For those who have a LuvaBella or LuvaBeau Interactive Doll from Spin Master saved, just looking forward to Christmas morning, I’ve a warning, you are probably not likely to want to listen to. As a blogger who reviews the hottest products, I was anxious to get my practical a LuvaBella doll.

I had no trouble finding one, however the trouble started immediately after taking her out from the box. Her silicone or vinyl doll “skin” had a greasy appearance and had all types of hairs and dirt stuck to her face.

It had been not that she was ever removed from the box, it had been how she was packaged from the factory. She had what appeared as if a crease between her eyes, which possib originated from a defect in the mold. Privately of her face she had this huge unsightly seam that was very obviously a flaw from the mold. Her molded hair was painted so sloppy, as though a kid had done it. The paint went down onto her face and was around her ear.
After inserting the batteries she had an awful clicking in her neck, and her chin and would seem to be to get stuck, she’d vibrate set up before turning her head. I took a video of the and allow company know. After viewing my photographs and video, they said that, the doll was indeed very damaged and would have to be returned. They explained that in order to get the dolls out quickly, there have been some problems with defective dolls released that should not need happened.

I returned that doll and found a fresh one. Now, when I removed the brand new doll from the box, she had a far greater paint job on her behalf hair, she didn’t have that unsightly crease defect between her eyes, nor did she have the big seam privately of her head.

I thought everything will be okay. I took a video of her and she started out to keep yawning and saying things at differing times that did not seem sensible. She also cannot stop burping when eating.

I thought she needed new batteries, therefore i put in a brand new group of 4 C batteries. However, with the brand new batteries, she still said things at the incorrect time, she didn’t burp when her back was patted, but kept doing this when eating. She also began to have limited movement of her mouth. Her mouth barely opened now.

Start to see the video below to observe how her mouth is failing

I did so some reasearch and found several adult collectors on the 4th doll, but still devoid of any luck with replacements. Some had the eyes commence to fail, they stayed shut unless their was a string tied around their head not allowing the eyes to close. Others had the mouths just stop moving totally.

Many persons would comment how gingerly these dolls should be handled. Now they are marketed to ages 4 or more. Do you consider if adult doll collectors are experiencing issues like this, that whenever you supply the doll to a 4 year old child. they are not likely to move the limbs, turn the top, bang the doll? Given all of the parents which may have not opened or tried the doll, we are bound to see reports of several broken and damaged LovaBella and LovaBeau dolls after Christmas Day.

For me, given what I’ve experienced, and from what I’ve seen eventually dolls which were not in the hands of children, I must say, these dolls aren’t well suited for toddlers or small children. You will find a review for the doll you can view on Amazon that presents the aftermath of the doll being in the hands of a three-year old. It isn’t pretty.

LuvaBella and LuvaBeau are incredibly delicate dolls, not the one which could be toted around and carried everywhere. It is fairly disheartening they are so delicate yet marketed to such small children.


So, i want to know in the event that you do opt to check your LuvaBella or LuvaBeau out. The brand new doll that I had in the video to displace the other damaged doll was only on for the fourth time when she started showing problems with her mouth.

I hope the business does something to create up for all your damaged doll