Stellar wireless performance
Powerplay wireless charging support
Wealth of customisation options
It’s really expensive
Key Specifications
Review Price: £149.99
200 – 12,000 dpi
110g (without Powerplay or optional 10g weight)
Lightspeed Wireless
Powerplay wireless charging support
What’s the Logitech G903?
The Logitech G903 is proof the age-old adage: “you get everything you purchase”. Despite it costing a to be honest ridiculous £149.99, it really is without doubt one of the better gaming mice money can purchase – and a near-peerless performer in the wireless space. Get Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals, sales, offers, right now.

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For your hard-earned cash you get an ergonomic, customisable gaming mouse offering stellar performance and numerous cutting-edge features – including support for Logitech’s custom ‘Lightspeed’ and ‘Powerplay’ wireless charging.

The only downside is that, to totally take good thing about all its features, you’ll need to shell out an additional £90 for the company’s custom charging mat. This helps it be a seriously expensive luxury that’s complete overkill for some regular gamers.

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Logitech G903 – Design, build and features
Visually, the G903 is a wee bit ostentatious for my taste. It features hard edges, RGB lighting galore and more programmable keys than you can shake a stick at. If Acer made a Predator mouse then this is exactly what I imagine it could look like.

Visuals aside, it ticks practically all of the right boxes for gamers and sports a few nifty design features you won’t find on a great many other gaming mice.

Starting with the fundamentals, the G903 includes up to 11 keys, according to how you arrange it. Out of your box, there are two extras on its left side and a choice to include two more to the proper by using a magnetically attached plastic plug.

The idea here’s to let gamers create the mouse for either their left or right hand – which, as a lefty myself, is quite welcome indeed. You may want to go all-out, and also have four side buttons – although, personally, I believe that’s overkill, regardless if you’re a devoted MOBA or ARPG player.

Up top you’ll find basic buttons to adapt the G903’s DPI, and switch between a smooth or step action on its wheel, in addition to the usual left and right controls.

Although small, the opportunity to adapt the mouse wheel’s action is oddly useful – after a couple weeks with the mouse, I came across myself using the resistance-free option when scrolling the web and doing imaginative work, switching back again to the more precise step action while gaming.

At hand the mouse feels suitably ergonomic, specially when compared to rivals, just like the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE, that includes a less-intuitive button placement and chunkier chassis. Unlike the Corsair, the G903’s side controls can be found where your thumb would naturally sit, and the slightly arched, rounded back pushes your palm up so all of the top controls are within easy reach always.

Despite lugging around a battery with an extraordinary quoted 32 hours’ playtime, the G903 can be surprisingly light. Unburdened of its bottom docking Powercore disc or 10g optional weight, the G903 weighs a meagre 110g. The Corsair weighs 128g, in comparison.

The only lighter option you’ll find may be the a lot more expensive Razer Mamba + Firefly, which uses similar wireless charging tech to allow mouse operate with out a battery. It weighs just 96g due to this fact.

Personally, I came across the unhindered 110g weight just a little on the floaty side anyway, and finished up using the 10g weighted disc. This clips right into a dock on the mouse’s underside. Whether you do the same will largely be right down to personal preference.

Those that want to take good thing about the G903’s custom ‘Powerplay’ wireless charging must utilize the lighter Powercore disc, however. The feature works in the same way to the Razer Mamba + Firefly, allowing the G903 to charge wirelessly when paired and sitting along with Logitech’s £90 Powermat.

The combined cost continues to be well below the £250 of the Razer Mamba + Firefly. However the combo still makes the G903’s wireless charging a reasonably expensive luxury that most of the people won’t need – especially since I came across that regular wireless battery life is great. Despite having RGB lighting on, I easily achieved a fortnight useful from the G903, performing a handful of hours’ gaming each evening.

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Logitech G903 – Performance
Performance can be an area where wireless mice have traditionally always fallen behind. They’re generally less responsive and more susceptible to latency than their cabled brethren. Fortunately, this isn’t a concern at all with the G903 for some reasons.

First is its make use of the PMW3366 optical sensor. This isn’t a distinctive feature, however the sensor is one of the better available and means the G903 includes a fantastic 200-12,000DPI sensitivity range.

Second, and moreover, is the G903’s make use of Logitech’s stellar Lightspeed wireless connectivity. Lightspeed is a custom tech made to offer gamers an insane and unnoticeable 1ms response rate. It’s worked a delicacy on past products including the stellar Logitech G613 wireless keyboard, which remains the case here.

On plugging the two 2.4GHz Lightspeed dongle right into a spare USB 3.0 port, the mouse quickly connected. Since that time it’s offered an totally latency-free gaming experience that matches a lot of the wired sets I’ve tested for responsiveness – and is totally free from the bugs we experienced when testing the competing Razer Mamba + Firefly.

The G903’s stellar left- and right-button mechanical pivot hinges round off its performance benefits. The switch mechanism is among the finest around and includes a wonderfully light actuation point. This makes the mouse feel insanely responsive and fast.

The outcome is among the finest mice I’ve tested in performance conditions for competitive gaming in quite a while.

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Logitech G903 – Software and lighting
Like almost every G-series peripheral, the G903 could be customised using Logitech‘s Gaming Software. Once installed, you can adapt the G903’s RGB lighting, sync it across your entire other Logitech peripherals, and alter its DPI sensitivity.

The software is rather intuitive, featuring a evidently labelled menu system and interactive controls for each and every the main mouse. The only things that aren’t up for grabs will be the mouse’s basic left and right keys and central wheel, which all have locked functions.

Beyond this, the only difference between it plus some of Logitech’s cheaper offerings is that the G903 has local memory that enables you to conserve to five different profiles on the mouse. You can toggle through the many presets manually by using a button on underneath of the mouse.

Personally, I’ve never really had a dependence on five presets, and generally limit myself to two: one for office work, one for gaming. But I could start to see the appeal for more hardcore gamers, who would like specific settings for different genres.

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Why choose the Logitech G903?
If money is no object, you’ll battle to find an improved mouse compared to the Logitech G903. Because of the addition of Logitech’s Lightspeed technology, it’s just about the most responsive and reliable wireless mice available.

However, it’s a seriously expensive luxury, particularly if you need to take good thing about its Powerplay wireless charging support, which requires you to pay out a supplementary £90 for a compatible mouse mat.

An excellent, but stupidly expensive, wireless mouse.