Why Select a Martin Guitar?
The Martin Museum contains an unparalleled treasure trove of vintage instruments that span the company’s history. A lot more than simply a repository of great instruments, the museum can be an essential resource for Martin luthiers who pore over the collection throughout re-creating historic models together with using it as a touchstone in developing new designs. As an additional resource, Martin’s instrument builders likewise have usage of a recently digitized archive of essential information regarding historic instruments. The museum and archives help inform Martin’s R&D efforts in ways that’s unmatched elsewhere.As we note below, Martin guitars have already been played by a few of the main musicians of our era. As these many artists appreciate, Martins have a trademark sound and playability that produce them the gold standard other guitar makers try to emulate. As Now Black Friday is here with all type of discounts, offers here.

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Much like all great organizations, Martin’s strengths lie in the persons who work there. Many employees are second- and third-generation members of families whose Martin ties run deep. The culture of old-world craftsmanship has been passed on through these families and generations, and that transmission of “Martin DNA” is still a large element in the company’s continued vitality. This collective knowledge continues to infuse Martin with the mojo which has kept the business at the forefront of the acoustic instrument world.

Martin maintains what could be the most incredible repair facility on earth. Charged with the duty of mending and restoring many of the most valuable and oldest instruments on the globe, the staff includes a deep knowledge of old-world construction techniques. When you get a Martin guitar, you can depend on this expertise should any issues arise together with your instrument.

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Martin guitars can be found in many different sizes, shapes, and wood combinations. They can be found at many different price points aswell. The amount of handwork and the grade of the woods and other materials found in various Martin models dictate their prices. Having said that, as we note below, there are a few remarkably affordable Martin acoustics that may deliver a lot of the tone and craftsmanship that the company is well known. Only you can in the end determine which Martin will best suit your budget as well as your needs. Utilize this guide to assist you narrow down your options from the a huge selection of Martin models you’ll find at Musician’s Friend.

Size, Scale and Sound
A logical first rung on the ladder is to look for the body condition and size that best fits you. For anyone who is petite, have small hands, or prefer a smaller-bodied guitar, consider among the Little Martin Series models built on a ¾ scale. You can decide on both acoustic and acoustic-electric models. Some guitarists who often travel decide on a Little Martin because of their great portability.

Orchestra and 000 body styles are another option for all those buying a smaller instrument. Smaller when compared to a standard dreadnought, they give greater comfort, specifically for folks with smaller hands and frame. These smaller-bodied guitars have a far more balanced sound than dreadnoughts with somewhat less focus on bass notes. Die with their well-balanced tonal range they’re a favorite choice in recording. Choose what’s right for you.

Martin dreadnought models are prized because of their great projection and volume. Their larger sound chambers provide deep, rolling bass notes that are suitable for powerful rhythmic accompaniment in settings such as for example bluegrass bands where strong, percussive rhythm playing is vital. Open-string chords deliver a good amount of bright jangle and fingerstyle picking reveals the fantastic tonal contrasts that Martin dreadnoughts are recognized for.

The Martin 15 Series 000-15M CLASSICAL GUITAR includes a comfortable 000 body style with 14-fret neck and is made totally of solid mahogany for warm, round tone with the increased articulation because of its smaller body.

Martin Guitar Tonewoods
Whenever choosing your Martin guitar, it is crucial to consider wood. A substantial part of a guitar’s sound originates from the sort of wood used for the most notable (the soundboard). Most Martins include a solid wood top, that may create a fuller, richer, louder sound than their laminate counterparts discussed below.

Spruce is the most frequent wood used for Martin soundboards, because of its loud, clear response. However, other tonewoods can be found including cedar, which gives a light and airy sound, and mahogany, which is tonally deep and robust.

The trunk and sides of your guitar contribute greatly to the guitar’s overall tone aswell. The most frequent options for back and side woods are mahogany, rosewood, and maple. Rosewood helps your guitar to stick out among a variety of instruments, using its deep bass resonance and brilliant highs. Mahogany will blend more, having a far more balanced tonal spectrum. (Sapele within many Martin instruments offers similar tonal qualities as mahogany.) Maple emphasizes volume, projection, and increased sustain. Consider where you intend to play your Martin. Many live performers-whether plugged or unplugged-prefer a spruce and rosewood blend to greatly help their guitar sound stick out while performing. Many studio artists prefer a spruce and mahogany combo for more even dynamics. Most of these options usually are available in a Martin that’s affordable.

Laminates used for the tops, backs, and sides of the very most affordable Martins are discovered as HPL, standing for ruthless laminate. Manufactured from compressed fibers and resins, these laminates are determined in line with the grain pattern on the surface and also have a protective clear coating. A guitar designated as having an HPL Spruce top, for instance, will have the looks of spruce. While HPL will not offer all of the tonal sparkle and richness of classic tonewoods, the most economical Martin acoustics remain capable of supplying a very satisfying sound and playing experience predicated on the company’s tried-and-true designs. HPL can be quite strong, resists warping, and is resistant to climate changes.

Electronics and Cutaways
Other things to consider are electronics and cutaway options. Martin has teamed up with Fishman to add stage-ready electronics to numerous of their most popular guitars. Fishman is probably the top names in acoustic amplification, and their electronics complement Martin’s legendary sound to provide a specialist amplified performance. Fishman pickups and preamps are especially designed to help draw out the initial natural tonal spectral range of each Martin acoustic-electric model which they’re installed.

Cutaway body styles certainly are a common feature on acoustic-electrics. The cutaway simply allows the player to gain access to the bigger notes on the guitar neck. If you have a tendency to play a whole lot of solos and execute a lot of fretting on top of the neck, a cutaway can help enhance your performance.

Find your voice with a Martin today
In this guide are simply a number of the many exquisite guitars Martin currently offers. Have a look at our enormous Martin collection to find all of the wonderful gems available in one of the best possible guitar manufacturers on earth. Whether you’re just getting started, buying reliable road guitar, or a distinctive collectible, Musicians Friend has what you’re looking for.