holders keep straps out of the way when buckling
  • One click latch system, with easy click in for better installation
  • Quick fit shoulder harness automatically raises the harness and headrest height

Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Max Convertible Car Seat, Nomad Sand

 out of stock
as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • Extended weight range keeps children safely harnessed longer: 5-40 pounds rear facing and 22-85 pounds forward-facing
  • The only harnessed convertible car seat rated to 85 pounds (as of November 2016)
  • Clique auto-magnetic chest clip gets you on your way quickly
  • Handy harness holders keep harness straps out of the way for easy boarding
  • Flip Away Buckle won’t get in the way while getting in and out of the seat

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max Plus Limited Edition Infant Car Seat, Geo Quarry

 out of stock
as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • DRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE: Anti-rotation stability leg provides additional safety during a crash by reducing movement for maximum head and neck protection for babies 4-30 pounds and up to 32” tall
  • KEEP SAFETY WHERE YOU NEED IT: Patented Air Protect technology provides superior side impact protection around the head and extends down the side
  • MAX COMFORT: Plush, premium self-wicking fabric provides extra cushioning, with cozy head and neck support, soft body pillows and cushiony seat pad
  • FASTER BUCKLING: Flip Away Buckle won’t get in the way while getting baby in and out of the seat
  • MAXIMUM SUN PROTECTION: This Maxi-Cosi baby car seat includes a MaxShade canopy that zips open for extended coverage and maximum protection

Maxi-Cosi Adorra 2.0 5-in-1 Modular Travel System with Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat, Nomad Sand

$599.99  in stock
3 new from $599.99
as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • Choose between forward or rear facing in carriage mode; In stroller mode, the seat is designed to recline for comfort in both directions
  • Customize to your preferred height for a more comfortable stroll
  • Limits movement for added safety
  • Comfy cushions in stroller and car seat give smaller babies a snug fit and remove easily when no longer needed
  • Extra-large basket flips down for easy access and expands to fit larger items; Parent cup holder and storage pouch keep smaller items close at hand

Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat - Brown

 out of stock
as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • For children rear-facing from 5-22 pounds and up to 29" in height
  • Superior Side Impact Performance with Air Protect technology
  • Premium fabrics and padding for a comfy ride
  • 5-point harness with up-front harness adjustment
  • Lightest premium infant car seat available

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat, Blue Base

$267.84  in stock
2 new from $267.83
as of June 27, 2022 5:37 am


  • Rear facing 4 to 30 pounds and up to 32 inches
  • Lightest premium car seat in its class when compared to similarly priced infant car seats with the same weight range (as of June 2016)
  • Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection
  • Adjustable, stay in car base with rebound protection
  • Easily removable fabrics for cleaning; innovative design allows for removal without re threading harness