How Do You Choose the Best Massage Chair to your requirements?
Making any big purchase could be a little stressful, so when you’re buying a robotic massage chair which has more features than your phone and will cost 3 x as much, you wish to be certain you’re making a good choice.

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Last updated on January 23, 2022 5:11 am

That’s why we’re here.

There are multiple brands and varieties of massage chairs and each feature was created to address a particular concern. So, how can you decide which chair supplies the types you will need and what’s the difference between your plethora of designs and styles available?

First, you focus on understanding the fundamentals. Here, we’ll walk you through what things to search for when you’re investing in a robotic massage chair and address each one of the key facets to the item that may sway your decision including price, programs, user concerns, health inquires, top brands, and employee favorites. When investing in a robotic massage chair, this guide has your back.

Massage chairs have already been around far longer than you may think. Massage remedy is a practice for a large number of years. We’ve even seen it in places like Ancient Greece and Egypt. Since that time, massage has been used to handle pain, injuries, reduce stress, treat mild anxiety, increase relaxation, lower blood circulation pressure, and much more.

From Acupressure and reflexology to shiatsu and deep tissue, massage has as much styles and techniques as there are great benefits inside our massage chairs. Appearing around the 1950s within most recognizable form, massage chairs have become from a straightforward wheel and crank mechanism to advanced technology which utilizes electronically manipulated rollers that can adapt your decoration.

The modern robotic massage chair can be an impressive amalgamation of innovations and new design features that contribute to the purpose of helping you relax and revel in a soothing massage whenever the mood strikes you.

Now, let’s delve in somewhat deeper and examine the brand new features you’ll find generally in most modern massage chairs.

2D, 3D, & 4D Massage Rollers
Robotic massage chair manufacturers are always seeking to increase the depth and accuracy of the rollers for a deeper, more precise massage experience. Knowing that, you’ll see that we now have chairs offering three dimension options- 2D, 3D, and 4D. Each one of these roller mechanisms is made to penetrate at different levels.

2D Massage Rollers
A informal user or somebody who isn’t looking for an exceedingly deep massage would probably enjoy a robotic massage chair with a 2D system. The 2D massage system may be the traditional design that’s been with us the longest. It works your surface muscles and back without getting deep to the muscles underneath. These rollers will be the least intense.

3D Massage Rollers
A 3D massage system takes all that one step further and is situated in nearly all massage chairs released today. This works deep in to the muscles of your shoulders and back, penetrating in to the muscles and so becoming more intense.

These rollers can protrude further right out of the track in order to massage places that are usually neglected by the common massage chair, like the upper neck and shoulder area.

4D Massage Rollers
For the greatest degree of penetration and precise massage attention, 4D rollers provide users with a deep tissue massage. These 4D rollers can change and hit different angles that the 3D rollers can’t. The intensity of the massage is relatively steady between both of these options.

When you’re considering these options, understand that many massage chairs could be adjusted by using a remote to regulate the intensity of the massage, letting you choose what lengths out you want the roller heads to protrude. However, this feature won’t manage to make a 2D massage more strong than its capabilities, and the 3D and 4D massage will stay strong.

For a far more in-depth look, have a look at this article.

Massage Tracks
There are two massage track types- S-Track and L-Track. Plus, some newer massage chairs are beginning to incorporate both these tracks to create a far more full-body massage experience.

The initial track design may be the S-Track. The S-Track follows the curvature of the spine and targets various regions of your back. The L-Track uses that same track design in blend with an extended track length to take your massage one step further.

Although some S-Track designed chairs do reach further up your neck, what sets the L-Track apart is its capability to achieve your glutes and hamstrings. The L-Track, named for the condition it makes inside chair, reaches from your own neck area right down to your lower back and under your glutes and thighs.

This feature could be great for somebody who wants attention paid with their lower back and legs and is ready to pay a lttle bit more for that has as the S-Track model chairs are usually less expensive compared to the most the L-Track chairs.

Zero Gravity Recline
The vast majority of the massage chairs out there give a recline feature. However, not absolutely all of these can recline right into a zero gravity position. This position, introduced by NASA, is achieved whenever your legs are raised to an even above your heart. The objective of this position is to ease a number of the stress on your own joints that gravity applies and rests your weight on the trunk of the chair, deepening the massage.

A far more relaxing, deeper, full-body massage is achieved through this optimal position. There are various massage chairs that recline into this position automatically when you pick a specific program.

Some chairs likewise have one-touch zero gravity features and two stages of zero gravity. There are a good few chairs offering inversion remedy which raises your legs even higher for improved circulation which can be great for folks with lower extremity swelling.

How come a Zero Gravity ROBOTIC MASSAGE CHAIR Better Than a normal Chair?
Since you can now likely guess, the zero gravity feature is the one that makes a robotic massage chair well worth the increased cost tag. These chairs can recline you right into a position that’s not only ideal for a deeper massage, however the position may also help your spine and joints to decompress, alleviating some back pain and joint stiffness. The zero gravity position can be believed to be the positioning that puts minimal amount of pressure on your own lower back.

All of our robotic massage chair brands offer at least one model that has the zero gravity position. The best will be the Osaki OS-4000T and Maxim, the Titan PRO Jupiter XL, the Luraco i7 PLUS and Legend PLUS, and the Dreamwave M.8 Series.